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We use open-source software (OSS) every day, aware of it or not. Most of the Internet architecture is based on OSS as well as your Android mobile phone or Wi-Fi router. Google Data Centres run on Linux. Almost every person in the world uses OSS to some extent. 

Open source code allows any of the 20 million developers all over the planet to fix bugs, improve security and add new features to program solutions. 

OSS development is a common thing nowadays: at least 52% of companies from Fortune 50 use GitHub for their projects. 

In recent years we have observed rapid growth in the number of OSS projects as well as the number of OSS developers. 6.7 million developers have joined GitHub since September 2016 with the total number increasing to 24 million.

Web-page: https://opengift.io/pub/

ICO: https://opengift.io/ico/

White-paper: https://opengift.io/static/documents/wp.eng.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/opengift

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OpenGift_io

Medium: https://medium.com/@opengift

Github: https://github.com/opengift-io/



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