Please assist us by providing feedback on our project ! We appreciate your ideas and input.

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Please assist us by providing feedback on our project ! We appreciate your ideas and input. What challenges could we face down the road and how can we improve DeepOnion ? Please visit to learn more about us.      
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Who Knows | Posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

As I’ve been tracking DeepOnion and it’s progress it’s been noted that TOR pluggable transports (obfs4 + meek) have recently been adapted.
I believe it would be of significant help if there was an easier way of deployment for those users who aren’t too technologically inclined. Since the goal is to roll this out to the everyday common folk.

Food for thought..

andre 2112 | Posted 2 days, 3 hours ago

I think that a big step in this direction will be made with the mobile wallets!

Litmus Test | Posted 1 day ago

The "common folk" (or at least the common cryptocurrency using folk ;)) adopting deep onion is certainly the goal, but they shouldn't be deterred by the projects current state - and luckily the extensive DeepOnion community is so helpful with its guidance and is completely public and Google searchable ;) . The option of using either the meek, obfs4 or no transport at all (if you're in a county or on a network where obfuscation and guarded entry of your TOR connection isn't required) makes DeepOnion very powerful. The common folk have to learn too ;)

sylance777 . | Posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

I've been following this project for several months so this is a hard question to answer. The dev team is always engaged with the community, so much of the direction and design of DeepOnion already is already implemented. Great wallet design, DeepVault, fast, cheap, and private transactions coupled with a passionate community makes this project already great.

I will force myself to answer the question though. I'd like to see DeepOnion more aggressively market it's latest TOR integration for citizens trapped behind state firewalls. Not only is it a great opportunity for DeepOnion but Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and other citizens deserve privacy and access to currency.

Other than that, keep up the good work!

Maarten Kuijper | Posted 2 days, 8 hours ago

I know for a fact that the developers are working hard on promoting DeepOnion in China and Russia. Their is a strong community of both countries actually. Looking at google trends you can easily see that DeepOnion is very populair in China.

With the new version of TOR integrated in the wallet plus MEEK and OBFS4 it's only a matter of time before it will explode.

Matt Taylor | Posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

First off let me say how proud I am to be a part of the DeepOnion community. Not just because I believe that the price will increase dramatically and earn some nice profit. I believe in the project, I believe this movement is something special and has a lot going for it. A special thanks to all those that work behind the scenes to continue the growth and innovation of this great privacy coin. I am looking forward to VoteCentral, I think that will add another level to DeepOnion that will set us a part from the others. I love the community and how involved the forum members are, and of course who doesn't like those contests, bounties, and giveaways. I really don't have much as far as what I would like to see changed, if I come up with something I will let you know. Here's to the future, here's to DeepOnion.

Grey X | Posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

I think it would be great to see DeepOnion on more exchanges.

Silvio Perilla | Posted 1 day, 17 hours ago

A lot of exchanges doesn't allow coins that are currently in the airdrop phase. The mods on the DeepOnion forum has mentioned, that a bigger focus on getting to bigger exchanges will be done, once the airdrop is complete.
Bittrex for example doesn't accept airdrop coins while they are still doing airdrops :)

Bigger exchanges will come once the 40 airdrop rounds are over.

Grey X | Posted 1 day, 9 hours ago

Good explanation, will clarify that bit for many. As I understad it, the reason isn't the airdrop itself, but the huge premine wallets that are claimed to be for distribution etc, which would be the same as airdrop for Onion. Many of the big ones are strict on this, but coins with huge premine do exist on many exchanges. Some exchanges even run airdrops for you.
Thanks for the reply!

Bitcoin Mcfly | Posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

Hello the truth that I have been investing in DeepOnion, it is an innovative project, and I managed to join Airdrops, the integrations that the development team has made, I think they have been very beneficial for the countries that have been forbidden to work with cryptocurrencies , also the onions in these moments are very undervalued, at any moment they can give a great increase, some friends have liked the idea of investing here, others have bought to enter Airdrops, I think it is an excellent coin to continue working under the anonymity


Morty Smith | Posted 2 days, 8 hours ago

Hello DeepOnion! I have been following your project for a while. I saw your project last year summer on Bitcointalk. Very famous project. :-) I am neither a expert on cryptograph nor a programer of blockchain, but hope my opinion will help your project.

Firstly, I am really impressed by your team's community managing ability and great design of your website, wallet, whitepaper and so on. Keep it up! No community, no success.

Secondly, free airdrops as one of your feature will keep adding more community members to your project.

Thirdly, not just hiding blockchain transactions , also using Tor protocol to hide Ip addresses. This is a advantage that Monero don't have yet.

However, Monero is developing Project Koori to implement I2P, so that Monero can hide their users' IP too. This could be a competition. Monero has much more market cap than DeepOnion, DeepOnion may need some other improvements to add more value to end-users to compete with Monero, such as lower transaction fee. Monero has really strong dev team, and they have been in this industry for long time.

Other competitors, such as Zcash and Cloak, may need to be taken under your consideration also. Their dev and R&D are really strong.

Keep up your great work!

Spexik | Posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

DeepOnion is, in my opinion without doubt one of the most interesting projects I have seen for a long time.
They don't have an ICO, but they use airdrop system to distribute major of their coins so the developers are in touch with their community directly.
Its development is just great, really active and dedicated developet team.
Recently, many features and things have been implemented, such as the newest TOR version, obfs4 and meek for users in China.
Also, the stealth addresses will be implemented soon, so for me, it's really interesting project which will experience huge success in 2018.

Claudia | Posted 2 days, 8 hours ago

Only positive feedback for this project. DeepOnion is a privacy cryptocurrency that is here to stay. What I like the most about this project is: the active community (over 12 200 members), very active and knowledgeable developers, lots of features related to privacy and anonymity (TOR/OBFS4/Meek integration, DeepVault and the upcoming DeepSend feature), weekly Airdrops, upcoming mobile wallets, DeepOnion integrated WooCommerce plugin that helps you accept $Onions as a payment method in your online stores and so much more.
Great project 10/10

digitalcap . | Posted 2 days, 7 hours ago

I love everything about DeepOnion from the most upgraded tor, meek and OBFS4 to the features coming out like mobile wallets and deepsend to hopefully more changes soon. I view DeepOnion as one of the most undervalued most potential coins out there for 2018. If you don’t know much about DeepOnion go to the official site and read about it for a couple hours and you’ll love it along with the massive community.

ComeBack | Posted 2 days, 2 hours ago

I also love everything about DeepOnion, Soon they will release Mobile wallet and Vote Central to hear community voice.

Pixel Schneider | Posted 2 days, 7 hours ago

Many projects make promises they never follow through, but unlike them, DeepOnion delivers real products and results in the field of anonymity and privacy. In the short time that I have spent in the DeepOnion community and followed the project (since beginning of December 2017) there have been some significant updates (several new versions of DeepOnion Wallet) and a few important milestones (integration of OBFS4 obfuscation protocol and Meek protocol to avoid censorship in countries where the use of TOR is forbidden). I think that everyone is eagerly waiting for the Mobile wallet to be published and that will start a new era in the DeepOnion development and attract many new investors. Recently, the developers have announced and provided a demo of "Stealth addresses" or, as they are commonly known in the DeepOnion community, "Deep Protocol" that will completely mask the recipient address in order to protect his/her privacy.

Noel Guiot | Posted 2 days, 8 hours ago

I think the project so far is a great success, aidrop distribution is a controversial issue for investors but as $Onions are now listed on Cryptopia and Kucoin, there is no risk anymore to see $Onion loose all value. Additional layers of privacy are needed to help DeepOnion dominate the market but the upcoming stealth address feature will definitely help. The very active dev team and community (mods, marketing, bounty hunters, supporters, members) are a living and continuous proof of all the determination and efforts invested in the project. The biggest challenges I see is the success of the VoteCentral feature as online politics and democracy are a very challenging thing to achieve and require a delicate balance.

Crypto Kiddie | Posted 2 days, 6 hours ago

I like nearly all the aspects of DeepOnion. Especially the TOR, Meek and OBFS4 integration and constant developments. The mobile wallets will be amazing and this week saw the introduction of stealth addresses. Great community and very active in all areas of promotion and marketing. Only way to improve is to make the options in the debug console of the QT wallet to be more userfriendly for non-IT types.

Nevena Markovic | Posted 2 days, 6 hours ago

So many achievements in such short period! A community without comparison, the most active one in the crypto world I believe. Native Tor integration and its version updated to, OBSF4, MEEEK and stealth address coming soon prove that developers are working very hard and that there is no rest when it comes to progress. The project is young and it has ambitious goals, for which I am sure that will be accomplished in the planned time frame. To explain my belief - every announced feature, upgrade or even the tiniest update have been made as promised. DeepSend and VoteCentral are the ones I am anxious to try out when the release date comes.

Zmaku Zmaku | Posted 2 days, 6 hours ago

This is, without a doubt, one of the most promising projects that I had an opportunity to closely follow.
Development is fast and trouble free, community is large and enthusiastic and the project is getting more and more recognition every day.
It would be great to get this coin to some larger exchanges as I think that would bring some attention of the big players in crypto world but as I understand that is planned for near future so I guess we can wait a little longer.

Helen White | Posted 2 days, 7 hours ago

This project is one of a kind. I am sure that you can't find project with strong community and active development team like this. Latest upgrades that are done to the wallet to support OBSF4 & MEEK and it's running native on TOR since start of the project make it pretty much the best privacy coin out there. There is VoteCentral (allowing community to drive project further) right around the corner, Android Wallet coming up, WooCommerce plugin released so that you can buy/sell with $Onion... So many great features from this project. Whoever is not familiar with the project, just go to community and see yourself what this is all about. :)

Crypto Misko | Posted 2 days, 5 hours ago

DeepOnion has the most amazing community and state of the art technology!!!

Crypto Vokain | Posted 2 days, 4 hours ago

Simply the best privacy coin project out there, if you follow what others are doing compared to what DeepOnion is achieving almost on daily basis, it is incomparable. TOR 0.3.3 OBFS4 Meek, stealth addresses coming etc.
9 weeks of free airdrops left, join in whist you can make the most of it.

Hawkey42 | Posted 2 days, 1 hour ago

I am really impressed with DeepOnion. I think it has all that is needed to be successful. Here's what I like about it.
1. It is an Anonymous Coin. In time where privacy is already almost nonexistent, DeepOnion provided a way to make identity and transactions private. Now integrated on top of TOR and added integration of OBFS4 and Meek plus the upcoming Stealth Addresses, this project is one of the best.
2. Very active and capable Developers. I am a fan of the DeepOnion Team. The constant upgrades and improvements speak volumes oh how engaged they are in the project. And they also encourage the community to be involved in the project.
3. Large and supportive Community. The DeepOnion Community has been the envy of many. It's big, engaged and very supportive. One of the most active Ann Thread at BCT and 12k members and counting in just 7 months.
4. Airdrops. No ICO. And 40 at that.
I think it's only just a matter of time before it's price surge once again so for those who haven't invested yet, now is the time to get those Onions and go onboard of the DeepOnion Train.

Mr Ebenezar | Posted 1 day, 21 hours ago

There are many challenges in crypto and one of the most important ones is staying active with development and communicating with the community. This is something DeepOnion currently excels at that I hope will keep going. Many projects are "forgotten" since they only focus on the long-term goals, it is important to keep the interest alive with some short-term releases and marketing campaigns.
The final important hurdle is "main adoption" getting people, stores, businesses to use DeepOnion. DeepOnion has a great incentive now that give free advertisement through the "Onion Shops Support Program" for shops that will start to acceåt $ONIONs as a form of payment. This is something that can really bring out DeepOnion towards main adoption. More groups/initiatives like this are needed!

Jeff Hughes | Posted 1 day, 21 hours ago

A large part of success for any cryptocurrency is driven by awareness. DeepOnion has a very devoted community - I expect in large part due to the structure of the generous bounty - but you need to be on larger exchanges and engage in additional marketing activities in order to become the privacy coin that is top of mind.

TinisStrong | Posted 1 day, 20 hours ago

The dev team of this project is very approachable and they'll make you feel like family where you can easily share your opinions to them. If you do not have enough financial resources, you can still earn free onion by participating in weekly contest and other giveaways, so limited resources is not a problem on being part of an awesome project like DeepOnion.

Mattias Jaya d'Ambrosio | Posted 1 day, 19 hours ago

I think your project is one of the most promising in crypto market for 2018. Developers release constantly new version of the wallet (sometimes even daily !!!) and new features have been remarkably added in a very short period of time such as DeepVault, Tor upgrade with OBSF4+MEEK protocols, website 20+ languages etc.. I would not suggest any big improvements, the path is the right one, just stay focused on the results you want to achieve and follow road map you have published on the whiteparer.
Personally I will continue to follow you with great interest and I'm impatience to see how the price will move once airdrops will be finished, the best is yet to come.

tiebreak stud | Posted 1 day, 13 hours ago

I've been following and investing with DeepOnion for 4-5 months and The community never fails to surprise me by how dedicated and how active they are.
In addition, the features offered by DeepOnion are kind of unique: DeepVault allowing file integrity verification, OBFS+meek integration to make synch possible even in the most restricted countries in the world and the upcoming DeepSend and VoteCentral.
I won't be speaking too much about anonymity as it was mentioned in a lot of comments above but I want to remind that there are 9 airdrop rounds to gain additional $onion.

