Everything begins with a handshake.


That's why people go to conferences and other events and this trend is growing now more than ever in this digitally-driven era. And yet, meeting relevant people at conferences is still not as easy as it could and shout be and people often leave these events disappointed. This is something that high-quality conference apps can help with. But here comes another problem: Today’s high-quality event apps have been created with big clients in mind (think conferences of 2,000 attendees+ ) which makes them inaccessible to small-to-medium sized events. And we think that’s a shame!

High-quality conference apps which truly enhance attendees experience, help them navigate through their day at the event AND help attendees schedule as many in-person meetings with other attendees should be made accessible to all organizers who want to deliver the maximum value to his attendees.

That’s why we are building our ImpromptMe Conference app (iOS, Android & web) with 3 core principles at heart.

  1. Everything begins with a handshake. One of our core features is simplified networking, which enables conference attendees to schedule as many meetings even before the event in a matter of seconds.

  2. A great event app is like a personal assistant. Its main job is to save attendee’s time, so he/she can enjoy the event to its full extent without worrying about all the little things

  3. High-quality services are for everyone. We offer the full set of features & benefits to all event organizers, no matter how much they pay. Our pricing is based on #of attendees which makes it as fair as possible.

We are currently finishing our beta and getting ready to pilot it in Prague in January 2019. We have a few conferences lined up and we are looking to start a conversation with more potential clients. And above all, we are on the mission to define & win over our initial niche market and we are hoping to get YOUR help with that. Look out for our tasks!

See more at https://conference.impromptme.com/

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Announcement: Pivot #WeAreBack

We are back & stronger than before!   Dear Crowdholders, some of you who’ve been on this platform for a while may still remember us and we’d like to let you know what had happened with us. For others, feel free to skip this announcement and move on to tasks (first one is coming up on 4/12/2018 - hence tomorrow) :)     We started off aiming to disrupt the world of social media with a clear vision of making this technology-driven world more human again. In order to do this, we’ve created a platform (https://impromptme.com/) designed to speed up online interactions and bring people together IRL as quickly as possible. We got a ton of useful and generally positive feedback from you here and from others as well. BUT…     We’ve realised that with the limited resources we were operating with, we’d not be able to reach a substantial amount of users who’d be a) immediately interested in actively using our app and b) located in the same area at the same time to create substantial traction, hence make our app appealing to investors.     What we’ve realised though is that there is a much better immediate use for our technology right now - at conferences & conference-like events. Hence why we’ve pivoted and started building Imprompt.Me Conference 7 months back.     There are over 750,000 conferences happening in EU and US each year which people attend primarily for the purpose of networking and our core feature of simplified meetup scheduling has a great added value for these events (more in the project description). Of course, this feature itself would not be enough so we’ve started building other features commonly required at conferences and far more features will come in the future.     Needless to say that we are definitely not giving up on our original vision. We are simply adjusting our approach in such a way which is desired by the current market where we have a real opportunity to grow our team, our company, financial stability and community around us to such extent, which will (hopefully) allow us to re-launch our original product (Community app) in the near future. We are looking forward to your feedback on tasks which will follow shortly and we truly hope you will be as supportive & helpful as you once were towards our startup!     Btw: The first task is coming up tomorrow but in a meanwhile, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the pivot if you have any!   I'll be in touch, Andrea, co-founder & CEO  
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