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In this project we are posting tasks on behalf of aspiring blockchain businesses. Those tasks will be asking for initial feedback on interesting projects we got in touch with.

The idea of this project is to showcase the collective intelligence of our community and to introduce businesses to our innovative co-creation approach. With your help we can further prove our concept and foster the platform.


Projects posted here are freshly introduced on Crowdholding, so Crowdholders can make their first contact with the startups, earning some YUPies.

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Weekend Debate: Universal Basic Income or not?

Crowdholding attended the Hackers Congress at Paralelni Polis in Prague last weekend. It was full of interesting perspectives and presentations towards decentralization. One topic that arose from the event was whether Universal Basic Income (UBI) would be necessary for the future, where the government would supply the needs of giving a basic income to all citizens. It was interesting to see the unpopular reaction of attendees towards this idea and to hear both arguments. So lets go over the pros and cons regarding theories people expressed.ConObviously UBI would give more government control towards citizens and their (fiat) money. This would also involve the increasing of taxes towards the wealthier brackets. The question is, if the public received a basic income to live, would they put their time to try to earn more, and work on their own entrepreneur projects? Or would the majority not do anything at the comfort of having what they need. For the people on this side, they believe we would see a reduction of work, which you can see some examples in countries like Germany, who in fact need more workers as their social unemployment and welfare program is some of the top in the world, and are not filling positions in their growing economy. Thus an increase in immigration into their country is planned to help support filling those positions. ProOthers see a UBI as a need to protect the population from the speed of automation. As technology and automation increases exponentially, less and less jobs will be available. In addition, the argument that we are all born with a lottery card. Some people are born in a good money upbringing from a successfully economic family, while others are born in poorer regions of the world/country. People on the pro side believe that a UBI supports people born in conditions that they can't get out of. And a UBI gets their chance to compete.  Some have talked about a Universal Basic Share system which calculates a % of the GDP to be shared with the populous. Thus if people don't work, the GDP shrinks and they get less. Lets have a debate!  What side are you on? Do you have some interesting insights that could persuade one way to another? Are we better off with or without a UBI? We look forward to the comments!
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Industry Feedback: Nitro Gaming Ecosystem

We would like to hear your thoughts about Nitro, is an online blockchain based cryptocurrency project designed to provide a holistic approach to solve end-to-end ecosystem problems of the video-games industry. The project seeks to integrate all stakeholders of the video-game industry onto a single platform. (Read: )  Facts/ Problem: Did you know that the global gaming industry had generated over 100 billion USD in revenue in 2016? However, its market is an oligopoly in which promising game studios struggle to find funding. This affects both - the motivation of game developers, as well as quality of the games. (Read: )  Solution: To solve this problem, Nitro aims to build a blockchain based ecosystem with Nitro tokens as foundation. In this ecosystem, Selected game-titles from promising game studios will be presented to Nitro token holders for voting. Successful game-titles will be funded by Nitro tokens with fiat currency and/or cryptocurrency from all industry stakeholders. Participants can be rewarded by voting, playing, reviewing games, and buying content. (Read: ) Task: Describe the obstacles of the video game industry you see Nitro will have to tackle. Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. Consider potential threats or difficulties Nitro might have to face.  We are looking forward to your contributions!  
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