[NEWS] Competition Analysis Survey Results

[NEWS] Competition Analysis Survey Results



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[NEWS] Competition Analysis Survey Results


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Hello Crowdholders,

Today we would like to showcase you the results of the Competition Analysis Survey we published a couple of weeks ago. We asked you about your experience with trading signal apps and how strong some of our competitors were in your opinion.


What are your takeaways after looking at the charts? Let us know in the comments.

We will tip the best submissions with 200 YUP each!



The CryptoMood Team



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I'm imaging that the Age group are distribute like the graph. This could be the first step to analize some movement on crypto market. I think that guys from 24-32 is more aggressive and use more impulsive signals that other investitors from 32-50. So when FUD or FOMO start, this movement grow up also for their buy/sell order.
So, great works guys ;)

5 days ago

According to the charts we saw mid aged people are more concern about trding apps. For mid age people tradingview is popular. Young people are more interested about gaming apps. Again older generation are less intersted about trading signals.

6 days ago

b p

looks like teens are using it more and that normally they access more than once also trading view looks to be the most accepted between them as a competitor

1 week ago

Teens nowadays are more interested in gaming related chain and most of participants are in middle aged group. This mentality are normal to every other projects other than gaming.
They don't care about society, in their mind is only about excitement

1 week ago

Nice to see the results of the survey!
Youth is heavily in the minority. It is nice to see that the group of 24-32 year olds and 32-50 year-olds is actually evenly distributed. This can of course also have to do with the Crowdholding public. Signaling apps are still very little used. I think this also has to do with adoption and trust. I think the market offers good opportunities especially for beginners. Make it accessible and do not look too much at the competitors. Search for what is not there yet, make it amusing and make sure that visitors come back. It is possible to combine the app with a daily news portal. Especially the keywords trust and independence are important and do not forget the fun factor!

2 weeks ago


I am a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in power and Mecha-tronics. An Enterpr

from a little of what i can see in the above chart, just few persons that are teens are currently very interested in the crypto market it can show that they are not being carried along or they are still in doubt about investing in it until they get older and finally realizes its worth, from this i can say that more need to be done to carry this sets of persons along. very nice indeed.

2 weeks ago

cryptomood bounty is available ? Crowdholding platform helding an bounty isn't ?

2 weeks ago

Project is very good and lead to sucses full

2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

it's like analyzing the state of the stock market users, and each of the users chooses to trade, because looks like instant earn, with some interest from traders, and from WhaleAgen it looks like it will destroy traders, because what is needed for traders is when this is really difficult to see very rapidly changing markets.

2 weeks ago

From my "old timer" view in the crypto market, I can tell you for sure that most of the trading is done by emotion. I have been looking for an app that would allow me to watch the "mood" of the crypto traders. As it is, I have to watch the chats and groups to really keep a finger on the pulse of the traders. If I understand correctly, you guys are trying to make an app that does exactly what I want. Let's make it happen!

2 weeks ago

Al Wallace

Food blogger with a diverse interest in investment/ crypto

From the data provided it would seem that TradingView would be your main competitor as the survey indicates significantly more than 50% of the people polled consider it strong or quite strong competition. The main reason why i believe that tradingview offers such fierce competition is it crosses over between Forex, crypto and stocks so it is a multi-faceted platform for people who have diverse investments. So perhaps it would be better to look at the competitor who offers something similar to that which cryptomood offers - (i.e crypto in particular) because certainly a good part of the reason for tradingviews popularity is the fact that Forex and stocks have a much more traditional/mainstream following and some of these people may just dip their toe into the crypto market. Therefore it is my suggestion that you look to Cryptoping as your closest like for like competition. What does their platform offer that crypto mood can offer better/cheaper or more lucrative? I think cryptomood are in a good position to make changes that might outdo your competition, Particularly on the user interface aspect as i believe that this is where many of your competitors struggle. Make a truly intuitive UI that will attract new and novice users as well as more established ones and i believe there is definate room for cryptomood to succeed where others have failed.

2 weeks ago

Signal trading apps are definitely underutilized. It makes me wonder how many people are flying blind when it comes to their crypto investments and trading. In order to make any money in this bear market, you need to think and act like any stock market day trader. So unless you're into stock markets already and can read charts, predict big gains, understand resistance, and looking for signs that a coin is ready for an upswing, I'd seriously consider using a signal trading app, and spend some time really taking in what a lot of these crypto gurus on youtube, or wherever are giving you.

2 weeks ago

Of course, these graphs have created a foresight. For the first time we see graphs of an analysis.

The age of the middle age is actually good for the future of the market.
I see that people have hesitations about signal usage. There is no specific distribution.
To me, your opponent is ITF.

2 weeks ago

Beside the amount of people who do not use trading signal apps in their investments aren't irrelevant, there a market for people above 24 to 50, with more resources then the younger ones, that can use this type of apps to get better results. The other competitor especially TradingView are attracting this target audience and you need to promote for their audience and built better experience in your app to them (inspired by the resources most used in TrandingView). Their community is strong

2 weeks ago

I really appreciate the fact that Cryptomood shares it's results! Very awesome to see these stats.
My interpretation:

1.Relevant target audience age: 24-50+
2.People don't use trading signal apps often
3.If they use it, they tend to go to the most popular charting website Trading-view.

How I would use this information:

1. Analyse the needs and wants of the age bracket when designing the UI and for future marketing campaign purposes.
2. People don't use trading signal apps often; so I'd focus on what do they use on a nearly daily basis. Without doing any survey, I'm assuming people are looking at coinmarketcap to track the performance of their investments. And from chatting in telegram groups; a lot of people don't know how to track their portfolio. With this, my focus would be to build my product around this: offer a free portfolio tracker with live updates of price movements and performance tracking and a limited amount of free signals. Unlock to get full service. But perfectly functional without the unlocking; but limited and with adds.

3 weeks ago

We see that trading signals use the most users of crypto world) Tradingview is most popular of them... I'm use it too. And its only beginning.

3 weeks ago

And it can be defined as the study of prices and their volumes. ... The graphic patterns are reflective of the behavior of traders, be it due to. After that, his inclination is verified; The last technique is to use the average .... Topics. How to start investing · Finance. After we check these charts and the time

3 weeks ago

As we check these charts we can see most of the people rarely using crypto signal channels which means your first duty must be provide reliable platform. Most of us do not use signals because most of them are useless and trustless.

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago