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Jury.Online offers a solution for a responsible ICO. The concept is as follows: a project breaks down its final goal into milestones with specified funding values and deadlines for implementation. Then all the investments received through a smart contract are allocated into parts which are needed to fulfill each milestone requirement. Money and tokens are released step-by-step to each party. Unlike other forms of gradual money release, funds are always stored in the smart-contract and their transfer is completely defined by the smart contract code, which is known to the public in advance. Every investment in a projet comes with a set of arbiters who will estimate the execution of the project and resolve conflicts if they are to appear.

For Projects, this simplifies the funding process and search for investors, helps shape goals and deadlines. For Investors it gives more control over the project development, guarantees at least a partial refund and provides them with direct communication with the Projects.

Arbiters play the role of unbiased mediators who give an independent evaluation of the project and resolve Disputes in favor of either party by carefully assessing the results of each milestone in comparison with the original roadmap.

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Introducing Jury.Online: The place for responsible ICO

Hello Crowdholders, Today we want to introduce Jury.Online, which is a decentralized escrow service for ICO projects. We provide a secure way of investment based on the completion of milestones and third-party mediation in case the dispute arises.     All the funds collected during ICO are distributed to a project step by step according to its roadmap and financing needed for implementation of each stage. Tokens are distributed to investors accordingly. According to the latest data, 8 out of 10 investors lose their money because of the scam ICO projects. Jury.Online team concerned about the market full of SCAM projects. We trust in blockchain and the fact that it will disrupt the current state of affairs. That is why we have created a platform that reduces risks to a reasonable level. Workflow A Project that is going to hold an ICO develops its general concept:   A detailed description, usually in a form of whitepaper   Funding goals - the minimum and maximum caps   Tokenomics and token application   Roadmap with milestones and funding for each goal-set   How many tokens will be issued, and which part of the overall emission can be bought by using the responsible ICO mechanism   Minimum and maximum thresholds for responsible investment in order to target the right audience Jury.Online has a pool of arbiters who are experts in certain fields. They estimate the overall idea and roadmap milestones: is the idea viable, how adequate are the milestone deadlines with their funding goals and are they achievable. In case there are certain doubts about the further workflow of the Project, Arbiters provide the Project with a set of recommendations serving as unbiased advisors of the projects. For more information please visit our web-page, check out our white-paper and  light-paper. Our question are: What are your thoughts about Jury.Online? Can you think of any possible obstacles/alternative business model that could make this business revenue/competitive (dis)advantage? Any other suggestions/recommendations? Please make sure go through our web-page and whitepaper before answering. Thanks so much!
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