Brickblock will offer the world’s first tokenized real estate asset on the blockchain.


Brickblock is not just an idea or a whitepaper. It is one of the only blockchain projects with a working product backed by technical and legal proof of concept. In the coming weeks, Brickblock will offer the world’s first tokenized real estate asset on the blockchain. Brickblock’s final ICO period will be the last public sale of Brickblock tokens (BBK). BBK can be traded or activated on exchanges. BBK holders, who have activated their tokens, profit from every transaction on Brickblock.

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The first asset-backed security token issuance

Hello Crowdholders! Brickblock is building a Ethereum-based Dapp that allows users to sell and invest in real estate funds (REFs) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) such as stocks, bonds, securities, commodities, foreign currencies etc as well as cryptocurrency funds. Investors will be able to buy a bundle or a share of brick and mortar assets using Brickblock tokens (BBK). Brickblock has been working with European law firms to establish the first asset-backed security token issuance. They also in the progress of meeting with European regulators to consult how to update and implement blockchain laws onto their platform. With the expectation of positive development in the coming months, the users will be able to invest in real estates using cryptocurrency! The main advantages of the platform are: Directly buying real-estate with crypto. Low transaction costs. Liquidity and fast exchange of retail funds. Fast clearing and settlement places (1-2 min). Global access to real estate investments without geographical restrictions. Earning passive income by utilizing crypto. We would like to ask you the following questions:   What examples of regulation can the EU use to implement as new regulations?  (E.g. asset tokens under the regulations of US SEC) What asset-backed security regulations exists and what are their advantages/disadvantages? what would be the best ways to regulate blockchain solutions in the European Union? You can click on the link to have more information about the company. Looking forward to your input. Thanks a lot.
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