DeepOnion Italia | Posted 1 day, 13 hours ago

I'm investing in DeepOnion because I think there will be a big demand for privacy coins this year. DeepOnion has a great community, Devs are working hard and they already released many great features such as DeepVault, latest TOR version, obfs4 and meek to help people living in China and other Tor blocking country. Everyweek I receive free Airdrop and my investment grow every week. Everyone can join weekly airdrops. I suggest everyone to take a look at, there are many weeks before the end of the distribution phase.

Justin H | Posted 1 day, 15 hours ago

Input from me,.. please make ONION as a function /utility coin,. so people need it not just as exchange tools to be exchanged with other coins/token (with all of its good features compared to other coins or token).
may be you could build or be partnership with other developers to build another projects such as Game Platform, e-commerce platform, etc,. and use ONION as a payment tools,. as you know some utility coins are ,. as example,. ETH MANA, POWR,

AltCoin Investor69 | Posted 1 day, 17 hours ago

Great project the Deep Onion one.
I invested on it and I'm pretty happy with my choice.

In few days we will see also the mobile Android wallet,
then it will be like having a real wallet with anon money in your

After the free airdrops will be ended, we will see DeepOnion
in more exchanges and then it is going to worth much more
for 3 simple reasons:

- they are limited: only 25 million Onions.
- The technologies behind is awesome.
- Privacy is one of the TOP trend taking place.

Silly not to invest part of your long term portfolio in this
project, this is my personale opinion.

Aitor Plaza | Posted 1 day, 17 hours ago

I have following this project since September and I'm on the community since then. As far as I know is one of the best crytocurrencies out there. It has a good developers team behind and a great community. These two are in my opinion the essential pillars of a good project. In addition, deeponion has some innovative features as DeepVault or upcoming Votecentral and deepsend.

If you concern about your privacy check DeepOnion.

dan Zhou | Posted 1 day, 12 hours ago

I begin to notice deep onion in July ,2017.The community of deeponion is strong. and the airdrop is so unique.I hope more and more talented dev join deeponion

hous . | Posted 1 day, 13 hours ago

To incorporate masternodes into the network. DeepOnion is already an exceptionally ambitious project but with masternodes it would really be set apart from other commerce coins. The woocomerce plug-in would be complimented by the instant transactions that masternodes facilitate.

inzepockets | Posted 1 day, 10 hours ago

Make a better deep onions trailer at a point, here on the video presented, i didn't get what makes you better than any other paiement facility..ok, anonymity, but you are not the only ones. You are focusing on big common words, same like found on most ico pages while you could explain beter the specifics of your project by explaining real utilities. good luck :)

PJ Fry | Posted 1 day, 10 hours ago

I've been following DeepOnion since September '17. I finally made the plunge and joined in November. I've been really impressed with the development of the project. The recent white paper release, TOR Upgrade and obfuscation have all reinforced in my mind that I'm participating and supporting a first tier crypto project.

I don't have any specific advice to share - just wanted to express my appreciation. I'm looking forward to the release of the Android wallet in the next few weeks. I think that will bring terrific value and facilitate its adoption into mainstream use.

Keep dominating!

Frank Outis | Posted 1 day, 9 hours ago

In my opinion, DeepOnion is the best and most promising crypto project of 2018.. its incredible how fast they implement and develop new features and how hard the community is growing! Just 9 more airdrops left before everything is really taking of :D cant wait to see this project to grow even more and kick those asses of competitors like monero and verge

Jack | Posted 1 day, 6 hours ago

This project is a hidden gem IMO, you dont get that many projects that really impress me so much as this one. There are three main things that stand out: First of all the original features the project has, it is very different than most other privacy coins in crypto and therefore it is very original. Secondly, the community is very strong, everyone really wants the project to succeed and they do a lot of on the forums so it really is a great community. Last but not least, the developers are really great. They share what they do, they are transparent and do their job pretty well from my understanding. Overall a solid project!

Zhanna Zhumagalieva | Posted 1 day, 7 hours ago

DeepOnion is an innovative project. DeepOnion are already a top cryptocurrency with unique features such as DeepVault.
I like, that the dev team is always engaged with the community.
And I like the idea to create a Development Fund. The main reason for this is that some work can be outsourced allowing the dev team to accelerate the development of the coin and to make it a platform similar to Ethereum.

Tom Corbett | Posted 1 day, 9 hours ago

Great project with tor and obfs4 integration .Invest now while it is still cheap

t3ChNo | Posted 1 day, 5 hours ago

This project seems to have the most developments done at a very short time. Just like the others, I've been following this coin because of it's promise of anonymity/privacy. So far, the project is moving at a fast-pace and hopefully more will be accomplished this year.

Naij Naij | Posted 1 day, 3 hours ago

I've been in DeepOnion since December and with a strong community and responsable developers, this cryptocurrency will be a very stron coin. The community is very helpful and the moderator are very willing to help you.
If you want to know what it's the technology behind, then you can find that the devs are working everything with Blockchain and TOR network and the main goal of DeepOnion is to become the most powerful anonymous cryptocurrency.

JINLIANG XU | Posted 23 hours, 35 minutes ago

I am a fan of Onions, and I wish DeepOnion can have the following four features:

1. List Onion on more exchanges.
2. Implement Atomic Swap mechanism to list onion on decentralized exchagne more easily.
3. Send and receive Onions by email.
4. Imbed a decentralized exchange in wallet to exchange Onions with other coins easily.

Arup Bhanja | Posted 22 hours, 13 minutes ago

Need to be on more exchanges and do some contest on them give some free DeepOnion coins to create more adoption and visibility!

Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback: automates crypto trading strategies

easy task
We would like to hear your thoughts about, which is a platform for cryptocurrency traders looking to use the most advanced trading tools and strategies, as well as benefit from the community’s hive-mind to get the best returns within cryptocurrency markets. The platform provides intuitive ways to create your own trading strategies that can be set to execute automatically. Through a What You See Is What You Trade™ interface you can design trading strategies making use of the industry’s most powerful tools and safely test them with backtesting and sandboxing. Check out’s website for more information. Backtesting is free. (Whitepaper: (Website: Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. Consider potential threats or difficulties might have to face. We are looking forward to your contributions!
3 votes
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Fatalninuda . | Posted 2 days, 12 hours ago

Main challenge is to break out of the mob. Without great marketing nobody will notice you these days. If they don't know you exist they can't give you money. There are at least 5 similar projects in the pipeline now, some already have working MVP ( have much better marketing and community engagement. Those are definitely areas you should focus.

One potential way to diferentiate yourself from other similar projects is offering a share of your profits to the token holders or use your profit to burn the tokens and thus indirectly raise value of the remaining tokens.

Umut Keltek | Posted 3 days, 11 hours ago

I believe's first goal must be finding new people to invest because 8.000.000 KRL is not enough for ICO. I know ICO will continue until march but not sure it will pass 10.000.000 KRL. Without people to invest, ICO investers will be victim.

Kryll | Posted 18 hours, 25 minutes ago

Hello, While you posted this message 1 500 000 KRL have been sold (in 17hrs), 10 000 000 KRL should be done in the day. Thank you for your interest.

Gil Nusbaum | Posted 3 days, 5 hours ago

I love the idea. I think your biggest challenge will be proving that the platform works. That is, if I have a trading strategy and I am relying on the platform to implement it, how will you be able to demonstrate that the platform will properly implement my strategy so that I can have confidence that I can rely on the platform. People won't want to put money into the platform if they aren't confident in its ability to execute.

Kryll | Posted 18 hours, 23 minutes ago


Thank you for your trust. feel free to contact me on telegram @paulkollo if you want to discuss about a strategy you may want to see executing on Kryll.

Kind Regards,

ImpromptMe App

Topics of conversation

easy task
Hi Crowdholders,We are thinking of expanding the user profile and adding a space where users can list conversation topics they are interested in, to give other people an idea of who they are and for others to identify if they would have something in common to talk about. (If you are not familiar with how the app works please check the video on our profile and/or our website :) )Hence my question for you today is this:a) What would you put as your own 5 favorite conversational topics?b) Should we limit it? Allow people to pick one of the pre-defined options in order to avoid stupid/rude things like “sex/blowjobs/drugs” etc.Make sure to respond to both questions!Cheers & looking forward to your responses!
26 votes
Yupie icon 60.0
InSomnius Joe | Posted 3 days, 15 hours ago

a) Movement (Sport), self-improvement, human nature, philosophy, experimenting

b) Limit or not.
We will be dealing with something similar at my work so with some thinking and research already done I'd suggest following.
Limit it at first to some wide-encompassing topics, use it then to also use as a filtering or matching input into an algo and help people find something more specific.

You can also use it as part of a game, something like "Today I want to talk about ____" or "Today I want to have my comfort zone expanded (talk about something new)".

Later on you can make it more free with more users and use it as Tags where you can see how many people are "part of that tag". This requires bigger development and UX time and also more Users to make it feasible. That's why I suggest the first approach first.

c) I just want to react to the Drugs thing. Drugs are cool :D. There are nootropics (smart drugs), psychedelics ("soul drugs"), performance enhancing drugs, supplements, etc.
As a Biohacker I'd love talking about all kinds of drugs :).

Andrea Knopová | Posted 3 days, 15 hours ago

Fantastic response as always, Joe :D c) made our whole office have a good laugh :))

InSomnius Joe | Posted 3 days, 13 hours ago

Drugs are fun, call your local political representative :) :D

Steven De Baets | Posted 3 days, 11 hours ago

Hi ImpromptMe,


1. Interesting, fun and silly facts
2. Sciency stuff including psychology and philosophy
3. My hobbies: Movies/Chess/Crypto
4. Life / stories / experiences
5. Random stuff (A fun list is the 36 questions list cf.


Yes and no. This is a tough one because if someone puts "likes to talk about blowjobs" in their description it might be better to know beforehand if you'd want to meet someone like that. But it's tricky because you might find a lot of trolls and create a negative image for the product. So I guess it all depends. If it's just a funny thing to say; I see no harm. The thing is that I doubt many people will put such thing on the profile given that they have to use their real name.

Kind regards,

Morty Smith | Posted 3 days, 3 hours ago

a) weather, traffic, money, celebrities and personal health issues.

JUST KIDING. (*^ω^*)

In my head, I only have favourite topics, but really don't have favourite conversational topics.

I like to go to bars to meet new people, because you don't know another person almost totally, including each other's favourite conversational topics. The game of the conversation is to look for common topics, to find common among differences. You always can have good times with different people with totally different topics.

By spending 2 seconds on the screen for choosing a common topic, you already prejudged and expected certain outcome from another. Reality is often mismatch with your expectation, and lead to dissatisfaction.

Why not meet someone for knowing each other's story and finding something in common, rather than meet for a familiar topic with a prepared "speech". Meet for people, not for reason. Conversational topics may not be necessary.

This is just my personal opinion. I think your users would love to see more functions, and probably reject my suggestions.

Don't forget to collect these data! Your team can analyse them for further product optimisation.
For example, from people who meet for Topic Smoke Pot, only 70% are satisfied for the meeting. Why so? After combining with other data, out of these 70% satisfied, 90% of them choose park for meeting ; out of these 30% not satisfied, 85% of them met at police station. Now, when two people want to meet for Smoke Pot again, your app can warn them that better not take this conversation at police station. :-D

b) Lastly, avoid “sex/blowjobs/drugs”, although no one can excluded them from life. :-P

I wouldn't use those words that obvious. I probably set meeting time at 420pm or 609pm. Or setting topics like "Molly and Mary", "Park to Spark" ^_^

Andrea Knopová | Posted 2 days, 17 hours ago

"Meet for people, not for reason" - Totally agree with you and that's the reason why we haven't had anything like this in there before. However, seems that only small amount of people has this mindset :)

Gil Nusbaum | Posted 3 days, 5 hours ago

a) Sports, Finance/Markets, Music, Bonsai/Gardening and Travel

b) I think you should limit by providing pre-defined options because that would also allow you to match people based on compatible interests.

Ma Ngo | Posted 3 days, 4 hours ago

a) UX&UI, sci-fi books, rock&roll music, deep house music (I know - weird combo!) , conspiration theories

b) Definitely keep it open! I took a look at other's people comments and I understand that it could be problematic for you guys, but that's the same as in any other app where there is user generated content involved. If people want to do stupid shit, they can just as well add it into the "about me" section, you can't ever fully prevent it. So my suggestion (as well as other people's who have commented already) is to keep it openned and give other user an option to mark something as "inappropriate". Apart of that, give users a freedom - at least for the start - and see what happens. You can react to it later.

Good luck! I really like what you are doing & hope it comes to my country one day! :)

Ale Mendoza | Posted 3 days, 7 hours ago

Hi :)

My answers:
a) humanity, systems/ideologies, psychology, startups, life

b) This is hard because of course you can't prevent people from being meanies. However, I think that you shouldn't limit topics at the beginning because people like InSomnius Joe have awesome topic ideas and I wouldn't want to miss out on what he is really interested to talk about just because it is not an option. And accounts can always be reported if they are offensive or not appropriate.

