Decentralised VR Content Sharing Platform and Marketplace

Featured on Inc. Magazine, The Next Web, Forbes, Entrepreneur, TheMerkle, CCN and many more.

ImmVRse is a decentralised VR content sharing platform that will allow VR content creators, brands and advertisers around the world to inspire, collaborate, and produce some of the highest-quality VR content available online. The hybrid DApp will act as both a marketplace and a content distribution platform. ImmVRse will employ its own unique digital currency, the ImmVRse token (IMV), which will be used as the form of payment between all parties within the ecosystem.



ImmVRse's strategy is to incentivize creators to produce quality, relevant and immersive VR content.




 Read Inc. Magazine's interview with the CEO here.


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Introducing ImmVRse, Decentralised VR content Sharing Platform - Sign Up for Alpha Platform

ImmVRse offers a revolutionary platform for brands looking to branch out into the new and compelling world of VR, allowing them to hire content creators in a quick, easy and convenient manner. Though there are currently multiple platforms that support VR, they are generally dominated by 180/2D content creators, which does little to encourage and stimulate the growth of VR content. ImmVRse hopes to provide an environment where VR content creators can effectively showcase their content online with a more dedicated platform, leading to direct employment opportunities, regardless of geographical restrictions. Control and the power of sharing will be shifted towards the community, thereby removing centralised decision-making and any third party from the workflow. The job creation and hiring process will also be peer-to-peer, using the smart contracts function; the brands and the content creators will both set their own parameters. The contract will then be deployed on the blockchain and payments will be processed based on mutually agreed deadlines between parties.   ImmVRse has been featured on Inc. Magazine, The Next Web, CCN, The Merkle and also mentioned in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Home Business Magazine, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance and many more. Read the interview with the CEO on Inc. Magazine.   ImmVRse is backed by an incredibly experienced team and advisers, who have over 15 years of average IT industry experience. According to the tear-down analysis of, ImmVRse has: "multiple revenue streams. Advertising, job completion fees, creator monthly subscriptions, and numerous other things – there’s plenty of ways for the platform to make money".     "The advancement of hardware capabilities as well as the continuous fall in headset pricing has left the most important aspect of VR still to solve: content. The strategy for ImmVRse includes nurturing the growth of the whole industry by incentivizing content creators to produce quality, relevant and immersive videos on the platform. This surge of content will initiate the job marketplace by attaining the focus of corporate institutions to hire content creators. As of 2017, 75% of the Forbes most valuable brands have already begun incorporating VR within their marketing strategies. This will lead to creating more VR experiences, billions of hours of VR media consumption, as well as applications that will give birth to a "VR binge-watching" generation. With the growth of user consumption, comes the need for creating advertisements and content for marketing in VR. This will result in companies shifting towards the institutionalisation of VR content platforms. The change will be similar to the evolution of digital content platforms, which resulted in ad makers and companies shifting their marketing budget, from traditional (TV) to social media. This is exactly where ImmVRse will play its part; by providing a platform for commercialisation of VR content that will help millions of content creators earn their living using this technology."   Find our whitepaper here:   Please let us know your ideas. Your feedback is very valuable, so don't hesitate and share your opinion with us - most relevant comments will be rewarded (up to 1000 IMVs)*!   What are your thoughts on the sustainability of virtual reality industry? What are your opinion in terms of revenue streams? Any thoughts of other ways we could generate revenue? How can we improve the business model to achieve our long term vision?       Sign up for the Alpha version (released dates TBA) to earn an additional 100 IMVs. Sign up for the Alpha using this link. You will be the first ones to receive access to our alpha version of the application. **ImmVRse reserves the right to choose the most relevant comments and feedback.  
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