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ScienceRoot App Feedback



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ScienceRoot App Feedback


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Hello Crowdholders,

As you know,  our goal is to create an ecosystem where anyone in the scientific community around the globe will have the ability to gather funding, interact, discuss research ideas, collaborate and in the end, publish their work through a more efficient, intuitive and transparent platform.

We would love you to sign-up on our platform and give your feedback regarding the following Scienceroot App:

  • What features do you like/dislike?

  • Tell us about UX/UI

  • What features would like to see in the future?

  • Is it simple to use and clear? if NO why and what would you suggest us?

  • Is there something we are missing?


Give us a bit of inspiration and we will implement the best we can!


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very like this project

1 year ago

Rifki Rizky new user

I very like this project

1 year ago

It's really good site for sharing knowledge and to learn , I like the search results , and the UI is very fine with small fonts , it's really fine

1 year ago

Tommy Leduc

No Money No Funny

what would the project be profitable for people who will invest in. and why do you need the blockchain to bring your project to term. Yes your app look nice and very simplist. have you thought of having an entity that will be able to judge them (scientific articles)

1 year ago

Very simplistic layout. The search options works very quickly, which is a positive. I think the main page, which is also the search page, should have some type of text explaining what ScienceRoot is and what can be searched. If someone just found the page they would not know what the project is about. Same applies the repository and newsfeed. Both of these sections need text explanations of what the pages are. Neither of these pages had any content, and I was unsure on how to get content added. I searched a few topics and was pleasantly surprised that content was already available. Keep up the good work.

1 year ago

My user experience: - I like the look and feel. It's pretty straight forward and fast - Requesting an account went smoothly. Question is why to login. I can also search without user so maybe it can be explained on the mainpage. - search works good and fast - The newsfeed is still empty. - When i did a search and want to go back by clicking on the upper left science root logo nothing happens - How to know when to 'pay' for an article? - I also created a wallet. Worked fine - Also created a repository. Worked fine too What i would like to see: - 'help' features and explanations - when and how to pay for an article - the option to search within search results - link to the main site - 'multi search' by users and context

1 year ago

Gerald Almario expert

Time is gold, Gold is time

For me your app is simple but its great. The thing that I want to ask is where can I discuss on my group. I'm so confused about it because on what I know its about gathering of data. I think its better if there is a section in which the group will gonna discuss. And also add a notification about it. And also in the information, I think its better if you make the name smaller and add profile pic of the researcher and also the knowledge he/she successfully published. And also I think its better if you put a little box in the rigthside and then, there is where the categorized box will be shown. And also your design is great I like it it's simple and good in my eyes.

1 year ago

Fred Blauer guru

Open for business

I don't see much information about the project itself. What is the purpose, what are you trying to achieve, why do I need a wallet, how are you making use of blockchain, how are you different than other projects doing something similar? Is it possible to upload? How can we search the newsfeed, if we don't know what is in the news? Maybe it should be like a blog with most recent items first.

1 year ago

romina Perdes new user

The objective of the project is really interesting and commendable. I congratulate the brilliant minds that had the vision to deal with a subject so necessary in the world in which we live. As soon as I read the web page my interest grew and I wanted to delve more about the proposal of your company. The general appearance of the site is clean and friendly, it is quick to understand even for beginners. It is very well designed to attract investors. I really believe that you will have a successful future. Congratulations.

1 year ago

John Edlund new user

I have built websites so i have an eye for design, and i'm facinated by cryptos

I love the animations on the website and its very smooth and enjoyable to click around. And i like the whole idea, to connect the scientific community, because science is what makes us us. But something that would be nice is a dark mode, that would make this A++

1 year ago

Aceshiku (Not a robot) senior

Thought is an idea

smooth and easy to used, but less attractive! might, you must design on front-page with night circuit background animation to make it look more attractive and sophisticated.

1 year ago

Its simple and easy to use. Nothing complicated. Lets see what other development bring up.

1 year ago

Rose M new user

i registered , it was simple and good. i don't like the empty page . i think it is better some information as a guideline. it is ambiguous for me .

1 year ago

TheCrypto .Tips guru

I do both things that measure our entire World => UX & TA

The design is nice but there are not so many features to test. Setting up the account was easy but how can I help you more regarding the UX? Atm you can only find users, but maybe when you will be able to find Papers and Preprints at the app we can talk again about some UX feedback.

1 year ago


I say what I see, feel and experience in using platforms without exaggerations.

Registering on your site is very easy, not unnecessary task to perform. Overall I love your web design. It's captivating

1 year ago

I signed up and it was quite easy to use for me as a non-scientist. I would also like to congratulate for such initiative because we have seen fund raising for anything imaginable expect scientific research.

1 year ago

First of all, I find your platform very simple, easy to use and without unnecessary options. By cons, it will seem interesting to add options for advanced search with country, date, specialty or other. In any case, your application does what is asked of it and it is the main one.

1 year ago

It's wonderful

1 year ago

1- The features I like are search is a fast / The features I dislike are provide feedback and I note show the live supported. 2- UI / UX design is simple good developer 3- The features I would like to see in the future are free coin and referral and investing and wallet free send and receive. 4- I will find a way to keep the users on the website for more than 10 minute. the way is a free coin and referral 5- No something we are missing

1 year ago

Dev Ranjan guru

I am a web developer and I use django as a framework to develop websites. I checked your website and loved the design of it. User Interface is simple and easy to use so I can say that it is designed really nice. Further, there can be some improvements in the website, such as, (1) you can add an option to share the papers (2) can give an option to filter the papers based on subject and various categories. (3) can add an forum option so that users can discuss on various things. (4) If you gave an option to sign up on the website, then mention somewhere what are the benefits of signing up/ or make necessary to sign up. As per now, I don't thing sign up is required as users can search for their papers and that's it, they don't require anything.

1 year ago

The font choice is really nice. Loved the solid colors. PDF can have a symbol/icon. User-friendly. However, with only one click, the user leaves the website which is not good for your SEO score. You have to find a way to keep the user on the website for more than 1 minute. Article titles can be in dark div

1 year ago

Ahmad Fz guru

Crypto Addicted

I still don't understand the waves balance. It is a clone of waves nodes or new network. I also see follower button like social media. Can you explain because I am lazy to read whitepaper.

1 year ago

Sertan Ala guru

As an PhD student I can say UX/UI seems good, you can directly start searching which is perfect for a researcher. I have make an research about "biogas" I can able to find some article. You need to put some advanced search button where i can decide article an desired time table. For example 2013-2015. Moreover I do not see any button if the PDF version is free or I need to pay. There must be a button which shows that.It would be good to put some more details about pdf (How many pages, how many downloads u to now, how many reader). In conclusion I can use your app for my researches, It will be better with some small modifications. Do not forget it must be always so fast, even under heavy load.

1 year ago

* Must be a forum for your page. people should be able to discuss their ideas here. * UX / UI design is simple and simple. Increased visuality * I would like to see messaging, forum system, customer service department, voting system among users. * Simple to use * You should pay more attention to visuality.

1 year ago

InSomnius Joe expert

I solve problems for a living - combining knowledge from many areas of life

Okay, so to tell you the obvious UX issues. - I don't see any reason why I would need to sign up. I come to the platform, I search the papers, I get my papers. The job I came there to do is done. No need for me to sign up. (So I didn't) - Having the Abstract as a Pop-up to quickly read through without the need to go to another page would be great. - It is simple from the ONE usage I discovered. If there is more, then it's not :). So to reiterate, think of the Task your User is there to perform and the Tasks you want him to perform. Make it easy to find. Make it obvious. For now, I identified only 1 Task your users can do.

1 year ago