Peace, Alex.

Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 days, 14 hours ago

Most people love sex :) Rude sex is OK and sometimes stupid sex too!

I wouldn't limit it unless you limit it in a very broad fashion, how could Joe tell anyone he was a biohacker otherwise?

For innapropriate things you can have a report innapropriate things button and a kind office person to review and maybe remove it it.

You can upgrade the idea by allowing other people to upvote tags a user has. If a user knows his sex things, for instance he can get a tag from the recipient and so now he has sex +1, good information right there.

a) deconstruction, technology, religion, society, 6pack abs

Jack Randall | Posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

a) Travel, Finance/investing, psychology, foreign languages (a topic for each language, and also maybe a "miscellaneous" topic if you want to meet someone with a random interest.

b) You could limit the topics but then allow users to suggest new topics. Users could input new topics for approval, and, as long as they are appropriate/follow your guidelines, you could approve them. That would help eliminate the people who take the platform as a joke, but it would still allow people to connect with people with the same interests.

Zhanna Zhumagalieva | Posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

a) Travel, Education, Fittness, Gardening, Finance, Technology\
b) I think you should limit by providing pre-defined options


ConnectJob´s transition to a fully decentralized platform

easy task
  Using blockchain technology, ConnectJob will allow its customers to exchange value directly without relying on a third party. ConnectJob´s target is to progressively integrate the platform in the public Ethereum blockchain and make a progressive transition from a centralized platform to a fully decentralized service, managed and operated by its users. What are the challenges and potential obstacles of such a transition ? Please give feedback and let us know, we are welcoming your ideas and solutions.      
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InSomnius Joe | Posted 3 days, 13 hours ago

Let me start with this, and it might seem harsh but it's important to consider.

Do you personally know what you mean by decentralized? There are many people who misuse certain terms and mix them up without understanding it. Adding buzzwords on top of something will not patch a sinking ship. (Uber of, Blockchain, decentralized, etc.)

Now, let's assume you do know what you mean by it.
Then, do you know WHY you want to go decentralized? What is the reason?
- competitive advantage?
- differentiation? (your UPC?)
- hype?
- giving power to the people?
- privacy?
- shifting overhead towards the users?

And there are more.

You should really identify the why as that will let you keep going. The road ahead is tough and full of obstacles. From finding good developers, having time to develop and test it, finding the right solution for you ( does not have to be related to block chain at all), depending on the solution getting enough users to help you run the network can be crucial, too.

Basically your biggest obstacle will be having enough resources - be it time, developers, architects, designers and money to pay them.

On top of that you still have **a regular company problem** which is getting enough traction so there is enough supply and demand on both sides. This, honestly is your biggest problem and hardest one to get right. Inspire yourself with creator of Fiverrr. He has a great podcast with Noah Kagan where he talks about this specifically and how they overcame it.

In terms of the idea, there is surety market for it. There are products like that already. Therefore you need to differentiate in some way. Otherwise it's just a marketing battle and the person with bigger budget wins.
I am actually curious what is different about you guys as I'd love to use a good service like this with good UX, quality "Why" behind the company and good community.

InSomnius Joe | Posted 2 days, 20 hours ago

Hey Beni,

I'm glad you know your Why. Especially after I hear that you want to implement Consensus into your network :).
Focusing on the unbanked sounds great to me, a great vision to strive for.

And I did not hear of Proudhon, I'll check him out. I'm more of a Stoic fan :).

Beni Issembert | Posted 3 days, 11 hours ago

hey there. thanks for this. I'm Beni and I'm in charge of the marketing at ConnectJob. Well you speak true and I must admit I agree with 100% with your vision in general. When it concerns ConnectJob we are on another path. Going decentralised is not a hype since we could easily stay on a centralised Fiat-based protocol. Choosing the blockchain is born from a pure philosophic approach which leads us to the sad fact we are in a golden jail where we are under the control of the GAFAN (I add Netflix to Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) allied to central state power. The blockchain and the cryptographics will allow us to build a much more secured ecosystem where rating and comments will be governed by a consensus vision. Using a cryptocurrency will allow 2.6B of unbanked people to try to earn a decent living. Using the blockchain will permit us to keep encrypted user's details in one of the most secured environment. Would love to discuss more these issues and to share my personal vision based on the French Philosopher from the 19th century, Proudhon. Ping me if this is something that is making sense to you. Cheers and thanks again.

Beni Issembert | Posted 2 days, 19 hours ago

ah Stoicism!!! We will be friends!

Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 days, 13 hours ago


Main issue is the hassle of having to get another random ETH coin for a platform where the ETH token everybody knows and loves would do the job better and without the added hassle. There is no reason to make another coin, it only forces users to use exchanges one time too much. There are many other ways to fund yourself and your projects' development, like maybe take a flat fee on each transaction as is the most elegant way to do it.

Second main issue: Your service doesn't need to be decentralized. Users can manage and operate the way they want in a centralized service platform. You don't provide any essential service that would be in danger of being shutdown by the powers that be.

The only argument for using cryptocurrency in your field is tax evasion. Blockchain doesn't provide any other advantage and will actually be way more expensive to maintain than an apache server. The information entered into the ledger has no need for censorship resistance, so the question that poses itself is.. why force a blockchain?

There are just too many people making their coins whose sole function is to pay rent to Ethereum network, it must stop.

Putting your service on blockchain is simple and straightforward. No obstacles there. Problems arise with user acquisition. Metcalfes' law applies. If there are too many small networks that do the same thing they cannot gain value as they don't have enough users. Without users they are dead.

Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 days, 10 hours ago

The way things are done today isn't all bad. Technologically a simple database server works cheaper and faster than what you plan to do on Ethereum blockchain.
Going decentralized is a moral, political and social need if you share your profits with all token holders, which you don't.

Beni Issembert | Posted 3 days, 11 hours ago

hey there. Thanks for this. This is our vision. And I bet you would have done it without going decentralised and keeping the way things are done today in our daily life. We choose different. Going decentralised, based on what I wrote earlier here, is a moral, political, social and technologic need we decide to answer.

Jonny Dee | Posted 3 days, 13 hours ago

I think the potential issue is the quality of the work / quality control and how it will be regulated. I think it is a very interesting project but my main concern is when it comes to some industries such as babysitting / plumbing I want the highest quality and a trust factor. I am willing to wait and get someone who i like and trust than pick the most local / cheapest option. If you find a way to do this then i think the app could be an amazing success!

Beni Issembert | Posted 3 days, 11 hours ago

Hey there. Thanks for your interesting comment. You are right. Jobbers' verification especially in the fields you've mentioned is super important. Question is more ethic and legal than technical actually. Legal, since who's responsible in case of problem? And ethic, we obviously know our service could and will be used by unmoral people. How without a centralized moderation instance could we reach our goals regarding this issue? Governance in another word. And this where the blockchain is needed, allied to a consensus protocol. This is why we think, dream and create on a daily basis the most incredible features for our mobile app.

Gil Nusbaum | Posted 3 days, 12 hours ago

I love this idea, but my biggest concern about a decentralized platform like this is reliability of ratings and feedback. If you hope for wide adoption, users must be able to rely on ratings and feedback of the freelancers offering services on the platform. Beyond just the issue of retention of users, this could also open you up to liability issues.

Beni Issembert | Posted 3 days, 11 hours ago

hey there. Thanks for your comment. You are right, and we are answering to all these concern in the most secured and fair way using consensus and security as main keys to open all the closed doors on the way. Thanks again.

Brill Holiday | Posted 5 hours, 8 minutes ago

Personally, I don't think its a bad idea if the trust issue can be solved. I find it extremely threatening and uncomfortable for a jobber to watch over my kids, an individual whom I don't even know at all. You guys ignored the background check up parts, I mean, how would you truly know such person is as he/she claims to be? At least one can hire that one knows without the use of blockchain. However, there are many places that needs to be checked to assure the public its safe and sound to use. And how do you plan to succeed with the law on your neck guys?

Morty Smith | Posted 3 days, 12 hours ago

Very interesting idea and I have downloaded the app to try it out.

I would like to give few motivational feedbacks:

To me it is a decentralised jobs market where you don't have a boss work for and you can schedule your works more individually.
This is very similar with Uber. I was asking many Uber drivers that why do they choose to be Uber driver. Most answers I received are "no boss control me !", "do it when you want to do it!" or "easy to use!"
As a result, I believe this app share similarities with Uber. And I believe such decentralised jobs market will be more needed in the future. People have more control of their life while making money!

Now I would like to express my developmental advise:

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness."
If you want it to be successful, then you must let people to accept your philosophy that they start to practice according to it!
You may need to compete with traditional job market, and a decentralised job market might be to progressive for people to use.
Your targeting customer should be slightly different from the customers which traditional job market targeting. Young freelancers, artists and students, who accept cryptos ideas, might be your targeting customers. For example, Facebook was targeting students at beginning, and now even my grandmother uses it.

About the APP:

Thanks for the 38.46 CJT. I am not sure it is for free for all new signups. :-)
The App looks great, very futuristic. Friendly and easy to use.
However, when I tapped the icon on the map, nothing seems happened. This might need to be improved.

One more unsure question:
Is there any identity verification for a person to be a Jobber?

Keep up the great work!

Beni Issembert | Posted 3 days, 10 hours ago

Thanks for this. Very very interesting and useful comments. I will send them to my team. I must agree with most of them. And I truly hope our product will comply with your vision. To answer your question, yes each jobber will have to proceed to a very strict and leal KYC which will include a video conference with one of our legal agent. All his or her details will be kept on the blockchain and will be "portable" to other decentralised platforms. But this is another big step which in written in our roadmap and which will occur at the end of the process. Thanks again.

Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback: Neurogress controls the environment with the power of thought

easy task
We would like to hear your thoughts about Neurogress, which is a decentralized platform of neural control systems, based on the AI driven software and user-driven algorithm training.With the development of technologies, it is now getting more and more possible to turn all our thoughts into actions outside of our body with the help of neural interface and AI injected software forming a neural control of the world around you.Neurogress is building a decentralized platform of neural control systems to make a control of electronics and machines as easy and natural as never before.(Website: (Whitepaper: (Telegram: us feedback, also explaining “why?“. Consider potential threats or difficulties WELL might have to face.We are looking forward to your contributions!
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Steven De Baets | Posted 6 days, 4 hours ago

I like the concept. It's very futuristic.

Some issues

1. Conceptually:

I'm obviously not an expert of even moderately well versed in neurology. But if I'm not mistaken we are still at the very beginning of trying to map the electrical signals of the brain to specific thoughts (which result in intent, movement, etc). My main question would be: is there a reliable enough pattern in electrical activity in the brain such that these signals can be properly interpreted by a machine? For example: If I want to "turn of the lights"; will this thought always activate the same electrical signals? What if one day I got scared and develop a serious emotional response to darkness. Wouldn't this influence which electrical signals are fired? How would this impact the machine, etc.

So conceptually: Is there a causal relationship between brainwaves and thoughts. And do these causal relations allow for the detection of a reliable pattern?
Or will the individual have to learn how to manipulate the device instead of the device learning to interpret the human brain?

2. Practical:

I suppose that there will be a necessity to get the information (brainwaves) to the machine. How will this be done? I surely wouldn't want a brain-implant or wear a funny hat just to turn off the lights. So this might be something to think about if it's ever to be implemented on a large scale.

On the website you write:

"Industrial Use
Take construction, for example. It is more pleasant to control the crane with your thoughts then with buttons and levers. "

All fine and dandy until Bob the builder suddenly loses focus and drops a 20 ton boulder or the crane goes wild because Bob was thinking about how much he hates his job.

I really like the idea, but it seems a bit to futuristic? I do however see very real applications in the field of medicine. Given how many people that would benefit from this type of technology I hope you'll succeed!

Kind regards,

Steven De Baets | Posted 6 days, 2 hours ago

also small error on your website:

Then = a moment in time, next, etc.; Than = a conjunction used in comparisons.

Fatalninuda . | Posted 4 days, 17 hours ago

You got it all straight!

Currently neural interfaces are crude devices, you can't "control" things with your mind directly and you won't be able to for at least 10 years. What you can do is think specific thoughts or remember specific memories which get translated into inputs for the thing you are linked to.

What this company promises is science fiction at the moment. Even if their vision comes true, there will still be job hating Bob the builder issue to solve.

Maybe they will use some of their funds for mindfulness courses for all participants.

Michael Luchies | Posted 4 days, 11 hours ago

Widespread adoption will be extremely difficult to achieve within the next 5-10 years because of the fear associated with this type of technology. The average consumer would see this as losing control of their thoughts and not gaining control of their environment.

Even smarthome technologies have taken a while to develop and to gain the trust and acceptance of homeowners.

Another issue is the urgency of adoption and the scale of the need to utilize this technology. For example, The Audeo was a device created in 2007 that allowed people to communicate using the muscles in their neck. They could "speak" using a vocabulary that was programmed into the device and move objects, like a wheelchair. The technology didn't necessarily solve a need big enough to warrant the tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars that were required to continue to advance it.

