Caerus Connections is revolutionizing the recruitment industry, utilizing blockchain technology We are connecting employers and job seekers in an efficient, streamlined and transparent environment


Caerus Connections™ is developing a hiring ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology to record objective and verified employee data, as well as store selected, subjective data, such as salary requirements and one’s willingness to relocate. Using the blockchain ensures an accurate and comprehensive portrayal of each individual’s talents and motivations.
Furthermore, businesses will be able to easily search and navigate verified candidate information to find the right employee. In the current market, this is not possible. Using the Ethereum blockchain, Caerus Connections™ will create a safe, streamlined, and transparent environment for job seekers and employers internationally.











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The disruptive features of Caerus Connections

Caerus Connections aims to disrupt the existing status quo, underlying the recruitment industry. There are several major traditional recruiting platforms, i.e. Linkedin, Indeed and HireMatch, that claim to distinguish themself from this approach. The chart above shows our features comparing to other traditional recruiting platforms.   Here are our disruptive features: Two-part encryption: Based on PGP encryption, all users on Caerus will be given a unique personal key. The key is for encrypting messages, and signing messages with a digital signatures. Candidate assessment: A unique and powerful feature of Caerus Connections is the inclusion of the Career Driver Compass, an established and psychometrically valid, online assessment that measures the workplace motivators of individual job candidates. Algorithm development: We democratize and provide data access with trusted third-party Dapp builders, enabling them to plug into the architecture and use the information to support their business goals. Future AI potential: The Caerus Connections data set can also be used, in partnership with 3rd party developers, for future AI projects.   For more details, we have an updated white paper that you can find here:   What are your thoughts about our features? What advantages and disadvantages does Caerus Connections include,  comparing with traditional recruiting platforms?
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