[500,000 GEX = $5,000] GexPay Facebook Bounty Program

[500,000 GEX = $5,000] GexPay Facebook Bounty Program



[500,000 GEX = $5,000] GexPay Facebook Bounty Program

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GexPay is rewarding GEX tokens to its early supporters. Please follow the instruction below to know how to get rewarded by contributing in our Facebook Bounty.

MAX 500,000 GEX tokens
will distributed between all community supporters who invite friends to GexPay Facebook bounty.
VALUED AT $5,000
from 01/08/2018 to 31/08/2018

Your Facebook account must have minimum 100 followers/friends.




How to join: (Please click the image below for better understanding)

  1. Like & follow;
  2. Share GexPay's posts;
  3. Visit your share on your Facebook timeline.
  4. Click “...” button on the right-top of your share.
  5. Select “Embed”.
  6. Click “Advanced settings” 
  7. In the new page, copy the link in the box below “URL of post”.
  8. Please fillout your information and submit your links in this form  (

Please click to enlarge the image


  • A maximum of 5 shares per week will be counted.
  • Participants must comment on GexPay’s posts.
  • Accounts with fake friends/followers will be disqualified.
  • Friends/followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign.
  • Do not share and like posts that are commenting on other user’s content


Please note:

Each reward will be paid to a contributor depending on the number of stakes which he/she has collected. A Stake is determined individually depending on each Bounty Program. The limits of the stakes will vary between 20 and 60 GEX a stake. Thank you!


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The facebook bounty program is a deal for companies, organizations on reporting bugs. Google, facebook paid some of the money and this is according to the type of bug it is as recently I report a bug on Vulnerability of a site.

4 months ago

I am so excited to use this as i have many followers more then 1000 followers in the Facebook account. I want to use and follow the that you have mentioned in the article and i will tell you the feedback of that too.

5 months ago

pagal hogaye new user

This comment is not available, it has been removed for violating the code of conduct

1 year ago

This comment is not available, it has been removed for violating the code of conduct

1 year ago

Crypto World new user

A Serious Cryto guy with alot of experience in Cryto world.

There is an easier way of getting that facebook link. After sharing, click on the time of the post posted, and it will take you to the link. Copy that link from the address bar and thats it.

1 year ago

Noji Lem

I am expert.....................................................................

I think it is more easy to copy the link "from hours" (ex: 1min, justnow etc..) It should be like this: then remove the link from question mark to the last. then copy this the URL now is the same with embed. but this time it only takes 2 step.

1 year ago

I think only on twitter bounty form.. 😀 But you've made another mistake with writen wrong project (Aerum) on your facebook repost field, please fixed dev

1 year ago

ثقف نفسك وعائلتك new user

Free coin everyday


1 year ago