The cryptocurrency space is another good example. "Experts" still don't understand it because messaging has been too complicated.

I believe that your project will require expert marketers and copywriters that can give the most basic explanations and show no-brainer use cases that even my 90-year-old grandma could understand and get behind.

The technology is genius, but far too often, genius inventions miss their window because they aren't filling a real need or are just not ready for adoption by their target market.

Good luck!

andre 2112 | Posted 6 days, 4 hours ago

The idea is really interesting, a real utopia for humanity. I believe that the difficulties are enormous and many investors could be frightened by this. Not everyone is a dreamer, otherwise we would already have sent some man to Mars.
But I also think we should start somewhere and reading your whitepaper it seems you have clear enough ideas about what to do.

I guess it's quite a technical concept but I want to ask this question anyway: how do you distinguish between the willingness to perform a gesture and the simple thought of that gesture? Does the brain produce different signals in the two cases?

Fatalninuda . | Posted 4 days, 17 hours ago

Why does this need to be on a blockchain? It doesn't deal with electronic forms of money or sensitive personal info. You would be better of with a traditional database at a fraction of the costs. There is a flood of projects trying to grab at least some of the funds sloshing into crypto by any means.

But let us give you the benefit of a doubt and focus on real issues:

The biggest threat is the current impossibility of what you are trying to accomplish. Second biggest is the uselesness of it even if you make it. Human-machine interfaces just work better without humans in them which invalidates almost all your use cases.

You can have a crude neural linked interface for basic functions today, but the bulk of the work is done by the ai, which would be able to perform the same functions without the interface too.

Petra Kolesarova | Posted 4 days, 14 hours ago

I just would like to say this is unable even by Neurolink yet by Elon Musk and I can keep naming other companies. You must be very very far away and you must know it. If not, please exit it to Google and do not have ICO.

Deep doomers | Posted 3 days, 17 hours ago

Good idea, futuristic though. Bring back the memories of few Blackmirror episodes :)

Th first question that came to my mind is what is the need of a blockchain (public, more specifically) here? Is decentralization really important?

The idea to build a platform that enables all stakeholders in the ecosystem to benefit is fundamentally great, but are we really at a point where we can start thinking of platform for rapid innovation? I still believe the necessary technology obstacles have to be crossed first before investing energy in to building an ecosystem.

lakimens . | Posted 2 days, 13 hours ago

A lot of people, me included, will not believe in the project, unless you release an alpha release that actually works. I've seen things that are supposed to be controlled by the mind and they don't really work right now.
Futuristic concept, no doubt, but execution will be very crucial. This will probably take a long time to make and perfect, so be sure to update your investors on your achievements, maybe even some videos to show them that it works, else, they'd lose hope.


Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT)

Wordsmith wanted: how do I say this?

easy task
In plain English, the ITT bot helps you decide what to buy - and when. The only problem is that in order to comply with the law, we can not command anyone to make any sort of financial decision.This brings us to the following thought experiment:How do you suggest a user to buy a digital asset, without actually using the word "buy"?We can not tell anyone to make any sort of financial transaction. We can only make suggestions. The goal is to present our users with a certain combination of words and/or emoticons, implying that our algorithms expect the price to go up or down. These suggestive alerts are being sent by a Telegram bot, notifying people of certain events.Here's an example of the alert we are trying to improve, so that it is easier to understand by hobbyists:ℹ️ SYS 0.00006368 BTCRSI: Overbought (70) 🆘ITT Bias: Trend reversal to the downside is near. (Medium horizon)Let the games begin!
7 votes
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Jack Randall | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

You could say: "Our algorithms are saying that the price of [x] is expected to go [up/down]," and the consumers can do whatever they like with that information. If they have any brains, they should understand that the price going up will benefit them, while the price going down will hurt them. You could also use images/emoticons to suggest when it's a good time to buy/sell. Next to your projections you could use simple green up arrows or red down arrows to show that the price is expected to go up/down, which would help reenforce the suggestion from the algorithm. At that point, most people will be able to determine if the price is going up or down and if they should sell or buy.

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Steven De Baets | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

lol, I love the fact that you make it retard proof :D

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Fatalninuda . | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

Hey guys, you have to make a trading bot, you aren't writing Shakespearean dramas.

How about.... "our algorithms expect the price go up or down" and if it's urgent add "RIGHT NAO" at the end? You don't need to imply that and you're in compliance with the law as you're not telling anyone to do anything.

If you want to get graphic you just write the crypto ticker and add rocket to the moon icon behind or a car crash icon. No words needed. Can add a bull or bear for the older generation, but the relevant ones understand "to da moon" and crash.

Can always add some coins or dollar signs if you want to be obvious

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Steven De Baets | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

This sounds unnecessarily complicated:

"Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT) ( is an innovative platform created to assist crypto enthusiasts of all skill levels navigate the alluring yet perilous waters of the crypto world."

You could just say what it does:

"Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT) ( is a platform which provides hobbyist- and professional traders critical information about the market. ITT sends crypto-asset specific warning signals when the asset is overbought or oversold."

Something like that.

Just simplify and don't use unnecessary words.

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InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

We let you know about up-to-date market trends that our algorithm determines based on [add buzzwords].

Though it also depends on your brand image and voice. So based on that it might change.

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Vinnie Van den Neste | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

Thanks Joe. We updated our question to further clarify what it is we are trying to improve. Please have a look!

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Ray Lister | Posted 1 week, 2 days ago

"We expect an acquisition of at to perform within over ."

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Ray Lister | Posted 1 week, 2 days ago

That should have said:
"We expect an acquisition of [whatever currency] at [price target] to perform within [projected range] over [projected timeframe] ."

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Kiril Nikolov | Posted 1 week, 2 days ago

I guess using general crypto slang (moon, Lambo, rocket ship.) for price movements in the form of words or emoticons. On the other hand, you can use and develop your own language using popular culture. I like the SOS for example , makes perfect sense and is perfect for the meme generation.

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Gil Nusbaum | Posted 1 week, 2 days ago

Assuming you require people to log in, I would suggest you have a popup click-through acknowledgment before users can access the bot, by which they acknowledge that the ITT bot is making recommendations based on complex algorithms and that the information contained on the site and the recommendations made by the bot are mere suggestions that should be further researched by the user before making any financial decisions.

I also would suggest you add a simple "buy signal," "sell signal," "neutral signal" indicator in your write-up, which I personally would find helpful.

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Terje Olsen | Posted 6 days ago

I say "hello" you say "goodbuy", so says Paul McCartney.

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Deep doomers | Posted 3 days, 17 hours ago

I prefer something that makes super simple for the average investor to understand the trading signals, no complex stuff, no mention of RSI, MVAs etc..

In fact, if the same advice can be personalized based on few questions to assess risk, there is nothing like it.

The bot can ask few questions to assess the investor risk appetite & then suggest the best available crypto assets to invest in
- how much one is willing to lose
- what would one select, for example, On an investment of 1000, 60% chance of winning 3000 & 40% chance of losing all vs. 30% chance of winning 1000 & 70% chance of losing 300)

The true value is making personalized recommendations to investors and not just purely on crypto-asset performance. Its like Cindicator (CND) which understands each investors & offers personalized advice

All the best.

Best regards

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Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback: WELL Global Healthcare Blockchain Platform

easy task
We would like to hear your thoughts about WELL, which is a decentralized global healthcare network built on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. Access to quality medical services is either very expensive or impossible, due to the geographical distance from a patient’s residence. High prices for medical services are a result of bureaucracy and inefficient healthcare systems. High-class medical specialists can be located outside of a patient’s city or even outside their home country in many parts of the world. WELL is designed to disrupt and replace traditional healthcare models by providing easy access for patients anywhere in the world to receive remote diagnoses, second opinions, and preparation for in-person treatment from a curated group of the best medical professionals in the world.   (Website: ) (Whitepaper: )   Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. Consider potential threats or difficulties WELL might have to face. We are looking forward to your contributions!  
6 votes
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Jack Randall | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

WELL seems like it has a lot of potential for providing medical service to people who lack it. But the places that lack doctors are also the places that lack technology. Developed cities/countries have higher access to technology and would have the ability to use WELL, but they are also the people who have higher percentages of doctors and easier access to medical care.

Countries by # of doctors:

Countries by technology usage:

As you can see in the statistics, the least technologically developed nations are also lacking in the number of medical professionals. They would benefit the most from WELL, but the majority of people do not use technology and could not take advantage of WELL's services. On the other hand, the most technologically developed countries have higher percentages of doctors, so medical access is much easier for them.

I do like how WELL makes it easier to navigate the world of healthcare, and it would surely help many people with access to technology to obtain affordable healthcare. WELL is something that I would definitely support, and I can see why many others would want a healthcare systems without as much confusion or cost.

Something you could think about would be to partner with a group focused on increasing technology in developing countries. While your main goal may not be to provide healthcare to those who are lacking it, it is an extremely important issue that WELL would be able to address. Partnering with organizations with focuses on providing technology to those who don't have access to it would help provide healthcare to those who need it most, which I'm sure the developers at WELL would support.

Kiril Nikolov | Posted 1 week, 2 days ago

I think what you are trying to do is not dissimilar to the medical tourism business. You should look into, who are doing this by now quite successfully. They focused initially on specific niches (e.g dental services for Russians coming to Hungary). This alone was a big enough market to start, test and generate initial revenue.

From there on, they can try to fry much bigger fish, for example, partnerships with large patient organizations. Imagine you are NHS, who wants to optimize costs. Why not send someone from London to Budapest, offer them a short vacation and save 50% of the costs (and reduce the strain on local doctors?).

I believe the in-person start for simple procedures is much easier, as trust levels in remote doctors will not initially be easy/trusted enough. I would focus on arbitrage/medical tourism opportunities and from there work the network to start offering remote other services as well.

Rina Riyanah | Posted 1 week, 2 days ago

Interesting project, just hear me with this term "receive a long distance diagnosis, second opinion, and preparation for direct treatment from a group of professionals of the world's best medical professionals". Good luck

Fatalninuda . | Posted 4 days, 17 hours ago

One of the biggest problems was already mentioned. People without access to doctors usually don't have access to technology or funds, either. So a better target would be people in developed countries looking to cut on their health expenses.

But in most developed world people already pay obligatory health insurance, so unless you plan to get registered as an official provider of medical services you will get 0 users that way. Even if you do get registered, you will get paid by the state in fiat, so no point in having a token.

Remote diagnosis is a joke. You can get it done by a script just fine, right now. You don't need real doctors unless you can't read lab reports.


Which User Archetype are you?

easy task
Here at Crowdholding we’re striving to create a product for our users, and inherently also help other startups to do the same. So far we’ve identified 5 archetypes of users that we have (or want to have) and that we’re designing the platform for. Namely, they are: The Co-creator, The Expert, The Wantrepreneur, The Investor and The Bounty Hunter. With defined Goals (eg. What do you want to achieve on the platform) and Pain-points (eg. What problem do you have that you’re missing from other solutions or are not perfect) we’ll be able to create a better product and user experience for you, our users. What we would like to do is to better validate these user archetypes and potentially identify something we missed. Therefore, please read through the detail of the user archetypes here and let us know which archetype you see yourself as, or if you’d add or remove something. Or if you feel like none of them represents you, let us know what are your goals and pain points you’d hope to solve with CH. Thank you for helping us create something you’ll love and appreciate. If you’d also like to participate in future User Interviews and Testing let us know at:
38 votes
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Fatalninuda . | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

Can you share the methodology used to get these categories?

From my own analysis I got down to three types of users:

Co-creators: This is by far your largest group. People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, want to belong, feel appreciated and have something meaningful to do. Crowdholding provides it all.

Slummers/Toe: in the water guys: Bored people with some money, tired of their jobs, looking for a cheap, relatively risk free chance of a moonshot or escape from their ennui

Cryptoclickers: Got a lot of time on their hands but no money, will do anything that pays them any crypto.

You can further reduce this to only 2 categories as Crowdholding forces cryptoclickers to become co-creators, or they don't get paid.

So you have co-creators and lurkers.

Crumple Cat | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

I agree in many respects, but I would not say that "co-creators" is the largest group at the moment. I think that now no more than 20 participants can be included in this group.

InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

And can I ask what data did you analyze or where did you get them from? (I'm curious :) ).

Yep, your co-creators are pretty much our co-creators/Experts.

Can you elaborate on the Slummer-guys? I feel like the definition you provide contradicts itself, at least in a sense of why they'd use the platform. I'm missing the motivation. The Why. So can you elaborate so we understand each other?

Agreed, not yet :).

Fatalninuda . | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

Hey Joe

I was talking about active users, can't really categorise the inactive ones. The common method is to take a section of communication, like a project subpage here (it has no total views stats, so it only gives a rough estimate of the userbase) and analyze the content by HAND, who says what and how many say nothing and extrapolate.

The slummers why is the same as the why of people who buy fishtanks. It gives them something to do. In a relatively casual and noncommitent way. It has an added bonus of potential gains with little risk involved and a chance to participate in a cool new thing like crypto, for free!

The name implies they are playing with things they give no second thought about. It's their pocket change.

