KittieFIGHT KTY Token Distribution, DAO Eth Revenue and Airdrops

KittieFIGHT KTY Token Distribution, DAO Eth Revenue and Airdrops


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KittieFIGHT KTY Token Distribution, DAO Eth Revenue and Airdrops


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Today we bring you a long awaited update before the final stages of the KittieFIGHT Dapp Game Ethereum mainnet rollout. The main event during this preparation is the KittieFIGHT game KTY token distribution to the community and as you know we have partnered with the 2key network, to hold the pre-sale and main token sale as primary distribution methods. KTY tokens can also be acquired by community members through referral link sharing or by participating in our public testnet game sessions.


At the end of our distribution periods ( Pre-sale & main token sale), DAO ( SuperDAO ) tokens will be Airdropped to KTY token sale participators based on level of commitment and also to top referrers, who are able to get the most number of people involved. KittieFIGHT DAO ( SuperDAO ) tokens allow governance participation and staking of said tokens against Ether pools generated from kittieFIGHT games, producing weekly Ether staking rewards/revenue to “active” DAO token holders. As we roll out more Dapps, the DAO tokens will also be used in multi-faceted ways as staking mechanisms for Ether rewards in multiple dapps or as utility to power dapp mechanisms. To learns more visit : The KittieFIGHT Token KTY presale


2key partnership

2key Network is a layer-two scalability solution that enables eased transitioning from the Web 2 to the Web 3. By simply clicking on a Smart Link, a proprietary technology created by 2key, a user’s browser is turned into a node with a noncustodial wallet. The 2key Network empowers businesses to compensate their fans, followers, clients, customers, etc. for helping them grow their business and achieving business results. Utilizing 2key network protocol for our KTY Token distribution will help in the following ways :

  • Ether Referral Commissions — Every referrer participator gets to earn a 20% percentage of all Ether conversions initiated through their personal referrer link.
  • Decentralized Trust — All views and conversions are tracked and stored on ipfs and forever persisted on the Ethereum blockchain via smart contracts. This means Earnings are permanent and un-gameable, a technological revolution provided by the 2key network in the referral marketing world marred with referral fraud.
  • Non custodial distribution — Participators will also enjoy the privilege of trustless distribution of KTY Tokens & Bonus KTY tokens. The KTY Tokens and commissions are held in 100% non-custodial smart contracts and are automatically awarded at the end of the distribution.


How 2key Works

  • 2key links are unique because they use advanced cryptographic technology to store information about the entire referral chain within the link itself.
  • That’s why creating a new link may take a few seconds
  • Once your link is ready you can copy and share it through any direct messaging tool or social media platform directly from 2key or by yourself.
  • When people open your unique link they’ll be able to choose whether to participate in the campaign or forward it. After you’ve shared the link, you’ll be able to see all actions taken with it in the My Referrals section on the campaign page.
  • The link is unique to you, so if or once it will achieve results, you’ll automatically receive your part of the referral reward. We’ll notify you once this happens.
  • Watch out! The link should only be shared with people that could be interested in this campaign. If the people with whom you share the link report you as spammer, your reputation will be damaged.

Share with care and Earn your fair share! To learn more visit : The KittieFIGHT Token KTY presale


KTY & DAO Token, Airdrop competition

As a way to get the community involved in the DAO seeding activity, we are providing a mechanism by which the community can acquire significant amounts of KTY and DAO Tokens in order to be active contributors to the decentralized organization. To accomplish this we are holding an “airdrop competition” whereby; 5000 KTY and 5000 DAO Tokens are recorded and assigned to each of the first 100 participators who are able to refer participators acquiring $500( in ETH) or more worth of KTY tokens. DAO Tokens earned will be distributed at the end of the main KTY token sale. This token competition award is on a first come, first serve basis and will be tracked in the following document :


KTY Token Distribution

The kittieFIGHT token (KTY) is a gamified utility token powering the kittieFIGHT internal economy, utilizing limited supply with suppressed emissions and incentivized crowd participation for various fees paid in Kittiefight scheduled matches. The growing demand for use of KittieFIGHT tokens (KTY) in games, drives up the value of KTY token which are additional rewards to players in each game aside from the Ether rewards.



