Announcing Winners of our ‘2 ETH & 100,000YUP Creative Media Bounty’

Announcing Winners of our ‘2 ETH & 100,000YUP Creative Media Bounty’


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Announcing Winners of our ‘2 ETH & 100,000YUP Creative Media Bounty’


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Hello, community!

We would like to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success!


And special congratulations to Serg1e, the winner of 1 ETH and 50,000 YUP in our ‘[2 ETH & 100,000YUP] CryptoMood Creative Media Bounty’ contest! Serg1e created this delightful animated short that does a great job describing CryptoMood!


ETH and YUP tokens will be rewarded to the top 3 selected participants in May 2019.


You can browse the complete results below, including the top 3 submissions according to the CryptoMood team.


🥇 1st Place -  (video) by Serg1e.


🥈 2nd Place -  (memes/ gifs) by Faranisaratu.


🥉 3rd Place - (article) by Dean


🎖 Honorable mentions:


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10 months ago

Well done guys and congratulations to all the winners.

11 months ago

Congratulations guys

11 months ago

Oli Nok new user

Hello winners, congratulations on winning and enjoy the win. Let the win bring you all the positive things.

12 months ago

Congratulations to all the winners.

1 year ago

Wow this is so amazing, congrats to all the winners😊 great !

1 year ago

To win in creative media is no easy task, only the most creative are considered. Thus its a big congratulations for those who succeeded and to those not selected it means you are not good enough and needs to research more in order to be among the best. Anyway its great to see a lot of participants and it really augur well to the project itself not only because of the award which is enormous big but the enthusiasm and dedication that are the most important factor in developing a successful app

1 year ago

Nice works guys. I tried but... Next time :D

1 year ago

Rhey Valderama new user

congratulation winners

1 year ago

Oku Udozen new user

A very big congratulations to Serg1e,Faranisaratu and Dean for making it podium, you guys are great. Wishing CryptoMood best of luck.

1 year ago

Congrats to all winners. Again congrats.

1 year ago

My heartiest congratulations to winners, all the best but hope one day can be among the winner

1 year ago


congratulations to you guys i will try my best next time in doing the best i can.

1 year ago

Tim Prior guru

Crypto / Blockchain enthusiast and investor.

Congrats to all. Great work!

1 year ago

Congratulations to them. I have settle a thump up,I will need him to teach me how to present good YouTube video and I wouldn't hesitate to pay him with YUPs. 👍👍👍

1 year ago

Mubashir Ahmed expert

Sometimes, thoughts could taste like dark chocolate

Love the video Serg1e. It made me re-evaluate Cryptomood with a higher respect ... Congrats! Congratulations to Faranisaratu & Dean too. Wish you all and CryptoMood the best.

1 year ago

Jimmy Gauthierot new user

They already know why !

Good Job Serg1e !!

1 year ago

b p expert

congrats everyone

1 year ago

Angela James new user


1 year ago

lol, that youtube video :D Brilliant

1 year ago