Hi Crumple. Not sure there are many more than 50 users active on the platform ATM, so 20 is great)

InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

Okay, thanks. It's a bit more clear what you mean.

I think you have a point in that we'll also have this kind of users, like any content-driven platform (eg. FB).

The question is how important are they. As they don't even "react" to this post and don't actually bring value to the platform then I'd say they won't be a main focus for us. What do you think? Though I'll keep them in mind.

Cheers :)

Fatalninuda . | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

Hey Joe, they react. Just not with the intent of creating something. More of a casual semi-passive desire to belong or have anything to do.

Steven De Baets | Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

I'm not sure how I would identify myself if I had to pick one archetype.

My motivation for using the crowdholding platform is twofold. Firstly, because it allows me a first row seat while all these companies present their awesome and creative ideas. Secondly, because I get the opportunity to actually contribute in a constructive manner. Put these two together and you get a recipe for something awesome: crowdholding.

I believe my main strengths to be analytical- and creative problem solving; which I hope to improve using this platform. Since I've begun using the platform I've learned a lot of things about subjects which I would never have thought about if it weren't for those tasks. For example I've learned a thing of two about home renting laws in my country (Dadshed), Have learned the technical indicators institutional investors use (Intelligent Trading Technologies), All the big festivals - and who organizes them in my country (Kickcity), Which blockchain solutions are applicable to the logistics of "oil tin trace-ability" (Fooz!), about the "loneliness/boredom and social isolation epidemic" and how an app could help adres this social issue (ImpromptMe App) etc.

As to where I fit into these archetypes, maybe some mix match of everything?

InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

That's a Bulls eye. You hit them all :).

Crumple Cat | Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

Hey, archetypes!
This is a great topic you touched on here and I so like your artist and his pictures style :)

Well, I think that among the archetypes you mentioned there is not enough "crowdstar". This is some mix of the already described archetypes + own unique ingredients. Such individuals can significantly contribute to the growth of Crowdholding and the ecosystem as a whole. They effectively participate in the co-creation and co-promotion of ecosystem and projects, they also invest in it and provide expert support in areas in which they are, and especially they are the founders of their own very successful and popular projects that begin their way on Crowdholding using the improving platform features and principles of co-creation and co-development in general.

Perhaps in time I can claim this role ;)) I have such ambitions and gradually pump or prepare to pump all these archetypes in myself :)

p.s. Where's my Twitter share button?!))

InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

Agreed. Of course no one fits precisely into any group, and many people are a combination. And that is okay, as long as we actually meet all the needs of the "archetypes" we are also scratching all the needs of the "I am everything" type of person (which, often I am as well, I just do everything).

Eg. there is this a pretty famous test ( Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) which takes different aspects of personality and ranks you on the spectrum. And what comes out is your tendency. However, that does not mean you are that person all the time or only that type of person.
This is also well understood in (some :D) psychoanalytics, etc.

So please don't feel pressured to fit one type :D.

Also, tell me more about the Share button? Why do you want it?
Or if you want to set up an Interview reach out to me at joe[ /at/]

Crumple Cat | Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

Hey Joe :) It's interesting, I didn't hear about this test and it looks like I should read this. Thank you. But in my cases, no feeling of pressure now, I like my current "archetype", which corresponds to my current capabilities and level of laziness :)) Simply at the same time, I'm ambitious and being a virtual personality/character, I have no limitations in this, including in the development of absolutely any aspects and abilities of my personality. People, of course, can also develop anything in themselves, but in reality it will always be only possible tendencies based on the basic, natural characteristics and predispositions of a particular person + the influence of life circumstances, that affect me too, but some differently ;)

As for the button, I've already talked about this to team many times and Ethan promised to do it. Without this button, all our discussions, ideas, suggestions here are quite isolated from the outside world. Such a button can help to increase attention to the platform and projects on it and, in general, facilitate the involvement of new users. Also, personally my crowdsourcing activities are the main occupation now, participation here is also quite active, so I want to share my work and thoughts here with my audience. Yet Twitter is my main channel of communication with the world. Of course, I can make screenshots, but it's somehow not very cool :) In short, this is the tool that should be the default on any crowdsourcing\co-creation platform, Joe.

Artemis Tous | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

I thought I'd give my excerpt by pasting all qualities/attributes listed, then addressing them 1 by one. Find my comments hyphened.

The Expert

Pain points

Bored in their job, as they are doing the same tasks all the time.
- Not doing the same tasks all the time, but just isn't challenging enough - more importantly, companies act like they invite innovation but when changes are proposed, everyone becomes a turtle.

Caring about a specific industry and lacks the channels to contribute.
- Ease of access is always important. This line insinuates laziness - but I think the main takeaway is more unified resources are needed for people to be able to learn how to contribute as per their industry.

Not able to help companies that they care about.
- Often feel overly ambitious and this feeling is one of dissatisfaction at times - wanting to do more, knowing you can do more, and not being able to, whether its being hindered by time, resources, or appropriate network.


Wants to get more experience.
- Always the case. Always looking to learn and find new opportunities.

Wants to learn new skills.
- A constant state of being.

Wants to offer quality work.
- Usually the intention, but sometimes its not appreciated enough. (key insight here)

Wants to offer their expertise to companies and causes they care about.
- Need more companies like Crowdholding setting the standard for this type of feedback system and more.

Tasks and Behaviours

Helps companies with their expertise, either by offering opinions and/or using their skills to produce pieces of work for startups (eg, a logo).
- Love to see my input implemented - there's no greater joy, even if not monetarily compensated. But I'll take my YUP...yup! Thanks!

One they get passionate about something, they dive deep.
- The bane of our existence. Sometimes we delve so deep that we figure it all out and realize we lose interest - but at least we explore. This will never die.

- Hands down the hardest part. I find myself disciplining myself to execute rather than dream.

I would say that the next closest archetype I'd fit in would be 'Co-Creator'. Hope this was insightful.

Thanks for this!

InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

This was extremely insightful. Thank you so much :). I also had a laugh or two. I'd upvote more if I could.

And I can relate strongly with many of your mindsets.

Petra Kolesarova | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

My feedback for the moment would be that UI is a little confusing because "home" is not a landing page of - you need to get used to it from the beginning when you are looking for new tasks.

Also, gamification of activity is not instant and could use some easy-to-navigate/clear dashboard.

If you are profiling users, maybe you can soon start to reach out with targeted emails for specific users with new projects/tasks, which may interest them. Could help with user engagement and deliver projects relevant audience.

And to identify myself, I am a venture capital investor and I mentor tech startups quite often so I love this product as it is educational and engaging already as it is now.

InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

So what is your motivation in using this product as a VC/Startuper? Would oyu say they were covered by the Wantrepreneur and Investor Archetype?

Can you also tell me more about the "gamification aspect" of CH? Which part is it?

Kewagi Guiscard | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

I just had this idea - could this classification of users be used to gamify crowdholding? Basically, you take a "test" when you register (or when you choose to), answer a few questions and get assigned a "class" - maybe companies that come to CH could mark specific questions or tasks for specific classes of users, and users who do tasks assigned to "their" class could level up? No idea if this makes any sense. Anyway, I'm probably multiclassing as an Expert/Investor ;)

InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

I'm glad you like this.
This is something we're exploring, too :).

Mel G | Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

I get into projects because I'm a Bounty Hunter, but I stay with them because I'm a CoCreator. I like to experiment with new products and services, and help the creators refine their product. But I'm not going to lie and say I'm not still influenced by free stuff!

InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

That is hopefully an evolution of many of our users :).

Jack Randall | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

I'm also a mix between two archetypes: the investor and the bounty hunter. As a student, my funds are insufficient to say the least. I'm interested in cryptocurrency and getting involved with projects like CH, but I don't have the time or money to make a significant investment. That being said, what capital I do have I want to invest into meaningful projects that will make an impact. As of yet I don't have any ideas for a startup, so investing would be the best way for me to get involved with interesting startups. Combine the two together, and you get a person who wants to get involved the most he can but lacks the experience to sit in the driver's seat.

InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

What if something guided you a bit in your process of creating something (Let's call it a Startup)?
What would it take?

Jack Randall | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

I think having a mentor/guidance from experts would be the best way to create something successful. I'm not very experienced, so having the input from professionals would be crucial if I want to succeed. This is actually what got me interested in Crowdholding: I saw a platform for businesses and startups to get input from a variety of different people, and I love that idea. It's something that, if I ever create a startup, I would definitely want to take advantage of. Exchange of knowledge is crucial for the progress of a successful business, so that would probably be the best way to harness the experience of others.

Gil Nusbaum | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

I am both an investor and a bounty hunter, and I think that's not uncommon -- maybe there should be another category that combines the two. For me, when I believe in a project that I've invested in, I enjoy participating in bounty campaigns as a way to earn additional tokens/coins without investing more capital; but also because (especially in campaigns like CH's) it allows me to provide feedback to the development team on how to improve the product and/or how to maximize its potential. I was an ICO investor in CH, but I've also stuck around to participate in bounty campaigns.

InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

I'm glad to hear that.
And yes, the archetypes are not mutualy exclusive. In fact, you can see yourself in all of them :). (Or none)

Pt Armasa | Posted 3 days, 9 hours ago

i try to simple understanding what must we do in my first task, i just follow the flows . i am sure we can get how its work, in this bounty i dont know what thing i can get here, thank you

Brian Oogln | Posted 3 days, 3 hours ago

Being a fellow blockchain DAPP entrepreneur, I need avenues to flex and earn with my Boba Fett bounty hunter skills. It just a plus to work on projects that are fellow crypto/blockchain centric.

inzepockets | Posted 1 day, 9 hours ago

Hello crowdholders, maybe another way to get appreciation of projects, is to make questions with prepared answers that we could tick (you can still leave a "other" answer with possibility to type an answer, but this could help you to have faster standardised answers, less work to analyse...
concrete example: "what colour would you like the sky the moon to be":
-leave it like that
- green
-other: ...........

would also be nice to see if our advices were usefull to the team and have their feedbacks!


Opporty, providing tools to upcoming enterprises to compete in B2B and B2C sectors.

easy task
Opporty aims at revolutionizing the way businesses and individual providers request and offer services. Companies and individual service providers conduct business based on established standards and share useful content with the clients.   Is the Proof-of-Expertise protocol and the guarantee of a risk-free environment for doing business, through a decentralized escrow system, enough to establish trust between contracting parties ?   Give us feedback, explain your opinion to us. Consider potential threats or difficulties Opporty might have to face.  We are looking forward to your contributions!
55 votes
Yupie icon 50.0 OPP 5.0
Sergey Grybniak | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago


Thanks for your comment. As long is panel of people is selected by community of other people or just counter parties of the agreement without intrusion of centralized administration IT IS a decentralized system.

See details here

Regarding pure Ethereum network there is a problem why it is not acceptable for b2b transactions and storing metadata. The rest is irrelevant considering this fact.

Knowledge sharing part:
There is huge amount of business related online platforms representing knowledge sharing. They are presented by publishing online media which monthly traffic measured in millions (review business related section of as just an example), social media communities relevant to resolving particular cases (say immigration), etc. This niche has its audience with permanent or from time to time interests in this field.

Feel free to ask additional questions if anything needs clarification.

Sergey Grybniak | Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

But again. Do not get me wrong. Ability to use standard crypto currencies e.g. ETH/BTC will be added next week. Stay tuned. One does not exclude another.

Sergey Grybniak | Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

Not fully acceptable. Read the protocol part of our whitepaper please.

Sergey Grybniak | Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

Not fully accessible. Read the protocol part of our whitepaper please.

Fatalninuda . | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

Hey. Nice goal, but you can't really call a system that has an appointed panel of people executing smart contracts decentralized. Buzzwords are really nice, when used appropriately.

There is no need for a human hand in the whole procedure. This is the whole point of smart contracts. The terms of the contract are set, oracles check them and execute. It's the way ethereum works, why spoil it with a central trusted entity that controls execution of contracts?

The biggest issue is adoption, as you are forcing your users to buy a token that does the same thing as ETH does, just worse. It would be much slicker to just accept ETH on your platform, but then you wouldn't be getting any money up front, would you?

Also not sure about the knowledge sharing part of the equation, it will be hard to incentivise it as I can't imagine a lot of reccurent interest in the knowledge shared.

Özer Binici | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

Its about having access to affiliates and media channels you otherwise wouldnt get. To achieve that with a considerably lower budget as i.e. with an upcoming ICO is not that easy.

Fatalninuda . | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

You can use smart contract as an escrow service.

And yes, the costs of user acquisition will be high as there are many hoops they will have to jump through for using a service that may not solve their pain points.

Özer Binici | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

Well, in my opinion, its about having a decentralized escrow, a way of using features made and available usually only for big whales, accessible to the small time entrepreneur. Payments are supposed to be secured through the dec. escrow and marketing & bounty can be easier done as well.

Adam Stevens | Posted 1 week ago

So basically this is a P2P, but there is and Admin in the middle to facilitate the transaction... I think you should add the benefit that Opporty (The facilitator) can aid in negotiations between the parties for a small fee. This will be a benefit and add value to your business model

Malte Christensen | Posted 6 days, 17 hours ago

Wouldn´t that undermine the idea of a fully decentralized escrow though ?

