The CMB 3.0: smart interactive platform for market makers

The CMB 3.0: smart interactive platform for market makers



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The CMB 3.0: smart interactive platform for market makers


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Hello community! We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed our token sale. Thanks for your support, and now we are focusing on the development of our project.


The XchangeRate robot has a console where the data read from over all the platforms is presented to the trader to help ease the decision making process. The trader can make informed choices based on the strength of the indices provided. This console is named Coin Monitoring Board (CMB). The CMB provides the RSI, MACD, PRR, FR and the SI very handy to the trader.


Our CMB 2.0 addressed the needs of Day traders. It's been a very huge success, and it had a huge positive impression from all quarters.

CMB 3.0 - also called XchangeRate Mata (Market Maker/Taker) would be the choice platform for Market Makers, Token Owners and Exchanges to collaborate on providing liquidity for Tokens.

The CMB 3.0/ XchangeRate Mata comprises of Interactive Collaboration Dashboards/ XRR Token Balance Checker and the Market Maker Interface.


It's a new, never-seen-before innovation to the crypto space!

Token Holders would be the highest beneficiaries as every unit of XRR would reveal the true value of what it is to be a precious stoning coming from its ore.

Our smart interactive platform for collaboration will go live on the 2nd July, 2018. For access and subscription purposes on our new Crypto-Rig, Amounts of XRR will be required for Exchanges, Token Owners, Market Makers and Traders.


To access the CMB 3.0 Crypto-Rig. You need to have the underlisted amount of tokens and belong to any of the categories mentioned

  • Traders - 5000 XRR 
  • Market Makers - 10,000 XRR 
  • Token Holders - 100, 000 XRR 
  • Exchanges - 1, 000, 000 XRR


So what do you think about our CMB 3.0?

  • Which features do you like the most? Why?
  • Is there anything else you would like to see as a trader?
  • Is there anything challenging or confusing about our Coin Monitoring Board?

We look forward to your feedback.

For more information, please visit: http://xchangerate.io


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After stumbling on this monthly update about I decided to check out the platform and signed up. Does anyone else use this ..by Epicfollowers

6 months ago

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6 months ago

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6 months ago

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1 year ago

You are not the first in the market. There is a theory, but practice. So, you are theorists so far. Useless conversation. Sorry for my english.

1 year ago

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1 year ago

GomberS ID expert

-feature vote. because people need to know what token to listing and helping developer -anywhere helping people to trader on mobile -not confuse i like that

1 year ago

You have very good advertizing course. But you have to offer some free period that traders could has become interested. Uspekhov.

1 year ago

Randy Tice guru

Staunch believer in the power of the crowd and blockchain.

Well, this was interesting to read and research about! Unfortunately, I can not answer the three questions you asked us because I can not try out your platform without paying and the price is too high when considering the rewards for us doing this task is 800 Yups and 10 XBR spread out over everyone. I can give general impressions and feedback though. #1 - It looks like you raised around 10m in ICO? That indicates a fair amount of hype and with a major development milestone being accomplished, I think you can ride this in a marketing frenzy to onboard traders. However, you will definitely have to offer a free trial period or some way for potential new users to test it out in order to attract more users. #2 - Unless you are able to incorporate many more exchanges, I don't see any advantage your platform has over the many free trading bots available. For example, at this point, I wouldn't be interested because the only two exchanges offered are bitfinex and bittrex which I do not use. Can you clarify, does an exchange need to hold 1m XRR to be part of the platform? Why would any exchange want to do that? Good luck!

1 year ago

need to understand what the different points mean, and whats the benefit of it. indebt explanation.

1 year ago

Elric Drost guru

Creative session specialist, likes to go out of the box.. and beyond

I had to think some time about this task. "Token Holders would be the highest beneficiaries as every unit of XRR would reveal the true value of what it is to be a precious stoning coming from its ore." A beautiful sentence, but while it does not explain anything, it just gives me the idea i should get my guard up. Maybe that is just me, but i'm sure thats not the effect you went for! So you might want to think about that. Well, i'll start of with the challenging or confusing question. I don't really get a great idea how it all works, even tried to make an account to see how it works. But i still don't have seen something that makes it more than a great story. To try the platform you have to pay a price or hold a large amount of tokens. As a new customer i would like to see some demo or try it free of charge. Especially with things like this! I put my money in your robot i want to know what happens, as the crypto world can be very harsh in that regard. Let your guard down and you lose what's yours. Also you ask very specific feedback, but i don't think we can provide good feedback about your platform without acces to the system. The platform sounds great, but i can't but help to think it's not as revolutionary as you say it is. There are a lot of bots and trading AI's in development, if you really stand out it isn't very clear to me right now. I always find comparisations with similar projects very helpfull to understand where they stand in the field. Who do you believe your competitors are and why do you have an edge over their project? I would love to hear your response in this tread as well, as this could give us a better idea of the platform. So i invite you to reply to us! Good luck with the release and further development.

1 year ago

Ahmad Fz guru

Crypto Addicted

There is the same project. TKR now cryptocoinsoft. The token is tkr. Tkr price is down now because the main project seems susspended or not work anymore. All member suggest to ask charge fee to use the app but the dev no listen. The rate is also not from major exchanger so not to worthy coin can be monitored

1 year ago