Gauge the Sentiments of Users' Reactions to Future Events

Sentigraph is a system that provides aims at improving the outcomes of futuristic events based on emotion data obtained by analyzing users’ reactions in any network leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain (Ethereum), and Interplanetary File System, hereafter referred to as IPFS.

A suitable use case is Twitter. Tweets associated with hashtags can be analyzed by IBM’s Watson and further run through a Smart Contract (decentralized piece of code) responsible for computing the Sentigraph Index (a.k.a Graph Index), a value attributed to the sentiment “score” of the event.

The system can analyze equity markets, various review systems, social media, politics, healthcare, and security via related twitter hashtags. These hashtags could be representative of a present or future event.





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Sentigraph, a cognitive approach to improving the future outcome of decisions.

Analyzing surveys, forecasted returns, review or rating systems and other performance measurement methods are commonly being used by entrepreneurs for strategic decision making. However, a key value would be knowing how their stakeholders feel about them. This extra sentiment parameter, if known, can provide useful insights and play a huge role in the chosen strategy.               Sentigraph is a system that aims at improving the future outcomes of strategic decisions, based on emotion data obtained by analyzing users’ reactions in any network.   This decentralized application leverages the cognitive strengths of IBM Watson to analyze tweets, pass the feedback from Watson to a Smart Contract that is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the computation and generation of the Graph Index.[1]   (Prototype: ) (Use cases: (Whitepaper: )   What are your thoughts about our methods on improving the future outcomes of strategic decisions? Please share your opinions and knowledge backed by reason, evidences and explanations.   We are looking forward to your input! [1]: The Graph Index (gi), represents the overall emotional score or rating of that hashtag. The Graph index and other metadata is captured by the Smart Contract and stored in IPFS (gi belongs to the business or individual that computed it), and can be retrieved later for the purposes of providing other related services.
25 votes
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