Borderless trading with Jarvis Exchange

When decentralized technologies are applied to personal finance they enable new features and deliver solutions that are not possible with traditional Fintech. Jarvis is designed to drive large scale adoption of these technologies by improving how users can manage their funds, trade, and invest.

Jarvis allows users to build their own financial hub using the Jarvis Exchange Technology Framework. This framework includes licensed centralized and semi-decentralized exchanges with a multiple wallet structure with escrow functions. The technology connects and makes interoperable a network of centralized and decentralized liquidity pools and protocols that enable instant cross-chain and cross-asset class exchanges. This interoperability provides users access to any financial market and a wide range of DApps. Within the framework, user’s assets can be stored in a centralized or decentralized way and be utilized as a medium of exchange or of payment, as collateral, or contribute to a liquidity pool. To ensure a seamless experience, the Jarvis technology automates every process needed for exchanges, transfers, trading, loans and payments.

Users can customize their wallet to build the financial hub that best fits their needs. Through userfriendly interfaces users can leverage from the framework capabilities. They can manage their funds and assets, trade and invest on both digital and traditional products. They can link their assets to a payment gateway, lend or borrow money and access DApps to further extend their possibilities. The intuitive user experience is complemented by AI with conversation skills which can prevent users from making mistakes, answer their questions, and help users make better decisions while making it easier to navigate within their personal ecosystem.

The Jarvis exchange technology framework is supported through the Jarvis Reward Token (JRT) which provides holders private access to the Jarvis DAO which purpose includes the distribution of multiple revenue streams among token holders.

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Help us find the perfect partners!

Hello Crowdholders! Many thanks for your input in the previous UX/UI task! We’re working hard on adapting our design and providing you with a great experience. Today we would love to hear your opinions regarding partnership opportunities. For those who may have missed our previous tasks: Jarvis is a customizable financial hub, which is combining all blockchains, as well as off-chain financial solutions. To make this a reality, we are forming strategic partnerships with centralized and decentralized services, products and solutions. For example, we’re teaming up with Celsius to bring our users a way to “HODL with benefits”. Celsius gives individuals the opportunity to earn high weekly interest rates on their crypto assets while maintaining the ability to withdraw at any time! When paired with Jarvis, this enables amazing features: imagine Bob is a trader, he can store all his assets with Celsius directly through his Jarvis wallet and every time he needs to take a trade, he can withdraw a small amount and continue to earn interest on the rest. Bob can also put all his profits in his Celsius account and earn additional revenue on that! We are also currently partnering with Bancor, Daneel, and Blackmoon, to create a variety of use cases within Jarvis. Yet, in the blockchain and FinTech industry, there are thousands of projects, dApps, apps, and services - can you help us find the perfect matches for Jarvis? What you need to do: Give us the name of the app/ Dapp/ project/ service (web-site URL) Give us a brief description Tell us why do you think they could work well with Jarvis? Looking for inspiration? We asked you for your crazy use cases ideas for Jarvis a while ago and perhaps these might help you. Think about the services you use every day, your favourite wallet, the Dapp you have used the most etc. Extra JRT Tips are available! Looking forward to your feedback, The Jarvis team
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Feedback on UX and UI

Hello Crowdholding! We need your feedback yet again. This time, on the most exciting part of any project (in our opinion…) - UX and UI! As you may know from previous tasks, we are a deeply user-centric project,  that allows anyone to create their own customizable financial hub. By using our wallet and exchange, you can store all your assets, use them as a payment method, lend them, or simply trade them for other tokenized assets. Our solution includes multiples products (our wallet, exchange and trading platform among them) and enables interoperability of assets together with other incredible use cases. We want to start by presenting you the interface of the exchange. The Jarvis Exchange is a licensed exchange, enabling transactions across asset classes and blockchains, as well as between on-chain and off-chain assets.This means that you will be able to collateralize your apartment, get a loan of ETH,  or even invest in an STO, in just a few clicks, all on the same platform! Pretty cool, right? However, given the complexity and variety of options, we want to deliver an intuitive and fast UX, to make the process as smooth as possible! In this task, we present you two key features of the Jarvis Exchange interface: Position and Risk Management Mouse Trading   Please, watch the videos above and let us know what you think: Did you enjoy the  aforementioned features? Did you like the UI? What would you improve? Which features would you like to see on our exchange? Extra JRT Tips are available for the best comments! Looking forward to your feedback, The Jarvis team  
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Faites-nous part de vos commentaires sur les brokers que vous utilisez actuellement!

Bonjour, Crowdholders, Nous espérons que le mois de janvier démarre sur les chapeaux de roue pour vous tous !  Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer le lancement de notre campagne Bounty 2.0 - une manière plus intelligente d’exploite le génie collective de notre communauté ! Nous voulons parfaire notre projet et nos produits, et nous avons besoin de vos commentaires ! Jarvis est un wallet, un exchange, un broker, une plateforme de trading et nous allons vous demander votre avis dessus. Pour cette tâche, nous appelons tous les traders, qui utilisent un broker pour trader les marches financiers traditionnels tels le Forex, les CFDs ou les actions, par exemple, vous pouvez utiliser Saxobanque, XTB, AVATrade ou eToro.  Vous avez certainement des choses que vous aimez et que vous n, aimez pas sur votre broker actuel, des choses que vous voudriez changer ou améliorer pour qu il soit parfait pour vous. Ca peut être du copy trading, plus de produit, un meilleur support, plus d outils analyse, des services comme du conseil etc. Partagez avec nous dans les commentaires : Décrivez le broker de vos rêves en précisant si vous êtes plutôt trader, analyste, developers. Vous pouvez décrire les aspects que vous aimez et que vous n'aimez pas chez votre broker actuel. Quelles sont les choses que vous recherchez, et quels sont vos critères déterminants, lorsque vous choisissez un broker ?  Les pourboires sont également disponibles ! Un exemple de soumission valide serait bien. il y aura des récompenses… n’hésitez pas a nous faire part vos commentaires, L'équipe Jarvis For English click HERE
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What are your pains?

