Swap.Online set a goal to build a strong, safe and decentralized cryptocurrency wallet with Atomic Swap support.

Swap.Online set a goal to build a strong, safe and decentralized cryptocurrency wallet with Atomic Swap support. A lot of crypto-holders are forced to use centralized exchange services to swap their crypto just because they have no other choice. They have to trust their funds to a third parties and pay additional fees. Our solution allows to safely store crypto and perform p2p exchanges without any need to trust each other, nor to trust funds to a third party.

We set 0 fee for Atomic Swaps and take no money for listing - we add only trustworthy projects by our own will. Token will be needed in future for advanced exchange settings and additional tools for experienced traders.

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Introducing Swap.Online: Decentralized hot cross-chain wallet based on atomic swaps technology

Hello  Crowdholders, Today we are presenting the Swap.Online decentralized hot cross-chain wallet based on Atomic Swaps technology (peer-to-peer exchange between two blockchains with no third parties). It allows users to store, send and exchange BTC, ETH, ERC-20 tokens, EOS and USDT in a safe and decentralized manner. The service is marked by an ultimate level of decentralization, because it does not store users’ crypto or private keys. It has no demand for the additional plug-in installation or application download, as users can send and exchange their tokens directly in a browser in a couple of seconds after opening the https://swap.online website and saving their pair of private/public keys. Moreover, even registration is not required, which results in KYC/AML-neutrality for users. Last September, this project team presented a fascinating series of brand-new market solutions. It was the Swap.Online team that implemented the first ever Atomic Swaps on USDT and Gemini Dollar (ERC-20: GUSD). The wallet works in the over-the-counter approach as new tokens of worthy and promising blockchain-based projects are added daily. It allows soon-after-ICO teams to exchange their tokens promptly on BTC and ETH with zero fees. Our Crowdholding Token (ERC-20: YUP) has already been successfully listed. The Swap.Online team has far-reaching plans in the sector of decentralized cross-chain exchange after receiving a legal opinion and EU license. New blockchains will be implemented for the Atomic Swaps and b2b-solution for the acceptance of tokens as investments in dApps are under development. That is why the project needs feedback. Let us help with this feedback! Please check the mechanism of the exchange and answer: What did you find in our website’s interface convenient and user friendly? How Easy/difficult did you find to conduct cross-chain Atomic Swaps exchanges with Swap.Online? Would you like to use Swap.Online instead of MyEtherWallet and MetaMask as the basic hot crypto & token wallet? If yes, what is the project “killer-feature”? If no, what should be added or redeveloped?  
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