Increase awareness & gain new users with an Airdrop

Take advantage of our Airdrop tool and distribute blockchain-based cryptocurrency to a large number of wallet addresses.

Airdrops Improve Marketing

Airdrop campaigns spread the word about a certain product, coin or exchange in the world of cryptocurrencies. Token airdrops take advantage of the network effects. A wider token distribution results in larger user base.

Airdrop tokens to predefined lists.

Blockchain projects can distribute tokens through an airdrop in 3 ways: selecting random wallets, choosing from predefined token wallets or publishing the event in airdrop lists.


Users of cryptocurrency exchange platforms

Airdrop crypto to people who trade on particular exchange. Choose the largest token holders or select a number of crypto wallets.

Your competition

Holders of particular cryptocurrency

Airdrop token or coins to people who own particular digital assets. Distribute tokens to holders of your competitor's tokens or to people who are interested in your industry.

Active wallets

Addresses based on a weekly volume

Sending tokens to a dead wallet is no fun. Send it to most active wallets and reach the true Crypto enthusiast.

Haven’t found the right Airdrop list, but still want to distribute tokens and raise awareness about your brand? We can help you collect wallet addresses for a custom airdrop campaign. Send us a request for a more tailored airdrop list.

Upload Your Airdrop List

Distribute cryptocurrency tokens or coins to a custom-made airdrop list with wallet addresses. Upload a list of airdrop wallet addresses and we will airdrop all tokens automatically.

Airdrop Campaign Pricing

One-time airdrop setup fee:
Price per wallet address:
Additional airdrop fees:
10% of airdropped tokens

The final payment is in ETH and the price is calculated with the current ETH price at the time of purchase.