YouToken is a platform that allows people to convert human intelligence into a financial asset.

YouToken is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that converts human intelligence into a financial asset (token). We help investors and entrepreneurs establish connection via crypto tokens.

Entrepreneurs can “sell themselves” and their ideas on YouToken while investors can buy “human intelligence” on our marketplace.

As a result, talented entrepreneurs can quickly get financial support for their project, and investors get the opportunity to invest in another “Steve Jobs” or “Elon Musk” at their early stage of success.

The platform introduces users to a new financial asset – “Human Intelligence”. The platform allows any user to “sell themselves” in the form of a personal token (YTN_creatorname) in exchange for receiving financial support.

Any user can convert his/her human intelligence into a financial asset (a creator token). Just like Apple or Amazon sell their stocks on the stock market, YouToken entrepreneurs sell their “Human Intelligence” depicted in the form of a financial asset on our marketplace. Smart investors contribute to individuals and not products; thus, we give people an opportunity to invest in another “Sergey Brin” or “Steve Jobs” at their early stage of success, and not another “Google” or “Apple”.










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The 4 Smart Contract Options of YouToken. Option 1: Donation & Sponsorship Smart Contract

The Concept of "human intelligence tokenization" By minting each entrepreneur on the platform their own personal, creator tokens (expressed as YTN_creatorname), YouToken discovered a way for early-stage entrepreneurs to literally sell their ideas to investors in exchange for starting capital on their project. In return, investors get a chance to capitalize on a young creator at their earliest stages of success. In addition, the platform offers four unique smart contract options (donation, debt, revenue share and equity) giving investors more diversified opportunities in their strategy.   Option 1:  Donation & Sponsorhip Smart Contract    If you’re using the YouToken platform, then this really couldn’t be easier. With the donation/sponsorship smart contract, you can choose to support Elon Bezos directly by purchasing his personal tokens (YTN_elonbezos) at a low price.   If the idea becomes successful, then his personal tokens (YTN_elonbezos) will grow in price. It’s just like stocks on the stock market. The more successful a company is, the more valuable their stock becomes.   Please answer the following questions to complete the task: What are your thoughts about our idea and solution for early stage entrepreneurs on seeking investments? What advantages and difficulties our project maight face? And what should we improve for the success of Youtoken project?
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YouToken Customer Journey (Part II)

