[500,000 GEX = $5,000] GexPay Telegram Bounty Program

[500,000 GEX = $5,000] GexPay Telegram Bounty Program



[500,000 GEX = $5,000] GexPay Telegram Bounty Program

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GexPay is rewarding GEX tokens to its early supporters. Please follow the instruction below to know how to get rewarded by contributing in our Telegram Bounty.

MAX 500,000 GEX tokens
will distributed between all community supporters who invite friends to GexPay Telegram bounty.
VALUED AT $5,000
from 01/08/2018 to 31/08/2018


(You will need a PC & Telegram Desktop to invite friends:


How to join: (Please click the image below for better understanding)

  1. Use Telegram Desktop. You can download it here:
  2. Join GexPay telegram discussion group:
  3. Go to GexPay telegram discussion group: , and add friends.
  4. Right click on the message, which shows that you invited your friend, and click “Copy Link”. (see pic below)
  5. Please fillout your information and submit your links in this form.

Please click to enlarge the image


Please note:

You can invite as many friends as you wish!

The participants will be rewarded in GEX Tokens for inviting friends to GexPay telegram discussion group.

Each reward will be paid to a contributor depending on the number of stakes which he/she has collected. A Stake is determined individually depending on each Bounty Program. The limits of the stakes will vary between 20 and 60 GEX a stake. Thank you!


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