[50,000 XRM = $3,000] Aerum Twitter Promotion Bounty

[50,000 XRM = $3,000] Aerum Twitter Promotion Bounty



YUP icon 40000 XRM icon 50000.0


[50,000 XRM = $3,000] Aerum Twitter Promotion Bounty


No YUP/tokens awarded

Aerum is rewarding XRM tokens to its early supporters. Please follow the instruction below to know how to get rewarded by contributing to our Twitter Promotion Bounty!

MAX 50,000 XRM ($3,000) & 40,000 YUP will be rewarded to those who share Aerum landing page (, and other Aerum related content below!

Please note:

The participants will be rewarded in XRM Tokens for sharing Aerum on Facebook.

Each reward will be paid to a contributor depending on the number of stakes which he/she has collected. The limits of the stakes will vary between 5 and 15 XRM ($0.3 ~ $0.9)a stake. Thank you!