The YouToken customer journey is an exciting one and you really don't want to miss a step. Hence, check out part one here if you haven't already. Great, now that you're all caught up, let's continue on down the road of success. In part two of the customer journey, we'll discuss the project verification process, the issuing of smart contracts, crowdsale, and product launch.YOU TOKEN CUSTOMER JOURNEY: PROJECT VERIFICATIONUnlike some of YouToken's crowdfunding competitors, the verification process here is extremely simple. To get verified, each user only needs to submit a copy of his/her government issued ID and proof of Ethereum address. In order to begin the crowdsale, each user needs to send the amount of ETH required for issuing his/her smart contract. YouToken will use these funds for fees later. Keep in mind, this is just a one-time verification only. So what's all this about smart contract issuing? Glad you asked.YOUTOKEN CUSTOMER JOURNEY: SMART CONTRACT ISSUINGAlright, the creator completed the verification process and submitted their idea to the YouToken marketplace. Next up is to find one of four smart contracts for your project (donation, debt, revenue share and equity.) Furthermore, YouToken will issue YTN_creatorname tokens for each creator. The smart contracts each have their own, unique abilities that vary depending on the goal of the creator. To find out more about each one, please see the table below.As for YTN_creatorname emission, YouToken created these ERC-20 standard tokens with l limited emission of 1,000,000,000 YTN_creatorname. Entrepreneurs will use the same tokens for all future projects.We could get into the logistics of YTN_Creatorname tokens, their distribution and price progression but we will keep that for a later article. Keep your eyes open for that one.YOUTOKEN CUSTOMER JOURNEY: CROWDSALEThe moment has finally arrived. The entrepreneur's project is right up there alongside with the other creators on the platform. Now, it's just a matter of waiting for the investors. It won't be a long wait though as the investor journey is quick and simple. All they have to do is use a simple form to buy a creator's token. Furthermore, they are given plenty of options for payment meaning they can't make any excuses to not invest. For example, investors can purchase creator tokens using:An Ethereum addressMetamask pluginFiat MoneyOr any other coins (Using BestRate cryptocurrency converter)After purchasing YTN_creatorname tokens, the investor's money is sent to Vault. There it will remain until the crowdsale is complete. If the crowdsale fails, all the money from Vault is immediately returned to the investors. But for the sake of this article, let's pretend the project did get funded, so we can complete our journey.CUSTOMER JOURNEY: PROJECT GETS FUNDEDCongratulations to the entrepreneurs! Your project raised enough money in the crowdsale and the "Production" stage of the project is launch. From here on out, all received funds from investors go directly into Vault, and not to the entrepreneur. Only when the entrepreneur completes the crowdsale, will they receive the funds to start their project. Now, it's time for the smart contract to dictate the terms of the agreement.Each project has a series of steps (minimum of 1 needed). Each step comes with the following questions:What will the creator do?When will the creator complete it?How much money does the creator need to do it?After answering these questions and completing the goal of the step, the entrepreneur sends a request to close that part and move on to the next stage of financing (if necessary). If you chose this step, then investors will hold a vote. Here, they decide whether or not the step was completed and if it’s time to move on with funding the next step of the project. If they vote”yes”, then the entrepreneur automatically receives the next portion of funds from Vault. If they vote “no,” then investors receive unused funds from Vault.CUSTOMER JOURNEY: PROJECT LAUNCHRing the bells, gather your friends and call your family because the big day has arrived. Finally, you've completed all the steps of the "Production" stage and your project enters "Existence." But hold on, don't say goodbye yet. YouToken is not like other crowdfunding platforms. We don't just set you up and let you go like some wealthy but lost little kid. No, this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with YouToken that will help you grow as much (or as little) as you want.Now that you're the project is out into the world, that means your YTN_Creatorname token takes on a life of its own. At first, it enters the Internal Exchange. At this stage of the project, YTN_creatorname tokens can be bought/sold on the YouToken Internal Exchange. Each YTN_creatorname holder can put an order with the following data:(Order type (bid/ask)AmountPrice)After a certain amount of orders are placed in the exchange, the exchange engine starts to execute orders with the same (or close to the same) prices depending on the order mode (fixed or market price). An entrepreneur also can trade his/her personal tokens in the Internal Exchange. (E.g. if he/she needs additional funds.)But if your YTN_creatorname token succeeds to higher levels, then you can put it on external exchanges. This brings benefits to both the entrepreneurs and the investor just like when stocks succeed in a stock market.That concludes the YouToken customer journey. But as we already stated, there really is no end to this journey. If your idea is a good one, then only the limits of your own mind will prevent your value from increasing to the highest reaches of the universe. If that happens, YouToken will be with you every step of the way.
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YouToken Customer Journey (Part I)

