A token, that becomes the bridge between fiat and crypto

We are an emerging market that provides sustainable crypto with utmost legal aspect. 

Luxcess, is there to help people become a part of a big investment family. On the other hand, the goal is to enable a transparent management and capital escalation for as many people as possible. We have always believed that teamwork, up-to-date information, and discipline are most important for success. We will not only join the investments, such as crypto-holding, crypto-trading, forex trading, silver and gold and start-up projects but will also provide for integration of the general public into a big family, which will increase the generated profit and provide for a better tomorrow of all of its members.

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Vote later for lXC listing in Indodax

In the future after LXC well known, maybe we can vote lxc to be listed on indodax, it's very improtant for community especially from Indonesian people to make it happen.So what do you think folks? Is it great idea?give us your opinion.This is the official news from Indodax:Hello,INDODAX as a digital asset exchange receives many requests for adding new coins / tokens from members. We have special consideration in determining which coin/tokens are eligible to be listed in Indodax for our members convenience.As our effort to provide good quality and desirable coins/tokens, we have prepared a new system where members can participate in determining which coins/tokens will be listed on the INDODAX platform.On 23 April 2018, we will launch a Community Coin Voting program where members can propose and vote on which coins/tokens are eligible to be listed on the Indodax market place. The bigger vote result for a coin/token will increase the chance for the coin/token to be listed in the INDODAX platform.Community Coin Voting period 1 (23 April 2018 – 7 May 2018)Coin(s)/token(s) registration : 23 April 2018 – 30 April 2018.  Coin(s)/token(s) registration will cost 100 TEN per coin/token.Voting : 30 April 2018 at 10.00 WIB – 7 Mei 2018 10.00 WIB.Each member may participate in voting process and it will cost 0.1 TEN per vote.How to register coin(s)/token(s) :Get the details of coin(s)/token(s) project that will be registered such as logo, description, whitepaper, team, etc.On Monday, 23 April 2018 at 00.00 WIB there will be a new menu “Community Coin Voting” in Indodax.com (after log in to account). You can register new coin(s)/token(s) through form available.
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Luxcess Group: The first investment group with zero commission

Luxcess Group is a first Initial Coin Offering project, that offers three types of earnings, and we will reward its first supporters with a lifetime reward. The coin price growth, a reward in case of your support from the outset, and Royal Luxcess Trading.   This investment company formed the Royal platform, which is based on blockchain technology. All investors will be able to deposit their LXC tokens on this platform, which will operate on the principle of PROFIT SHARE.   Luxcess Group offers an investment without entry and exit charges. For the sake of mutual contentment and long-term relation, we decided that only the profit that we make will be shared; namely, 70% for the client and 30% for the Luxcess Group. This is going to assure you that we will make an effort to constantly increase your capital and its growth rate.   You will only pay a commission on the profits we will create. You will be able to fully control your capital. Luxcess Group will increase the LXC tokens price by investing in our projects only with our LXC tokens.   (Please read our White Paper for more details : https://www.luxcess-group.com/img/whitepaper.pdf )   What are your thoughts about Luxcess Group’s three types of earnings? What challenges and difficulties we might face? What is your opinion about PROFIT SHARE? We are looking forward to your input!
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