Sergey Grybniak | Posted 5 days ago

Users should have different options but the more deregulation is possible to achieve the better.
I truly believe in ideas of pure deregulated marketplaces as organic providers of best services in fair competition.

Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback: DataTrading using AI to forecast markets

easy task
We would like to hear your thoughts about DataTrading, which is a platform based on AI for analytics and forecasting of exchange markets with open development modules, accessible to each member of the community. DataTrading is an innovative project in the world of trading and consulting, which provides a set of analytical and forecasting tools for trading in stock and crypto exchange markets and is completely based on artificial intelligence.   (Whitepaper: (Website:   Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. Consider potential threats or difficulties DataTrading might have to face. We are looking forward to your contributions!  
5 votes
Yupie icon 50.0
Fatalninuda . | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

Projects like Signals already offer a way to trade using AI with drag and drop interface and neural net training. They also have a marketplace where users can sell their trading algorhythms.

DataZtading is entering a highly competitive field with nothing to set them apart from the crowd. They really need a differentiating characteristic or MASSIVE marketing effort in order to achieve traction in current ICO market.

Data Trading | Posted 3 days, 16 hours ago

Hello Fatalninuda,
Thank you for your comment!
Healthy competition is smth the market can't live without. At DataTrading we suggest not one trading instrument, but a variety. We are not saying that we are the first platform. We are saying that our set of trading and forecasting instruments can help users win more deals, increase their profit and simplify their lives.

Silas David | Posted 1 week, 6 days ago

I think this is an excellent idea! AI can provide a huge advantage for forecasting and analytics. I could see this doing very well. Potental roadblocks might include heavy competition in the sector, which may be offset by providing a niche such as DataTrading modules. If other companies provide similar services and do it better, it may prove a challenge to stay competitive in the future.

Data Trading | Posted 3 days, 16 hours ago

Thank you for your comment, Silas!
We are doing our best and trying to move as fast as possible to give excellent services to out users. And we are not afraid of competition. It motivates us to do more and better.

Gil Nusbaum | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

This is a great idea. If possible, one thing that I would look for is performance history/reliability data for the AI platform. Presumably, there has been testing going on before the platform is live. It would be helpful for me to be able to see some analytics - where has the bot been successful? Where not as much? etc.

Data Trading | Posted 3 days, 15 hours ago

Hello Gil!
Thank you for your question, but we can't tell you about our algorythms. It's kind of a secret engredient :)

Gil Nusbaum | Posted 3 days, 12 hours ago

I think you are misunderstanding the request - I am just asking for information about the algorithm's track record. People will want this information if you expect them to use your bot.

Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback: Wysker shopping experience made for Generation Snapchat

easy task
We would like to hear your thoughts about wysker, which is a new shopping platform aiming to revolutionize how you buy things online. You can browse through thousands of online shops with just a single button and your shopping experience gets highly personalised with instant gratification through a novel rewarding system. Check out their Medium article about getting paid for your data, as well. By solving mobile discovery, the wysker platform unlocks a multi-billion dollar opportunity. It is a radically new shopping experience that generates breakthrough data and through the blockchain it returns data ownership to its users.   (Whitepaper: (Website:   Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. Consider potential threats or difficulties wysker might have to face. We are looking forward to your contributions!
13 votes
Yupie icon 50.0
Fatalninuda . | Posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

If the service is free, you are the product.

Gets more obvious if you get paid to use a service.

Kudos for self-censorship, though!

Also love your design and the sound token makes when you get it. Not sure if it's a token thought, it is only used as a means of exchange. Sure it's an ERC20 token, but the way you use it is just a coin.

Like many, many other similar kickback services, this one hinges on.. kickbacks

Not even the best algos will save you if you can't attract and retain paying users. This costs money, money advertisers may not be willing to splurge on an unknown, so most of the early rewards will have to come from your pockets before you gain traction. 10% may not cut it.

I mean data is fine and dandy, but FB and google get theirs for free. It's kinda hard to beat free. Also kinda hard to beat their reach.

Th idea is, great. The devil is in execution. Blockchain enables so much more than kickbacks, you can actually make the experience fun. I mean with gamification, not with bribing your users to trudge onwards.

Fatalninuda . | Posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Also try to honor your promises, nothing looks worse than writing something will be available someday, but on someday it isn't.

Mel G | Posted 2 weeks ago

Do you have an updated timeline for the apps to be released? I'd like to test the iOS app before giving full feedback. I like the idea of being able to shop multiple sites at a time, but I don't understand how the products will be categorised with Wysker as each company will use different parameters to categorise things on their own sites. I have many questions I'd like to answer myself by exploring the app. Will I be able to filter results by "ships to Canada," for example?

Steven De Baets | Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

Good feedback. These are indeed very important points that need to implemented and tested if this app is to get some traction over competition.

ScrapHouse of Life CCC | Posted 2 weeks ago

So this will be like a Hotwire or TripAdvisor for online stores?
How do you think you will fare against the competition if they begin to implement cryptocurrency adoption such as eBay and Amazon? Why would one want to eminate to wysker to facilitate their online shopping like what will set you apart from the plethora of offerings already out there? Exclusivity with the stores you are able to partner with or ?! Craigslist and etsy have already opened up the availability to accept cryptocurrency so I don't see the need for more markets personally unless you are supplying niche items and cornering those items markets with non competes of some kind.

Crumple Cat | Posted 1 week, 6 days ago

It seems like love from the first sight :)

Probably this is the cutest ecommerce project that I know for today, and I can tell you that this is a direction that I know quite deeply. Your cover page on the site is amazing! In general, I really like your style, your interface and the overall quality of submitting yourself. This, of course, can significantly contribute to your growth. Concerning the concept as a whole, I read your article on Medium, and I like this approach, which is definitely the future for ecommerce, but please don't use the word "revolution". I'm sure that you will achieve success without this word, developing and scaling a really cool app, using the advantages of blockchain and tokenisation for the ecommerce evolution.

Well, you can count on my support! I was just looking for a major ecommerce startup for my crowdsourcing crypto portfolio and apparently the mustache on your logo doesn't leave me no choice. Purrrrrrr :))

Silas David | Posted 1 week, 6 days ago

Blockhain powered mobile shopping= HUGE!!! Very well packaged which makes Wys very attractive. Fanstastic team as well. The problems I could see is steep competition in this the idea isn't exactly "new". Kickbacks have been around for a bit, though I have to say this is the slickest packaging iv'e seen. Pulling the cute card!!!

Crumple Cat | Posted 6 days, 16 hours ago

It's a pity that the team doesn't interact here(

Fabio Vogel | Posted 6 days, 12 hours ago

Reaching out to them now;)



We need a proofreader in English. Why do you think it should be you?

easy task
We will reward 150 BEN to the chosen Crowdholder who has the ability to write an article for us (article <1500 words). Are you a blogger? Are you a proofreader in English? Tell us why that it should be you!   We are looking forward to your contributions!
1 votes
Yupie icon 50.0 BEN 150.0
Mel G | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

I am an English nerd, so I would be happy to proofread for you. As the child of a teacher, I had grammar and spelling drilled into my head at a very young age! I'm not much of a writer, though.

Yupie icon 50.0 BEN 150.0 (1 Votes)
Karolina Matusso | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Can you write me at

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Steven De Baets | Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Long live the nerds!

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Harsh Kedia | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

I am a blogger. I write occasionally. Please find below one of my recent posts:

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Steven De Baets | Posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago

If I'm not mistaken, the first sentence of your blog contains a spelling error: "Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency build on...". I'm not a native English speaker myself, but I believe the past tense is "built" and not "build".

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Tammy Brown | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Words are my tools and can be my weapons! They are my art and my love. I am a Creative Director and writer. Have been for 25 years. I can proofread and/or, I can make your content better. Additionally, this is my first time of this platform. So far, it kinda rocks!!

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Karolina Matusso | Posted 4 days, 4 hours ago

Can you write me at

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Kuba Lwck | Posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Check out my website. Got some time to write epic persuasive content.

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Gil Nusbaum | Posted 1 week, 6 days ago

So I edited an article for these guys last week and was promised 150 BEN as a reward. Still haven't received it, and now they are not really responding to me anymore. I'm not sure how CH polices this, but it's disappointing.

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Gil Nusbaum | Posted 1 week, 6 days ago

Update: Just received.

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Gil Nusbaum | Posted 4 days, 4 hours ago

Yes - sorry. I sent that comment too soon, and I am unable to delete it. All good.

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Karolina Matusso | Posted 4 days, 4 hours ago

It was nice to work with you Gil. Sorry for the delay, i explained that it was connected with our CEO business trip

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Gil Nusbaum | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

I am an experienced lawyer, so I basically write for a living. I am the former editor-in-chief of a law journal focusing on political and civil rights. I am not really interested in writing an article, but I would be happy to proofread. Also, I am Jewish - does that get me extra points?

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Karolina Matusso | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Sounds good. Can you write me at

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In your opinion, which Youtube blogger could tell about our project in the most interesting way?

easy task
Many Youtube bloggers have strong influence over some online communities, and they can help to promote business in an effective way. In your opinion, which Youtube blogger could tell about our project in the most interesting way? Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. We are looking forward to your contributions!
7 votes
Yupie icon 50.0 BEN 40.0
Steven De Baets | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Why did you create this crypto? I don't understand it at all.

1. It seems intentionally confusing: Bitcoin vs Bitcoen a one letter difference.
2. I don't understand why you would want to focus on the 'Jewish' aspect. The whole idea of cryptocurrency, so I thought, was to create a GLOBAL currency. A currency which is not exclusive by race, religion or politics. And besides it being in some way Jewish what is unique about it?
In all honesty "Bitcoen" appears either a joke, a scam or worse a failed attempt at trolling.

I really don't get it. Why? Seriously.

Yupie icon 16.67 BEN 13.33 (2 Votes)
Karolina Matusso | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Absolutely serious. All the points you mentioned are parts of our marketing strategy. Thank you for your opinion

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (1 Votes)
Fatalninuda . | Posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Haha Steven, you pretty much summed it up for me. What a joke crypto. Crypto supposed to connect all people, now we're witnessing crypto balkanization.

Yupie icon 8.33 BEN 6.67 (1 Votes)
Jonny Dee | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

I would look into thegobone. He is relatively new, but he is very methodical in looking into ICOs. I think he is a great choice because he has a spreadsheet also where he rates ICOs. I use the spreadsheet as a base in looking for upcoming ICOs. The link is below.

Yupie icon 16.67 BEN 13.33 (2 Votes)
Petra Kolesarova | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

@Steven: I believe that "Bitcoen" is a combination of words Bitcoin and Cohen who is a priest in Jewish religion. It sounds like a play of words. If they would market it as Kosher, I would not call it a scam per se, there is an incredible number of Jewish people keeping kosher (or some kind of level of kosher), as well as a large market of kosher products. Kosher certification is a big deal in Israel in general. They identified a niche market and going for it - nothing wrong with it, especially from a business scalability perspective.

Saying that, I believe you could reach out to orthodox and religious influencers such as Hillel Full, he is a blogger at TechCrunch, The Next Web, Venture Beat and Mashable. Also, wears kippah, may hear you out :)

Good luck!

Yupie icon 8.33 BEN 6.67 (1 Votes)
Karolina Matusso | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Thank you so much for these words)
And thank you for the idea

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Steven De Baets | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Thank you Petra, I needed some help understanding what's it about.

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Дмитрий Сомали | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Ian Balina
Hello! Refer to him! He really will do everything perfectly!

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Karolina Matusso | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Thank you!

Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
Desert Crypto Fruit | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago


Yupie icon 0 BEN 0 (0 Votes)
AJC | Posted 2 days, 20 hours ago

Why not try Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech Tips. As far as I know, this guy is well known and had covered some cryptocurrency stuff(even mining them).

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What creative ideas can we initiate for promoting our ICO?

easy task
BitCoen (abbreviated BEN) is the first "kosher" official crypto token, business platform and system of services, created for interaction between representatives of the communities around the world.Our token sale has already started. Please check out our website and whitepaper. Website: https://bitcoen.ioWhitepaper: creative ideas can we initiate for promoting our ICO? Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. We are looking forward to your contributions!
4 votes
Yupie icon 50.0 BEN 50.0
Petra Kolesarova | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

As I mentioned in my previous post, I would imagine that your biggest shot is to target orthodox and religious influencers. Also, it would be worth finding out whether there is an awareness about cryptos among Haredim and other very orthodox groups and perhaps get rabbis talking about it.

You are going after a specific niche and from my understanding, there is a problem to cash out cryptocurrencies in Israel at the moment as Israeli banks do not want to accept transfers from exchanges. This could partially prevent hyper-deflation and give you another competitive advantage in case you would get Kosher businesses to use your coin and people spend it for real products, instead of living in uncertainty that they won't be able to cash out their crypto assets from exchanges for a long time.

Thirdly, I would consider donating part of your tokens to charitable groups managed by Jewish authorities, specifically people in need etc. There is a number of charities in Israel which are donating food to hungry and unfortunate people, this could correlate with your product niche, give you some visibility and most importantly, be very helpful.