A typical attribute found in narratology and classic mythology is that of the "hero's journey." It's a rather broad quality but for the most part, it involves a hero going on an adventure, overcoming obstacles, becoming a victor and returning home a changed person. At YouToken, we have a similar process but we call it the "customer journey." It's a detailed process but by analyzing how it works and how it benefits the customer, you'll have a greater understanding of this platform. Let's start with the basics. HOW DOES YOUTOKEN WORK?Let's break it down in real simple terms for everyone out there. The YouToken platform connects two types of users. We call these:EntrepreneursInvestorsOnce these two users meet, then they enter the three project stages:Crowdsale- raising funds for the project.Production- Entrepreneur raises funds and starts working on their project. Existence- the project is developed and business processes are launched. *Vault is a programmatic storage that stores all funds gathered from the "Production" stage of a project (more on this later.)Great. Now that we're all caught up on the basics, let's see where the customer begins their adventure on day one. YOUTOKEN CUSTOMER JOURNEY: SIGN UPWe could just tell you the plain, simple facts but that's no fun for anyone. So let's make a fun little story out of this, shall we? Every good customer journey starts with an entrepreneur and today, ours goes by the name of Alberto Feinstein. Alberto has a brilliant idea for a new, blockchain-based quantum physics startup but lacks the funds to put it into action. Hence, he turns to YouToken to become "tokenized."Signing up on YouToken is criminally simple. Any entrepreneur who wants to get "tokenized" just needs to sign up on the platform using "social sign up" or with an email and password. Alberto chooses the second option and now, it's time to pick an identity (entrepreneur or investor). As a result, he picks "entrepreneur" and moves on to the next step.YOUTOKEN CUSTOMER JOURNEY: PROFILE SET UPNow that the sign-up process is complete, Albert needs to set up his profile. Here is an example:Full Name: Alberto Newton FeinsteinGender: MaleDate of Birth: 14/3/1990Creator Name (to be used for naming YTN_creatorname tokens.) The creator name cannot be changed after the smart contract for the first project is issued. In this example, the token is called "YTN_albertofeinstein."Country/City: Stuttgart, GermanyProfile Photo"About me" description (for the personal page): I am a German-based theoretical physicist who developed a blockchain based platform that stores all content related to the theory of relativity and allows users to rate and share this amongst a community.List of entrepreneur profiles on their social networks. YOUTOKEN CUSTOMER JOURNEY: PROJECT UPLOADNow that Alberto is registered on the platform, he can feature his idea/project on the YouToken Marketplace. The platform is specifically designed to help and engage entrepreneurs in a quick and effective manner. Here, a creator like Alberto can immediately start his crowdsale program or choose to first consult the YouToken Community Advisors to verify his idea. If Albert chooses this option, then he must go through a quick idea validation. The process operates in the following manner:Quick idea validation (optional)Using a smartphone, film your video selfie in which you explain the uniqueness of your idea/projectFill out the "new project" form and upload your video on YouTokenGet feedback from the YouToken community advisors ("Go"/"No Go" as a recommendation).Once you've completed the validation or if you chose to bypass that option altogether, then it's time for the crowdsale to begin. But first, there is more information one must fill out. Crowdsale description:Mandatory FieldsProject nameProject descriptionSmart Contract type (Donation, Debt, Revenue Share, Equity)Crowdsale goal ($$$)Crowdsale due dateOptional fields:Media files (i.e. video, presentation, photo)Growth roadmapList of advisorsList of team membersSocial FeedsProduction roadmap details for step 1NameDescriptionGoalDue DateProduction requires at least one step. If a creator chooses to have more steps in the process, then they must fill out the roadmap details like you just saw above for every new step of the production process. Alberto is well on his way to turning his creative idea into a reality but for right now, it's time for him (and all of us reading) to take a break. In part two of the customer journey, we will discuss entrepreneur/project verification, the smart contract issuing process, YTN token distribution, crowdsale and more.  
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YouToken Update and Token Distribution

Before we delve into the inner working of YouToken's token distribution model, we have a quick reminder for you all. As many of you have heard, March 15th, 2018 marks the end of the pre-order stage. For those who have yet to invest, do so quickly because this is the last chance to capitalize on the 30% bonus offer. If you already participated, thank you. We're excited to begin our Proof-of-Concept stage on March 16th. Ok, enough updates. Let's move onto some cold, hard facts regarding token distribution.TOKEN DISTRIBUTION: CROWDSALE AND COMPANYIt's easy to lose yourself in that beautiful, colorful graph. But let's go over some details. As you can see, the 35%, red section is the largest portion. These tokens are for the crowdsale purposes. We will distribute them to supporters like you. They'll also help with fundraising purposes and community engagement.Next, you'll notice YouToken gets 25% of tokens. This number of tokens will be frozen for a period of 6 months after the platform is launched (we will freeze this number of tokens for the purposes of keeping the YTN price stable and to minimize the risks of token devaluation). This process ensures the stable development fo the project and will help us reserve tokens for risk mitigation purposes.TOKEN DISTRIBUTION: TEAM, ADVISORS AND COMMUNITY GROWTHComing in at 15% of token distribution are the founders and managers of YouToken. Our team of industry experts works hard to make us the number one blockchain crowdfunding platform. This 15% will be frozen for a period of six months after the platform launches. The reasoning for this is that by freezing these tokens, the price of YTN stabilizes and we minimize the risk of any token devaluation. Furthermore, it helps us keep the team motivated and ensure's the team's further return on investment.Next, we have 10% of our tokens which go to our advisors. To keep YouToken ahead of the competition, we need a strong team of advisors. Furthermore, we will freeze this number of tokens for the same reasons as stated above.Also getting 10% of tokens will be the YouToken community advisors. Their main focus is to help entrepreneurs succeed. Once the platform launches, every YouToken user will benefit from this by helping entrepreneurs register on the YouToken marketplace with valuable advice. Community advisors will work closely with registered entrepreneurs by helping them develop and improve their unique ideas. Hence, this part of token distribution is vital in helping entrepreneurs minimize risks of failure.Last but certainly not least, we have 5% of tokens that will go toward community growth. We need these tokens for the bounty programs and referral activities. As a result, by benefiting the most active and engaged users, we will be able to grow faster as a brand.QUICK NOTE ON YOUTOKEN PROOF OF CONCEPTAs mentioned in the introduction of this article, our pre-sale ends on March 15, 2018. The following day, we will begin our Proof of Concept crowdsale. Here's a little background information regarding this stage:This stage helps to form an investors community and collect auditory. The “Proof of Concept” stage is necessary to prove our project’s unique innovation. We already have the necessary starting capital, but we want to ensure the necessity of a blockchain crowdfunding platform.100,000,000 total tokens supply$300,000 min cap$0,10 = 1 YTN Price is set in ETH when smart contract is published.5% bonus tokens you will get if purchase tokens by referral linkIf you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact us on Reddit, Slack or Telegram. Alternatively, feel free to email for any assistance. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more juicy updates!
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YouToken's Main Competitive Advantages (Part II)

