Users can earn with their data.

The key message of Sooloox is very simple - we want to change the existing marketing model.

 Our vision: 


  • Consumer sell their profile data as leads and earn revenue. (this is new) 
  • Companies do not pay for clicks, but for sales. (today they pay for clicks &/or provision) 
  • Companies pay for valid profile data (current status is that companies pay for historical or rather indication data).
  • Sooloox matches the market participants on the platform - which means we will match interests & needs with products and services.
  • Transactions (leads, products&services) are made by smart contracts. 

We believe in win-win situations for our users and the market - which means: 



  • customers earn money with their data
  • customers decide on the economic use of their data 
  • companies get direct access to customers by lower costs 
  • companies include kyc by using sooloox - with massive impact on product development
  • market barriers for vendors decrease because of direct and less expansive ways to purchasers
  • market supply for customers increase because of more variety and opportunities to get fitting offers - even for unspecified requests 

Our token is not a new "currency" nor a "lubricant" for an eco system. 


Our token is a functional good - we call it CAK - Cash Account Key. 

The token is necessary for all users of the platform to transfer the revenues generated to other e.g. bank accounts.
A token can be resold, rented or used.

Everybody can use the platform. There won´t be any entrance barriers.
At the beginning user have a "Start-Account". To transfer the money they need a CAK to get a "Cash-Account" . 

There is no other token that serves long & short term interests! 

The token need is based on a solid business model. CAK will be sold for 3 USD each with a maximum bonus of 110% during pre-sale incl. pre-registration. ICO price is 9 USD. Our market potential is 3 billion online users with an average earning of $ 1,000 p.a. (leads) and 200 million companies. Vendors have all the same problem - advertising costs and poor market data.

We will tear down a significant market barrier for suppliers. 

Know more about us:

Founder Klaus Henrik Heuser: 

"Since gaining a diploma in Business Administration from the University of Cologne, I’ve been working as a Business Consultant focussing considerably on strategic planning, coaching and process organisation. As both start-ups and long-established companies benefit from strong leadership, I spent many hours streamlining operations to ensure project objectives were met. "


Find a video of our founder explaining Sooloox here :




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