[1,200,000 TYD] TYDO Bounty Program: Twitter Campaign

[1,200,000 TYD] TYDO Bounty Program: Twitter Campaign



[1,200,000 TYD] TYDO Bounty Program: Twitter Campaign

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The total number of tokens reserved for the BOUNTY campaign is 8,000,000 TYD, which is 4% of the target level.

Twitter Campaign

Twitter Campaign is a good opportunity for the participants to earn extra tokens by posting relevant information about TYDO. 15% of Bounty Campaign tokens will be distributed between Twitter Campaign participants. You may join Twitter Bounty Campaign at any moment before the end of an ICO.

Conditions to join Twitter campaign:

•   Follow the official TYDO Twitter page;
•   Participant must have only one active Twitter account;
•   Participant Twitter profile must be opened; all the tweets he/she makes must be public;
•   Twitter Campaign participant must have at least 300 followers on Twitter;
•   If you place TYDO logo in the profile picture and header of your Twitter account, you will get extra 50% points (https://goo.gl/61H2uR);
•   Join TYDO Telegram group and channel:
        Telegram channel - https://t.me/tydoANN
        Telegram group - https://t.me/tydocommunity

Requirements to participate in Twitter Campaign:

•    Тweets should be informative, in English, and contain two links: TYDO official website link and Telegram group link (https://t.me/tydocommunity). The following hashtags should be used: #TYDO #trading #terminal #ico #preico #crowdsale #token #blockchain #bountycampaign #investments #cryptocurrency;
•   All retweets must be the official TYDO Twitter page, it’s not necessary to leave your comments;
•   Put a “Like” on all official TYDO tweets;
•   To get the maximum amount of points, complete these tasks on a daily basis;
•   Only one tweet and one retweet+like are accepted daily:
        - 1 point / tweet;
        - 1 point / retweet +like
•   Amount of points you can get depends on number of followers you have on Twitter:
        - 300-2000 followers - 1 point
        - 2000-5000 followers - 2 points
        - 5000 followers & more - 3 points

•   To receive rewards for Twitter Campaign, you must submit your reports on the tasks you completed in the official GOOGLE FORM Until  31.08.2018 23:59 +2 GMT;


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