Thanks for joining us for part two of "YouToken's Main Competitive Advantages." If you haven't done so already, please check out part one and leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Alright, enough casual talk for now. Let's dive right back into the facts. Where were we? Oh yes, that's right. We were just about to compare YouToken to Traditional banks and new, P2P lending sites.YOUTOKEN'S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES AGAINST TRADITIONAL BANKSThis section can be summed up in a few words. Simply put, traditional banks and new P2P lending sites just don't care much about the entrepreneur. Their main concern is to get their money back plus interest. YouToken, however, supports you and is interested in their user's growth. After all, the success of YouToken is entirely dependent on the quantity an quality of its community. Hence, caring is all apart of the job.Another key point to look at is the sign-up process. If you go to a traditional bank to receive a loan, the entire process can take up to 60-90 days. During this time, the banks will review your credit scores, tax returns, financial status, business plans and more. To say the least, approval can be difficult.Now, turn your attention to the image below. This is the sign-up process for YouToken. No massive piles of paperwork, legal entities, cash flows or regional (country) limits here. Ultimately, YouToken wants to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs and investors to connect so both parties can help each other and benefit the community.YOUTOKEN'S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AGAINST BUSINESS ACCELERATORS AND VCSNow, this section is a little different. YouToken doesn't consider Business Accelerators and VCs (such as 500 Startups, Y Combinator, Starta Ventures etc) as competitors. Instead, they are more like our partners. That's because they are after the same goal and YouToken will help them by providing a tool to find innovative entrepreneurs at the early stage of success and for a cheap price. However, there is one major difference.To enter a VC fund, you need to deposit thousands. This makes investing an activity only for the wealthy and that's just not fair. YouToken opens the doors for millions of potential investors who only have something like $100 to invest in a project. YouToken also makes it easier for entrepreneurs in this category too.Typically, business accelerators will ask an entrepreneur for at least a minimum viable product (MVP), a company and a team before even applying for an investment. They do this for a reason but it really restricts entrepreneurs who might not have the resources to put this three qualities together. As a result, they could go over to YouToken who only require your idea, passion, and commitment.Upon joining the YouToken platform, an entrepreneur gains access to a massive community of investors to choose from. Currently, YouToken is building up an efficient network with some of the best VCs and accelerators found in Silicon Valley, New York City and other markets worldwide.YOUTOKEN'S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES AGAINST BLOCKCHAIN COMPETITORSLast but certainly not least, we will analyze the competition against our modern, blockchain competitors. Maybe you think we all just copy each other but that's not the case. The YouToken Marketplace is not just another "MicroICO" platform. Entrepreneurs are not abandoned once they raise their initial amount. Instead, they are supported throughout the entire process of their "business life cycle."Furthermore, their "lifetime value" increases through the success of their projects. Ultimately, YouToken is not just about the funding. It's about the support, the guidance, and advisors from a global community and strong network of professional "accelerators."Both investors and entrepreneurs alike have the chance to benefit from the entire system and watch their YTN token grow in value. Also, as owners of YTN_Creatorname tokens, investors instantly benefit from different types of smart contracts like (Debt, revenue share, and equity). The overall price of YTN_Creatorname is calculated based on the discounted cash flow methodSo as you can see, this is a complex ecosystem. Not just a place to get your money and go. We use the term ecosystem because it is an environment where life starts, develops and benefits from the success of other life around it. Hopefully, you an join us, find your place within in the community and help it grow.
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YouToken's Main Competitve Advantages (Part I)

