[2 ETH & 100,000YUP] CryptoMood Creative Media Bounty

[2 ETH & 100,000YUP] CryptoMood Creative Media Bounty


[2 ETH & 100,000YUP] CryptoMood Creative Media Bounty

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Hello, community!

Are you a successful blogger, amateur youtuber, a wannabe designer or maybe even the next Hemingway?  

If the answer is "yes", then this is the bounty for you!

CryptoMood would like to see how creative our community can be by sharing and rewarding any fun, exciting and interesting content you can create!


All participants are encouraged to think outside the box and submit their creative artwork, such as videos, images, gifs, or publications.


100,000 YUP & 2 ETH will be allocated to this bounty

February 21st, 2019 - March 23rd, 2019



Only the top 3 most creative artworks will be rewarded.

  1. 1 ETH and 50,000 YUP

  2. 0.75 ETH and 35,000 YUP

  3. 0.25 ETH and 15,000 YUP


What can I create for CryptoMood?

  • Video (1 - 5 mins) (You can submit your video on your Youtube channel)

  • Press Release or publication (500 words minimum) (You can submit your article on Medium)

  • Images, infographics & Gifs (You can submit your image work on


How to join:

  1. Pick the preferred category of artwork which you would like to create for CryptoMood.

  2. Think out of the box & create!

  3. Upload your artwork online.

  4. Submit the link of your artwork to this FORM. (


Don't know CryptoModd very well?

No worries, just drop your questions in our Telegram discussion group!  


This is only for creative and interesting content.

You are allowed to use our team member's faces in your illustrations. Please only use the content of the landing page and official publications.

You can find our Logos here


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Darrick Merrill

I'm the best!

This comment is not available, it has been removed for violating the code of conduct

1 week ago

This comment is not available, it has been removed for violating the code of conduct

1 week ago

I can publish in my channel?

1 week ago

Dean Walsh

Don't listen to me because of who I am, I'm nobody like everone else.

If I want to publish an article do I have to do it on Medium or can I publish it elsewhere?

2 weeks ago

It is suggested to be published on Medium. But you can publish them wherever you want.

5 days ago

how to received this airdrops ?

3 weeks ago

Hi, Raybert. This is a creative media bounty program. You need create creative artworks for CryptoMood, such as a youtube video, or a simple drawing.

Only the top 3 selected winners will be rewarded ETH and YUP! So it is the time to show your art skills~!

3 weeks ago

on various tasks

2 weeks ago