Give initial feedback to aspiring projects in the blockchain industry.

In this project we are posting tasks on behalf of aspiring blockchain businesses. Those tasks will be asking for initial feedback on interesting projects we got in touch with.

The idea of this project is to showcase the collective intelligence of our community and to introduce businesses to our innovative co-creation approach. With your help we can further prove our concept and foster the platform.


Projects posted here are freshly introduced on Crowdholding, so Crowdholders can make their first contact with the startups, earning some YUPies.

All feedbacks are taken in account by our Research and Development Team to improve Crowdholding’s usage in multiple ways, e.g. question design, the collective decision making process and other UI/UX improvements.

We are looking forward to your contributions!


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Industry Feedback: Nitro Gaming Ecosystem

We would like to hear your thoughts about Nitro, is an online blockchain based cryptocurrency project designed to provide a holistic approach to solve end-to-end ecosystem problems of the video-games industry. The project seeks to integrate all stakeholders of the video-game industry onto a single platform. (Read: )  Facts/ Problem: Did you know that the global gaming industry had generated over 100 billion USD in revenue in 2016? However, its market is an oligopoly in which promising game studios struggle to find funding. This affects both - the motivation of game developers, as well as quality of the games. (Read: )  Solution: To solve this problem, Nitro aims to build a blockchain based ecosystem with Nitro tokens as foundation. In this ecosystem, Selected game-titles from promising game studios will be presented to Nitro token holders for voting. Successful game-titles will be funded by Nitro tokens with fiat currency and/or cryptocurrency from all industry stakeholders. Participants can be rewarded by voting, playing, reviewing games, and buying content. (Read: ) Task: Describe the obstacles of the video game industry you see Nitro will have to tackle. Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. Consider potential threats or difficulties Nitro might have to face.  We are looking forward to your contributions!  
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