Hello Crowdholders, In the last task we asked you to come up with the craziest use case for Jarvis. Today we want to hear more about your experience with different functionalities from other trading platforms - what are the features you wish you had in an exchange and what are the issues you are experiencing with using exchanges at the moment, which Jarvis could solve with its features. Consider Jarvis features, such as: Security. 2FA, Cold storage for the majority of the funds and proof of service Supported assets: cryptocurrencies, fiat, stocks, tokenized assets; Liquidity User Experience: interoperable assets, one-click access to your funds, single wallet containing all your funds NFC mobile payments from the wallet with all assets Instant access to your funds - no waiting for banks and slow exchanges; Fees Let us know By writing down in the comments what are your current main pains, using your chosen trading platform and tell us What issues do you have today that you expect Jarvis can solve for you tomorrow? And If you know of any exchanges that are already solving such problems? Here’s an example of what Jarvis allows you. Imagine for instance: You’re a Forex trader and you’ve made some gains. At Jarvis you won’t need to wait until your money is deposited on your Jarvis account - a process, which normally takes up 3 or more days. Once a transfer is triggered from your bank account, Jarvis will enable you to start trading and purchasing your desired tokens instantly instead of waiting 1-3 working days until money is deposited! So, in one day, you can trade successfully and gain profits and immediately invest these into a new cryptocurrency or a P-2-P lending app and make more profits immediately!   All comments will be considered and potentially quoted in a medium article on the topic. Looking forward to your feedback, The Jarvis team
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What’s the craziest use case you can imagine with interoperable assets in the Jarvis Ecosystem?

Hello Crowdholding, We know that there are many passionate crypto traders amongst you and we would love to hear your craziest experiences when it comes to trading platforms. If you read the first Jarvis task on Crowdholding, then you’d know we are working on a very special kind of exchange, one to host all your trading needs under the same roof - a multi-asset exchange, leveraging from both semi-decentralized and centralized exchange technologies delivering to you crazy and powerful new possibilities. With Jarvis, you hold your assets in a single wallet, combining fiat, crypto, tokenized assets, mined assets, CFD and more. You are able to use them interoperably, as mediums of payment, investment and trading. No more waits, within the Jarvis ecosystem your money is accessible and transferable instantaneously with a single click in a seamless and secure manner. Imagine what you could do with this? You could hold all your assets all in the same place and choose the exact asset you wish to use for payment at any given time. Your portfolio can expand from various cryptos to all major assets - mixtures of Fiat, crypto and CFD to invest and pay with. You can immediately use the gains you got from Fiat trading to exploit into tokenized assets. You could pay your bills with your mined assets with just one click, without dealing with dodgy exchanges and paying mad fees! The Jarvis experience is designed to allow you to live a lifestyle of interoperability. To draw from the benefits of all assets and engage with the world using all current and future financial services. You are able to hold your assets on your phone and use them for instant payment in all aspects of your life; instantly collateralize your crypto and get a fiat loan to trade, invest or pay with; instantly exchange and trade all assets - use your gains from trading to invest in an ICO/ STO or even buy a new TV.  Here are some of the craziest use cases we could think of for Jarvis: But we want more inspiration! What’s the craziest use case you can think of with this kind of interoperability? For more informations about Jarvis’s ecosystem please check out our web-page and the white-paper. Based on the questions and the provided information please share your own crazy use cases that you can imagine using Jarvis. Based on your ideas we’ll write a Medium article and feature your use cases in it. Thank you for your amazing support! The Jarvis Team
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Introducing Jarvis: Your personal financial hub

Hello Crowdholders, Today we introduce you Jarvis. Exchange, the place where you can buy Apple stocks with Bitcoin. Collateralize your Ether to borrow Dollars. Send Monero to a Dash address and Lend your Google stocks. Jarvis has been designed to give as much freedom as possible to the users by making it easy to access existing centralized and new decentralized technologies from the same interface. Think of Jarvis like a wallet where all assets are securely stored and interoperable. You can connect this wallet to a wide range of native or external "services" like trading or payment gateways with just one click so you can immediately trade on any financial market, or pay in fiat using any assets you hold, including your stocks. Think of it like a "plug-and-play" wallet that you can use to create your own financial hub. From Jarvis you can pay. You can trade. You can invest. You can borrow. You can lend. You could even play poker, or bet on a sport match through partners Dapps. All of this, from the convenience of your wallet. It is like having one account from where you can seamlessly access Robinhood, Revolut, Acorns, Zopa, Coinbase, Binance, FXCM, Betclick etc... And now imagine how cool would it be to simply communicate with this wallet to navigate easily among the ocean of possibilities it enables. Because this wallet is equipped with smart AI, you can reach any feature, any data, anything, by just writing or saying it. This is what we are doing! We want to change the way you trade, invest, pay, and the way you manage your finances. We would love to hear your general feedback regarding our project. Your thoughts about our value proposition, exchange architect etc. Please check out our Web-page and the WhitePaper before you do so. Many thanks! Jarvis team
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