Gil Nusbaum | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

I love this idea, especially the compliance with Jewish law. I would start by promoting this to Jewish groups - Chabads, Jewish Federations, Jewish day schools like Perelman (would they accept tuition payments in BEN?), etc.

Nutzu Ntz | Posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Because the comunication is essentially on a business, your team have to be very efficient on social channels like telegram, and to answer to every client question about your program in real time... publicity is the key, on social networks... you have to be very clear about your product, to inspire faith between clients

Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback: Dubtoken's decentralized Protocol for Interactive Video and Experiences

easy task
As the web becomes increasingly cluttered with out of touch content, invalid traffic and pointless attention based metrics, advertisers, content creators and publishers struggle to find the proper way to reach consumers. Sensory and content overload make it almost impossible to captivate and monetize audiences looking for targeted experiences.   By introducing the Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) , Dubtokens looks to reimagine the interactions among the participants involved in the digital experience ecosystem. The IVEP introduces digital layers which sit on top of any streamable content on the Internet and overlays hundreds of new interactive smart objects and functions that can be customized in real time to create the next generation of interactive experiences and significantly increase end user engagement.   Website: Whitepaper:   What are your thoughts about dubtokens? Check out their website and whitepaper. Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. Consider potential threats or difficulties dubtokens might have to face. We are looking forward to your contributions!
3 votes
Yupie icon 50.0
Petra Kolesarova | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

I am a player of interactive games like Telltale so this really looks good to me, especially because it makes all the sense that videos would become interactive as well. Some level of differentiation and novelty of content approach is needed, especially in times of content overload, which is a big problem even for big tech companies such as Facebook and YouTube.

Retailers and marketers lost their control over purchase data, spending millions and millions on advertisement based on contextual fragmented data and ending up competing with spam and videos of cats and dogs exercising yoga with their owners :)

Your advantage also results from blockchain technology, which should ensure transparency and therefore, lower number of spam and fraud. Not even starting with current problems with copyright when it comes to digital content.

Also, it seems that you are already an established team with more than just an initial traction and idea written on a paper. It all looks great, I wish you all the luck and also, that you will manage to onboard as many users producing quality content as possible. This should be one of the main factor deciding your long-time success.

ScrapHouse of Life CCC | Posted 2 weeks ago

This sounds like something that's seen in the future of all the post modern movies depiction of what the future will be. If I'm interpreting it correctly this does appear to be what the next step in content will be. The next level of advertising and or media should be realtime interactive media. The potential for this if it can be realized would be amazing and I for one would like to see its implementation.

Fatalninuda . | Posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Hello guys, overlays are so 2008. You can do better. Gamification is the key, but if you do it well the content becomes an afterthought, so I can't really see a way out for you.

Also try to figure out if ethereum is the right blockchain for you as many small sized transactions will clog the chain and make you pay a massive percentage in fees.

Artemis Tous | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

Coming from an advertising background, I can tell you that ad standards for video engagement and interactivity will need to be established - usually there's a regulatory body dependant on each jurisdiction - but advertisers need to know what benchmarks are - which would be hard to establish given that there aren't recorded benchmarks or standards for video content that is highly interactive.

I think the shoppable video's will do very well and content that is more subtle, such as this, will thrive in a cluttered industry. Consumers no longer want to just throw there money at anyone who advertises to them; consumers want real, relatable content that keeps the product in the foreground - making the video the main attraction. Some of the best ads are very subtle.

Dubtoken will have a lot of competition in this field. There are already projects like PROPS who are doing something similar. I think where Dubtoken can excel is by further exemplifying the need for blockchain - although it was touched on in the video - which is what most people see, the emphasis on blockchain necessity was lacking in my opinion. As an investor, I want to know that the team isn't just jumping on the bandwagon, and moreoever, can give me a thorough explanation and show a real need for blockchain aside from "reputation management" etc.

I think there's a chance for Dubtoken to succeed, but they'll need to really create a much more convincing promo video, especially when video's are what they claim is their forte - stock music and mundane reading wasn't 'engaging' at all.

Just my thoughts.



SmartCash - Community Driven Growth & Funding

easy task
Most companies allocate 80 to 90% of newly created coins to either the miners or to the coin stakers. SmartCash is flipping that ratio around - miners receive only 5% of newly created coins, while those staking coins get 15% and users running SmartNodes receive 10%. The remaining 70% go into a fund the community controls. Benefiting the crowd to exaggerate growth. Economically beneficial or fantasy? What do you think?
8 votes
Yupie icon 50.0 SMART 20.0
Fatalninuda . | Posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

It all depends on the rewards. If mining rewards are too low, nobody except true believers will mine. Staking and smartnodes, what's the point if most the tokens end up in the community fund? What happens with the proceeds from community investments? So many queations

You also don't tell from which token pool you'll take 30% for "maintainance". Doesn't seem very comunal

Yupie icon 16.67 SMART 6.67 (3 Votes)
Raphael Cannavacciuolo | Posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

The community tokens will be stored in a community treasure to Improve development, Also people can setup a proposal for Smartcash like setting up events sponsord by smartcash or things they like to see added to smartcash

Yupie icon 16.67 SMART 6.67 (2 Votes)
Fatalninuda . | Posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

So 70% of all tokens to improve development? Sounds legit

Seems like a naked cash-grab, advise people to stay away

Yupie icon 0 SMART 0 (0 Votes)
Crypto Income | Posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Having a governance mechanism is really interesting and it exactly what bitcoin currently lacks. I am still doubtful on sharing just 30% of the rewards. Over time, the miners/"Stakers" might lose interest with diminishing rewards. At that point of time the community can vote to part more. Overall looks like a solid project.

Yupie icon 16.67 SMART 6.67 (2 Votes)
Özer Binici | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago

SmartCash peaked at 2.80$ on Jan 13th before hell broke loose. Demand was high, team is responsive and the reward system seems promising. The question is how much of the 70% community pool the community actually controls and receives.

Yupie icon 0 SMART 0 (1 Votes)
MM GG | Posted 5 days, 14 hours ago

It is difficult to set balance between miners/stakers/masternode holder and community. However, this ratio makes sense because nicehash and similar miners would just sell it straightaway. On the other hand stakers and masterholders may think a bit about selling so they become involved in community and require value for their inverment. As a part of community that is using smartcash people should decide what purpose smartcash is going to fullfill.

Yupie icon 0 SMART 0 (0 Votes)


What do you think about

easy task
  Dear friends, we present to you our project and I want to receive feedback. Do you understand the technical side? Leave a review and add to our international chat:          
12 votes
Yupie icon 50.0 TT 50.0
Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Hi Travelchain,

I read the whitepaper, watched the video.

I like the idea; especially from a commercial perspective (consumer data) but the main bottleneck is that users have to:

1. Download an app.
2. Manually provide this data.

While I get the concept and certainly appreciate the idea; there is a reason why google and Facebook are the main data providers: People are providing data without any effort; they are just simply using the platform.
I'm currently not seeing the added value of this app over other well established apps related to the industry (apps that allow users to find places to eat; find coupons, find events, find cheap airplane tickets, find a place to stay, etc.)

So my main concern is that I don't see enough incentive for people to use this app.

The only way I'm seeing this app be a true success is if you could somehow manage to incorporate all these services (=incentive) into one app. And these services will have to be top notch and extremely broad spectrum (incorporate all flight data, all ticket prices, all bnb, all hotels, etc.).

In conclusion; I can see the added value from a business perspective; but I think it might be of interest to (re-)consider the question of user incentive (with a bigger focus on providing relevant services).

Hope I could be of help.
Kind regards,

Yupie icon 25.0 TT 25.0 (6 Votes)
Ilya Orlov | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Hello Steven, thank you for your feedback, it is very useful for us! TravelChain is a platform for travel apps, so people will profit from TravelChain while they use all kinds of different apps! Pm me in telegram for any questions @uralresp

Yupie icon 0 TT 0 (0 Votes)
Ilya Orlov | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

And i really think you should join our community to let your thoughts come true=)

Yupie icon 0 TT 0 (0 Votes)
Petra Kolesarova | Posted 3 weeks ago

Dear Travelchain,

I was building a startup which developed reservation and booking platform and B2B marketplace for travel activities. From my perspective, building technology and travel ecosystem as you describe it on blockchain makes a great sense.

I would strongly recommend to reserve a significant portion of your tokens/coins for partnerships/business development. Travel is a highly fragmented industry, which is now heavily dependant on revenues from sales commissions. Similarly, many stakeholders are used to cross-sell of their partners, which is often including some level of exclusivity. It absolutely makes sense to disrupt it with blockchain in a long run, nevertheless, you may feel some initial resistance of the market without providing a strong up-front motivation, which could come in tokens/coins reserved for such use-case. Otherwise, it may take significant effort and marketing/sales costs to onboard key stakeholders, which could have ability to take you to a next level.

Wishing you the best luck.



Yupie icon 16.67 TT 16.67 (4 Votes)
Ilya Orlov | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Thank you Petra! We have reserved 1/3 of starting distribution for DFS (Development fund sale). We plan this sale for the end of 2018 after we have at least 100 thousend active users. Join our chat in Telegram @travelchain

Yupie icon 0 TT 0 (0 Votes)
adnan usmani | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Having a cryptocurrency for travellers is a great & unique idea. It has potential to get famous.

Yupie icon 8.33 TT 8.33 (2 Votes)
Borislav Danojlic | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Hi Team,

First of all I'm happy to discover the project and think it can do really good.
I like the business plan, and how the project serves both customers, and managers.

Regarding customers, you should try to do it as effortless as possible for them as these are today's standards. Mobile app is a great idea but make sure it is intuitive for final customer.

Yupie icon 0 TT 0 (0 Votes)
Akshay Kiriti Kolluru | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Hey Travelchain,

When I started looking at your videos and the project.
It kind of was boring and wanna be a major travel industry agency!

But when I've gone through your white paper, it was amazing! The idea of using consumer data by selling them tickets is genius. Because consumer data is the most valuable & undervalued thing which you can make a lot of money from.

But your marketing stints are a little feeble, and your site unwelcoming and boring to look at. It just doesn't have the vibe!
Although you have a lot of competitors who will try to crush you down under their feet with their massive database and popularity. If you stay strong, I think this ICO will be fucking amazing!


Yupie icon 0 TT 0 (0 Votes)
Akshay Kiriti Kolluru | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Btw I am in the crowdsale now!

Yupie icon 0 TT 0 (0 Votes)
Jack Randall | Posted 1 week, 4 days ago


After reading over your whitepaper and watching your video, it seems like your idea has a lot of potential. After the initial input of information, the consumer experience seems one-of-a-kind: offers for discounted bookings/food/experiences for little effort besides the initial information.

Travelchain seems like a great leg-up to smaller businesses looking for more consumers, and it's an idea I completely support. With an improved interface and more visibility, Travelchain seems like it could catch-on with younger consumers.

A good idea would be to simplify your explanations: most people will be overwhelmed when they see complicated explanations of data exchange and technology, which could turn them off from Travelchain and lose you potential users. Most people aren't too well versed in technological language, so having simplified explanations, coupled with increased visibility through advertising, would help drive more users to Travelchain.

Best of luck,


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ImpromptMe App

Londoners - a question for you

Hey guys, here is a question for those of you living in London. Does any of you know current students or even better, members of university student clubs? We will soon hold a lottery-like competition in London and I'd like to ask you to help me spread the word. All the info is on our website hence if you know anyone please refer them to the website or directly to me and let me know, so I can figure out some way to reward you individually! :) Cheers!
10 votes
Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

I'm not a londoner sadly. But you might want to reach out to suppoman on youtube. He's from London if i'm not mistaken, and I think he might like your project. You could do an interview. Recently he did an interview, so he might be up for that.
(Additional tip - in a recent youtube video he said (rightly so) that the community needs to be more supportive of women in the crypto sphere, given it's now male dominated). Please keep in mind that the audiences on youtube are mostly testosterone fueled mad 'boys' (I don't call them men; they've got to earn that); so please do not take comments personally, and don't feed the trolls.

Here is a link to his youtube channel:

Another youtuber from England (could be London) is Crypto Daily, but he is currently in America. But nonetheless he might still assist you in some way. If I were a famous youtuber and someone from my city got into the crypto world, I would be more open for a collab.

Here is a link to his youtube channel:

I recommend you try to contact those two.

@other users of this platform: could you guys perhaps give some links/make some posts on your forums/ Facebook groups reaching out to locals.

Good luck!

Kind regards,

Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Awesome. and just as a side note; I know you intended 25-35 age range, but please consider the older generation (40+). They have more time and money. I believe that they could be quite a big market.

I know this is way of from your plan; but someday in the future you could maybe go to retirement homes even and show them about your app. Perhaps even make a spin off app to bring people together. I know several government programs over here who try to bring together people who are having a hard time in life and just need a buddy (someone who they can go do something with, or help them go shopping, or just go to the movies with, have a talk etc.) Yes, I know not as hip and cool but a big market and it addressees a huge societal need.

I like the concept nonetheless and wish you success in your pursuit!

