Crowdholding Widget in our ICO page!

Crowdholding Widget in our ICO page!


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Crowdholding Widget in our ICO page!


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Hi Crowdholders,

we implemented the excellent widget from Crowdholding in our ICO page.

We have right now 1 task to improve our home page, earn some YUP and SAIEX token here:
Here are 2 revisions for our landing page (work in progress)

[current version]

[version 3]                                    


We have updated bonuses: until end of June it will be 25% bonus and additional bonus if you invest at least 500$.

Also graphic designers, artists, youtubers, etc ...  be ready for our next tasks, we will be giving rewards for infographics from next week...

Have a nice weekend!


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anurag shandilya new user

I have seen your design looking good.if background colour yellow and text is gray and some bold it can more attractive.i am not designer,i prepared many presentable cover on my govt.job.In our office training workshop,we create folders with cover page should shows short picture of the whole concept.

4 days ago

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5 days ago

In my opinion i see an header too big and scrolling down about the title of the sections before the tabs: it will be more clear if near the title u insert related icons

1 week ago

The project is new and equipped the new modren life style. I like the way it produce the heat. Also it's more fashinable than the old ones. I give it high ratting

1 week ago

Dok Do senior

Project is very good and lead to sucses full good project tame..

1 week ago

I think its great. Its one of the best ways to promote crowdholding. I hope every project here emulates this.

2 weeks ago

Version 3 is looking promising but it's should be little more user friendly. 

Excellent idea for giving bonus for investing above 500$ it will boost the project 

2 weeks ago

The website is good because of the cool colour and light design of the graphics, but it the icon should be more expatiate that is it should be easy to access and click on it, then also the home font size should be reduce a bit, thanks nice project

2 weeks ago

I have added my input for the site on the other task

I think there is no issue with the site but the font size is what I question: There needs to be a difference between a heading and the normal text so the heading will attract the people and then they will read the content in it so you don't have to write always with the big fonts only.

2 weeks ago

I've already elaborated more on my answer on the later tasks. But it's looking great guys.

2 weeks ago

You shuld focus on unique marketing like you shuld promote your project on Reddit there are so many users who knows about crypto currency.

2 weeks ago

b p expert

website needs to be a bit more straight forward on my opinion. but waiting for future tasks ;)

3 weeks ago


I will be waiting with delight for the task of next week @Graphics design.

3 weeks ago

I do believe simplicity is important in order to fully understand the project rather than only look good but difficult to understand. Previous version are better

3 weeks ago

Ryan Olesen expert

Have acted as an advisor on multiple blockchain & crypto currency related ICO's!

Previous versions are much easier to understand. Feel like this past version is scrambled a bit. 

3 weeks ago

Oxu Remini guru

The website needs to be simplified in a more understandable way.
I've been following a project since the beginning.
I know you will.
Please don't fool me :)
Good luck..

3 weeks ago

Dev Ranjan guru

Version 3 is best among them according to me. Good progress, keep it up.

3 weeks ago

Wicky William new user

This comment is not available, it has been removed for violating the code of conduct

3 weeks ago

I think its great. Its one of the best ways to promote crowdholding. I hope every project here emulates this. I would go for the 3 option. Its simple.

3 weeks ago

Karen M guru

I like version 3. It's easier to understand and navigate. Glad to see you making improvements. That shows ch really does help with all the ideas.

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago