Crowdfinancing a Better Environment

CryptoLeaf was founded after years of working in management and the investment industry. Too many innovative and visionary solutions to world environmental problems, go unnoticed in the traditional financing world based primarily on institutional investors.

Using cryptocurrency and smart contract technology, we want to help businesses and entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful organisations. We want to help fund and guide businesses to their success. By creating our own cryptocurrency, we provide everyone on the planet the opportunity to support and fund environmental companies, initiatives and projects.

We become invested with each of the businesses we work with right from the very start. We support, guide and provide continuous business feedback to all our member companies.

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Introducing Cryptoleaf: environmentally friendly, economically sound

Hello Crowdholders, Today we would love to introduce our project Cryptoleaf, which is a tokenized equity crowdfunding based platform. We make it possible for everybody to help fund economically and environmentally sound projects. From generating free electricity, to automated green farming. There are three main problems we aim to tackle: Climate change and sustainability represent the most difficult challenge for the current and future generation. More specific, the Paris agreement target for 2030 and its ecology transition required finance to be attained. 179 Billion of funds is missing so far. Start-ups and SMEs, especially green or ecological initiatives, can encounter difficulties gaining and accessing capital for their projects. Crowdfunding faces several issues and is not used to its full potential. This makes it difficult for individuals to be able to allocate their funds without entry barriers, limitations and high platform fees. Our solution: Only after extensive due diligence by our ambassadors do we list a project on our platform. They evaluate a project based on financial as well as engineering feasibility. We provide funding opportunities for company projects, without them ever having to give up a large portion of equity. Our platform is accessible to everyone with no minimum required amount. What does our platform do: Pre-selected green projects are listed on our platform. The community of token holders vote on which project they would like to be opened up for funding first. Each project’s terms and conditions with regard to their offered revenue sharing payout are listed and communicated to all users before any funds are collected. Use any amount of ETH to fund any (or all) listed projects on our platform. Funds are sent from your private wallet directly to the project you want to help fund through our smart contract infrastructure. Benefit from regular revenue sharing (80 % for contributors, 20 % for CryptoLeaf) payouts in ETH for each project you help fund. For more information please visit our web-page and check out our Green-paper  Our question are:  what do you think about Cryptoleaf? Can you think of any possible obstacles/alternative business model that could make this business revenue/competitive (dis)advantage? Any other suggestions/recommendations? Please make sure go through our web-page and whitepaper before answering. Thanks so much!
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