Viggo needs your help to save his planet! Solve puzzles, discuss with various creatures, discover your world and smash your enemies with your very own up-gradable, multipurpose wheelchair!

Viggo’s planet is too close to the Black Sun. It is being protected by a biological shield, which the previous civilization has grown, and this shield is decomposing. Viggo has humanoid and mouse features, because he comes from the following civilization, which was formed by mutation of animals. They have learned to use user-friendly technologies from the previous, human civilization. Creatures closest to a rat manifest the highest level of intelligence. The story begins when Viggo’s house is hit by a thin Sun beam. Viggo survives the accident, but he loses his legs. His mother takes him to a scientific laboratory of his uncle Angus, who creates a wheelchair for Viggo. This wheelchair is upgradeable and Viggo will be able to adjust it to overcome various difficult obstacles. Shortly afterwards Viggo and Angus witness a great explosion, which is caused by a crack in the shield, destroying his home city. Angus gives a task to Viggo: he is supposed to fix the shield, which starts being too unstable. The shield is a giant tree, which is located on the other side of the planet, and uncle Angus is the only one who knows how to fix it.












The Tree is far away past the territory where uncle is forbidden to step his foot on. This territory is dominated by two military rivals. Marshal Rado commands the territory linked with Viggo’s city and has control over the state system. He commands with power majority of the civilization, and prosperity, happiness and abundance depend on his will. However this doesn’t exist, because marshal Rado is focused on an arms industry. He is at war with general Ops, who commands a smaller area, which is located closer to the Tree and has great value. General Ops is a dictator leader who has his own religious ideology. He worships the Tree and believes in its god-like essence. It’s hard to say which is worse, whether the sect system of general Ops or state dictatorship of marshal Rado. Viggo’s task is to get to the Tree and to repair it with Angus’s advice.




It is possible to divide the gameplay into two units with different genres: adventure   and platformer. In the adventure part of the game mechanisms of classic point and click adventure will be used. Scenes will be made with 3D graphics. In the gameplay will be included an inventory with an upgrade-screen of the wheelchair and an intercom – a tool to communicate with remote characters. It will be possible to combine some items in the inventory with others to create upgrades, which will be applied in the upgrade-screen. Through those upgrades new qualities of the characte will be accessible. In this part of the game the player won’t be able to die or to find himself/herself in a situation where he/she won’t be able to finish the game. The player gets to know individual characters in adventure parts. Interaction with them is crucial to the story development. The player moves between adventure parts through platformer parts, where he/she overcomes various obstacles, fights enemies using objects from his/her surroundings and collects upgrades.

We are the White Turtle team from the Czech republic. There are currently 8 people in our team. Michal and Martin are programmers, who study at MFF at Charles University in Prague. Our three graphic artists, Pavel, Yevgeniy and Olga study at FDULS at University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Miriam is a game designer and studies at FF at Charles University in Prague. Storywriter Lukas, who studies screenwriting at FAMU in Prague, and a music composer Dmitry. Our team is slowly expanding, soon we will take in an animator and a sound engineer.

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