Every business in every market has to face competition and YouToken is no different. That's just the natural way of the ecosystem. However, it's how one deals with this competition that separates the victors from the rest. YouToken faces challenges from both the "old world" of crowdfunding and the new. Yet, by utilizing a few, innovative concepts, weaknesses become strengths that help propel YouToken above their competitors.YOUTOKEN'S FIVE TYPES OF COMPETITORSChinese general and author of The Art of War once famously wrote that "if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." Maybe a little dramatic in this context but the overall message still applies. In order for YouToken to stay one step ahead of its competition, it must first acknowledge their existence and understand their strengths/weaknesses.YouToken's competition takes the form of these five groups:Business angels/angel investorsTraditional crowdfunding platforms (i.e. Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, etc.)Traditional banks and new P2P lending sites (i.e. Lending Club)Business accelerators and venture capitalistsModern blockchain competitorsNow that we've identified the competition, let's take it another step further and analyze YouToken's advantages over each one for both entrepreneurs and investors.‍YOUTOKEN VS. BUSINESS ANGELS: GLOBAL AUDIENCEFirst of all, it must be stated that there is nothing wrong with business angels. In fact, they are incredibly useful. Useful if you ever get the chance to meet them. See, that's where the main problem lies for millions of people. The average person does not have a business angel's number on their smartphone. That's reserved for only a select few.Hence, YouToken's advantage, in this case, is to provide entrepreneurs with access to a massive, global audience of potential investors that before, were difficult to connect with. Furthermore, YouToken gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to seek advice from this large global community. There are strength and possibility in numbers. More potential investors mean a higher possibility of success and entrepreneurs need all the help they can get.. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there are over 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide and many of them don't know where to start when it comes to funding. YouToken hopes to solve that dilemma. In addition to that, we have the issue of trust.When a business angel puts forth their money on an investment, they are relying on their personal feelings of trust towards that entrepreneur. Sometimes it works but it's also a risky move. YouToken helps to eliminate that risk and strengthen the bond of trust since each investor is protected by the YTN_creatorname token ownership. This makes the entire process 100% transparent and helps keep entrepreneurs accountable for their actions.YOUTOKEN VS. TRADITIONAL CROWDFUNDING PLATFORMS: SIMPLICITYSorry to quote yet another author again, but American transcendentalist and renowned philosopher Henry David Thoreau comes to mind in this scenario. In his book, Walden, Thoreau believed that "our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify!" In a world that's getting increasingly more complex due to technology, YouToken looks to Thoreau for inspiration when competing against traditional crowdfunding platforms."Simplicity" is the key word here for both entrepreneurs and investors. To start benefiting from a YouToken membership, creators just need to have a clear idea of their business. That's it. No need for legal entities, prototypes, boring paperwork or a minimum viable product (MVP.) In addition, YouToken gives creators access to a global network of investors, no matter which country they are from. This is not the case with more traditional crowdfunding platforms who often put up a wall of regulationsdepending on the country of residence.Maybe this sounds all too good to be true. You're probably asking "how much money do I have to pay YouToken for all these advantages?" Our platform is not free to use, but compared to some other traditional platforms charging anywhere from 5%-10% of fees towards their service, our 1% "commission" is a welcome change for users.Investors can also expect the same, levels of simplicity here. There are no mountains of paperwork to climb or mazes of bureaucracy to navigate. With YouToken, buying an entrepreneurs token is efficient and simple. To compare it to more familiar terms, the process is just like how one would invest in a company on the stock market.Thank you for reading part one of two regarding YouToken's competitive advantages. We still have a lot more ground to cover so if you're interested in seeing how else our platform improves the crowdfunding ecosystem, keep an eye on our blog daily. Also, stay tuned for more updates regarding cool, new features for the platform.
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