Announcing Winners of our ‘$30,000 Aerum Creative Media Bounty’

Announcing Winners of our ‘$30,000 Aerum Creative Media Bounty’


Announcing Winners of our ‘$30,000 Aerum Creative Media Bounty’


No YUP/tokens awarded

Hello, community. We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success!


And a special congratulations to serg1e, the winner of the $15,000 worth of XRM tokens in our ‘[500,000XRM = $30,000] Aerum Creative Media Bounty’ contest! 


You can view the results below. It includes top 8 most voted work by the AERUM team. We select works based on its originality and creativity.


XRM tokens will be rewarded to the top 8 selected participants after our ICO.










We have received in total 11 submissions (5 Medium/blog articles; 3 videos; 2 pictures and 1 undefined category)


Thank you for your great work.


Please check below to see all of the contest entries:

Category A (Medium/blog articles)

Source of work:
Indonesian; 750 words; personal blog
English; 166 words; Medium
English; 278 words; Medium; GIF inserted
Indonesian; 354 words; Medium; Airdrop
Indonesian; 720 words; Medium; Intro.
English; 559 words; Medium; Intro.

Category B (videos)

Source of work:
English; 1:30 mins; Intro.; animation
Russian; 5 mins; review
Russian; 5 mins; review


Category C (pictures)

Source of work:
Multiple pictures with GIFs
Aerum roadmap


Category D (undefined type)

Source of work:
An Aerum profile on an ICO listing page.


Most recent Most voted Most verbose

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4 months ago

Nice project. Sucess

4 months ago

Congrats dear.

4 months ago

Faranisa Ratu new user

yoohoo, i was chosen as the winner in 3rd place. thanks :)

6 months ago


2 months ago

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7 months ago

Great! Congratulations!

7 months ago

Vijay Singh Gusain new user

creative innovative and analyst

Great I really loved the selection of Aerum Team Congratulation to all who is awarded with Aerum Tokens

7 months ago

Jim Ueki

The future is now.

Great! Congratulations!

7 months ago

Elric Drost guru

Creative session specialist, likes to go out of the box.. and beyond

Congratiolations to the winners, good work!

7 months ago

Supendi Ndi new user

amazing, I hope it will be compatible with XRM tokens,

7 months ago