To learn more visit : The KittieFIGHT Token KTY presale


DAO Token Airdrop

Only about 15% of a total of 100 million DAO tokens are to be distributed to participators of various categories based on various activity levels. 85% of the DAO tokens are reserved for future distributions during subsequent dapp launches. The DAO tokens are useful for various activities mentioned below:

  1. As staking mechanism for access to multiple dapp Ether revenue pools

2. Governance voting tool for DAO organization steering

3. Utility tokens used within subsequent dapps to be deployed

With the deployment of the kittieFIGHT dapp unto the Ethereum mainnet, only about 15% of the total 100 million DAO Tokens will have access to 100% of the KittieFIGHT Ether weekly revenue pools. As more dapps with revenue pools are available and as more DAO tokens are locked up via the staking reward mechanism, there will be a progressive growth in demand for the DAO Tokens and subsequent increase in DAO Token valuation. Participators of various categories get involved in the presale or through various community activities to take advantage of future growth in value.




  • 6% or 6 million => KTY main token sale
  • 3% or 3 million => KTY Pre-sale participators
  • 3% or 3 million => Pre-allocated DAO seeders
  • 1% or 1 million => Referrers and community participation
  • 1% or 1 million => Previous supporter bonus drop
  • 1% or 1 million => Token distribution marketing partners



We are using the Aragon DAO platform for decentralized governance in collaboration with Colony decentralized incentivized community collaboration. The Aragon project has proven itself as a reliable platform for decentralized governance with modular and customizable governance schemes.

The KittieFIGHT DAO ( SuperDAO ) will be hosted on the Aragon platform with a novel version of incentivized holographic consensus governance. The colony platform also recently deployed unto the Ethereum main net will be utilized for incentivized community contribution and task management. There are ongoing discussions to bring Aragon and colony into harmony to work seamlessly together. you can follow the discussion here:



                                                                                       Aragon & Colony KittieFIGHT DAO


Roadmap & Mainnet launch


Here is a snapshot of our short to medium term milestone plans :


                                                                                                   KittieFIGHT Roadmap




Lets recap; with a short term roadmap and various events scheduled to distribute KTY and DAO tokens in time for KittieFIGHT Dapp game and DAO launch, there are various way in which community members can get involved.

  • Pre-sale Campaign — short term limited distribution with discounted price and larger airdropped DAO tokens to purchasers
  • KTY & DAO Tokens Community Airdrop Competition — Community airdrop ( 5000 KTY and 5000 DAO Tokens) assigned on first come first serve basis to each of the first 100 participators who are able to refer participators acquiring $500( in ETH) or more worth of KTY tokens
  • Main Token sale —Longer term distribution with regular scheduled price and smaller airdropped DAO tokens to purchasers
  • Testnet Game Participants — KTY token award to community testnet gamers

Get some KTY tokens and get KittieFIGHT DAO tokens airdropped to you. KittieFIGHT DAO Tokens allow Ether staking rewards from all Ether generated from Kittiefight dapp game and other dapps. Or share your referral link with a friend and earn a 20% commission. Join The KittieFIGHT DAO Revolution! Check it out Join Now!


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Very good to see a lot kicking off on this project looking forward to continuity and also for maintenance of the mode of operation, i participated i the referral program hoping that i get something good out from it.

More effort guys will take out more time to go through this and read it to understand more of the concept behind this project, more success to this.

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Sam BTC guru

Just a common Crypto enthusiast.. Wait crypto is not common it's special :)

Good to see that roll out is being finalized. 2Key seems to be getting more and more popular as besides KittyFight i see many other projects using it as well. I was thinking you might delay the ICO considering the global crash in crypto space due to the Coronavirus situation but you seem to brave it out.

I have been collecting KTY regularly through your tasks and I plan to HODL as I think it will appreciate greatly as people realize what an amazing gameplay is there.

2 weeks ago

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Great news! It's always nice to see project collaboration. Especially when all parties involved are part of the crowdholding family.

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Wow! That's some hefty info right there. The rewards are amazing too but one would have to read very carefully to understand everything. Keep up with the good work KittieFight

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KTY and DAO token both has very well planed and good airdrop distribution system. some time token distribution get complicated for too many information and disorganise system. Also thier token selling offer is very attractive . so hopefully before launch thier token trading on exchange , it will be well known because of planned distribution .

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