Steven De Baets | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Dear Andrea,

I'm from Belgium.

A marketing tactic to consider in a distant future is to create a spin off version of your app and market it as non profit volunteering: Contact schools,pension homes; homeless shelters and other non profit organisations. I believe that with some form of government / (non profit)business relationships you could reach a huge market with this concept. So one app is more focused on hip/trendy/fun another is focused on non profit volunteering. I know there are many groups of people who would benefit from this app; but it might be better to market it as a different product. Just copy paste the app- add a different name and double the chances of success.

Best of luck.

Kind regards,

Andrea Knopová | Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Thank you, Steven! Will try those two right now and keep you posted if anything comes through :)

Andrea Knopová | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Hey! This is actually not so far away from our plan, just a bit distanced in the future :) I totally agree that involving older generation is important and at the very very beginning, we were going to target them at first. However, our research has shown it's not the smartest way to proceed hence we are approaching the market from the other side. Where are you from if I may ask? US?


Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback: TV-TWO Decentralized TV Ecosystem

easy task
TV-TWO provides an application for Smart TVs used as the new gateway to linear broadcast combined with a personalized video stream as an additional channel. It uses blockchain technology to orchestrate the new television ecosystem, with direct interactions between users, advertisers and content producers.   The goal of TV-TWO is to connect 700 million televisions to the Ethereum Blockchain, as bringing trustless transactions and crypto wallets onto Smart TVs. Consumers earn tokens for watching sponsored messages. Advertisers target users who chose to join the program. Independent content creators monetize their videos on the Big Screen.   (Website: ) (Whitepaper: )   Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. Consider potential threats or difficulties TV-TWO might have to face. We are looking forward to your contributions!
10 votes
Yupie icon 50.0
Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Whilst the concept sounds good in theory, I just don't see it getting translated into reality.

My concerns:

1. As NB has mentioned bellow me (I gave it a like) - each interested party (content creators/providers; users and marketing companies) needs an incentive to join/use your service. I could not find a clear plan on how you will accomplish this in the whitepaper.

The two most important:

*How will you attract content creators / providers?
*How will you attract new subscribers?

2. Resource allocation

Providing content costs money. At the current moment in time companies have to pay copyright to provide this content to people. The cost of this content is based on the geographic location.

How will you deal with the costs associated with geographic based authorship rights? It would seem wasteful to offer certain content that is specific to a country. But failing to provide this content in that specific region might mean people won't be satisfied with the service. Also, Given prices differ per region; how will the cost of your services be decided for it's users if everyone uses the same token?

How will you decide what content will be available? How is the content quality of the service guarantied (i.e. If anyone can offer content how will you prevent copyright infringement / or "inappropriate" content? How will you present the content that is offered (user interface); (I could not find a demo).
I would like to see these two issues addressed before even considering any investment. My most important criteria to look for would be partnerships.

3. Opportunity cost

Another issue to consider is that people don't like changes. I certainly don't. It's a real hassle to switch internet providers or tv providers, or any other provider. There is always a delay in between services and way to much paperwork and calling around and setting up appointments for installation and figuring out the menu, etc.
You can probably see where I'm going with this: For people to make a change; you need to create a product that is a vast improvement over the other providers. Your main selling point is that people can choose to watch adds to get some tokens, which reduces costs. I'll be quite frank and say that people really, and I mean really hate adds.
In short; It's unclear to me if the opportunity cost vs unique selling point ratio is positive.
For this project to be a success you'd need to improve Netflix. Does your unique selling point offer a real improvement over Netflix?

I hope my concerns and observations will help TV-Two develop a stronger product.

Kind regards,

Yupie icon 20.0 (4 Votes)
Philipp Schulz | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Hi Steven,
my name is Philipp and I am one of the co-founders of TV-TWO. Thank you for reviewing our project!

Please view my response to N B for 1) Building Critical Mass

2) Content:
For the start, we offer all the variety that you can find on YouTube as their license allows us to show uploaded videos on the big screen. May it be clips from small creators, 3-5 minutes recaps of Premiere League games or 10 minutes sneak peeks of movie releases from their respective content owners. If content creators are looking to earn tokens with their videos, they can decide to upload the clips on the TV-TWO platform. We are especially targeting Vimeo creators right now, as they have a lot of really skilled professionals on their site. The goal is to win exclusive content partners for TV-TWO.

3) Opportunity Costs:
Our main selling point depends on the persona we are reaching out to. In general, we believe that only the user experience decides whether we will succeed in the long term. Therefore, after our funding is secured we will focus primarily on the product and the product only! It will be a slow change, but we propose one personalized video stream instead of tons of different channels that you have to select.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Normunds Blumbergs | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Overall - would put problem/solution benefits first (for consumers / advertisers), afterwards the implementation details (using ethereum blockchain).
From marketer perspective it's relevant to know potential audience size / match quality / ad result metrics. How / when do plan to build tooling for that?
From user perspective - why should I care? How much users could potentially earn in tokens? If it's few cents, probably not worth the effort.
How do you plan to create critical mass? For this to work you'd need content (what to show), users (who watch) + advertisers that post ads. Each of the parties will be interested to join only upon reaching critical mass.

Yupie icon 15.0 (3 Votes)
Philipp Schulz | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Hi N B,
my name is Philipp and I am one of the co-founders of TV-TWO. Thank you for reviewing our project!

The Challenge:
TV Networks and Broadcasters actively hinder innovation and continue exploiting their position as middlemen. Users suffer from exuberant subscription costs and non-personalized content. Advertisers fuel the USD 180bn market but are powerless price-takers and must accept outdated technology. Content providers are either excluded due to in-house productions or suppressed by oppressive contracts.

The Solution:
1. Platform
An application for Smart TVs used as the new gateway to linear broadcast combined with a personalized video stream as an additional channel.
2. Blockchain
The technology to orchestrate the new television ecosystem, with direct interactions between users, advertisers and content producers.
3. Token
A custom Ethereum-based token called TTV only issued during the crowdsale, which will fuel the ecosystem while ensuring security and fairness.

The Benefits:
Users get to watch a personalized TV channel.
Users are rewarded for watching sponsored messages.
Independent content providers get to make it to the Big Screen.
Independent content providers can finance videos with TV ad spendings.
Advertisers achieve transparency over their TV spendings.
Advertisers get to use their first-party data for TV campaigns.

Building Critical Mass:
1. We aim to win exclusive content creators that currently work with YouTube or similar. With us they have a TV-optimized platform that remunerates them based on transparent watch statistics as opposed to clickbaited click models. With the content creators come loyal communities of viewers.
2. Through our ICO we have a nice amount of users right from the start. Each token owner will want a growing platform to have an appreciating token value. Word of mouth will come with it.
3. Feel free to view our product demo for a better understanding:

Happy to discuss!

Yupie icon 5.0 (1 Votes)
Normunds Blumbergs | Posted 1 week, 6 days ago

Hi Philipp,

Thanks for response. Project idea is clear, main challenge is current market disruption. Simplifying it even more - it's all about getting end users on the platform (advertisers etc. will come once you have users).
Thus reviewing end user benefits (as you listed them):
- "Users get to watch a personalized TV channel." - how is this different from Netflix etc. or just watching specific content on the internet? Where will you get quality content (e.g. people subscribe to HBO just to watch GoT)? Who is your target customer, that will want to personalize it?
- "Users are rewarded for watching sponsored messages". How much will be the incentive? Changing habits for few $ - unlikely.
- "Independent content providers get to make it to the Big Screen." This might increase diversity, ok, but then again ads complexity to navigate the content. As in - someone watching TV might be interested to just relax and watch something good in the evening, instead of selecting from 100 different content providers (part from which will be very bad).

I would not count that much on ICO contributors, since usually most of them are investors, not product users. Meaning - they invest in many coins and their main motive is to make profit, but yes, they might spread the word.
Have you grown your innovators / early adopters userbase? What are they saying? (as to why they use/would use the platform)

Yupie icon 5.0 (1 Votes)
Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

I like what you're saying; but maybe work on the presentation and layout :p Gave you a like

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
ScrapHouse of Life CCC | Posted 2 weeks ago

Integrating blockchain tech into smart anythings is something i see becoming a prevailing trend. I feel crypto is here and here to stay and the ones who are saavy enough to implement it in some form or fashion into already used and adopted tech are leading the way. When you consider how much time people spend on their phones or in front of a tv you understand that not tapping into these resources is just not an option. The only things that cause reservation would be the fact that it would seem you would lose anonymity if allowing specified content to stream through to you over every device you have in home. I suppose this is what the internet of things is tho and it just seems common sense worthy to include smart tvs. Appreciate that it is not a forced feature i.e. You are able to opt in or out that is something I feel has to be available in order for this to work.

Yupie icon 5.0 (1 Votes)
Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Hello, fine point pointed out by my fellows. Another big one no-one considered:

ETH has limited transaction speed, how will you pay your content viewers and content providers, I can see a lot of microtransactions ethereum network just has no way of handling for the foreseeable future.

That is in the case you will get there, the big question you need to answer is how do we make things better than currently youtube or netflix does.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Philipp Schulz | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Hi Fatalninuda,
my name is Philipp and I am one of the co-founders of TV-TWO. Thank you for reviewing our project!

Transaction Costs:
Putting every single transaction between advertisers and users as well as between users and content providers on the Ethereum Blockchain would entail prohibitively high transaction costs. Efforts like Raiden would be really helpful here. But we do not have to wait for Raiden. Opening state channels between TV-TWO and the participants is possible today. It enables us to transfer TTV off-chain and only settle on-chain, if the consumer wants to use the tokens on an exchange. If you have time, it would be really helpful to get your opinion on chapter 3.2 from our whitepaper, which covers the approach that we are proposing.

Better than YouTube:
Especially at the beginning, the video experience will be similar. However, while YouTube is optimizing for the shareholder value of Alphabet, TV-TWO is optimizing for utility to users and video producers to maximize the token value. The economics for content creators are inherently superior on our open platform. While video producers will not stop uploading to YouTube from day one, they will tell their audience to go over to TV-TWO, because they earn more on our platform with every single view. This will lead to exclusive partnerships in the medium term.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Fatalninuda . | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Hi Philipp, I've read the whitepaper and the strain on ethereum blockchain will be too big, even with only the final transactions on-chain. You also point out valid concerns about centralization and trust issues with off-chain settlement.

The part where you can be better than youtube is focusing on engaging, quality content. Problem arises with content and viewer token rewards. User acquisition will be very hard without mayor incentives, without the incentives you won't be able to get the positive feedback loop going. There are also valid concerns about the incentive model which you can case study with Steemit and start devising tactics to combat the low quality spam.

Why did you choose ethereum for the platform? Almost any other infrastructure provider is more suitable. Your approach is almost perfect for setting up on a dag system. Like IOTA. NEO, waves, stellar? Works good too.

Dag is much better for small transactions because of no fees, ethereum fees will be huge in your case.

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Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback: TE-FOOD is a farm-to-table food traceability solution

easy task
We would like to hear your thoughts about TE-FOOD, which is a farm-to-table traceability solution, covering all logistics and food quality activities and data management of the supply chain.   It provides cost effective applications and identification tools to make livestock and fresh food supply information transparent to supply chain companies, consumers, and authorities as well. TE-FOOD is in live operation, tracking pigs, chicken and eggs, and in 2018, it will be extended to track cattle, fish & seafood, fruits and vegetables.   (Whitepapers: ) (Website: )   Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. Consider potential threats or difficulties TE-FOOD might have to face. We are looking forward to your contributions!
25 votes
Yupie icon 50.0
Shahmeer Chaudhry | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

My feedback is more towards a business/ marketing perspective rather than a logistical one.

My biggest concern is that the market is becoming too saturated with origin based tracing dAPPs.

For example what is the competetive advantage of TE-FOOD to Ambrosus or Origin Trail or Devery. While the space is large enough for more than one fish, these projects are heavily funded and may turn the niche into a monopolistic identity unless TE-FOOD has a significant competitive advantage.

If so, This needs to be marketed in a very attentive manner where it is crystal clear why TE-FOOD is a better solution whether it being more favourable for the investors or the people involved in ecosystem.

If enough funds aren't raised it can become really difficult to compete against the well funded and supported companies in this space.

Yupie icon 13.04 (6 Votes)
Márton Vén | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Hi, this is Marton Ven from TE-FOOD.
We are often compared to other companies in the blockchain scene. We even created blog posts to show that they work with very different technologies, different product segments, and adressing different markets.

However, TE-FOOD has a huge significant competitive advantage: It is ready and working, while most of the ones you mention are not.

TE-FOOD is in live operation since 2016, and serves 6000 business customers, 400,000 transactions each day.

Most companies which made successful ICOs are just concepts. According to our experience, 90% of technological and business related problems arise during turning a concept to a working product, for which companies or consumers are willing to pay. Those companies have this phase in front of them. They have to spend a lot of time and money to develop their systems and build a business model which works, and gain the experience in implementing it. Meanwhile, we will spend most of the revenues to expand.

Don't misunderstand me, I don't want to look down on them, they are good teams.

Yupie icon 2.17 (1 Votes)
Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Agree. It's a competitive market, I was going to write the same remark. On the other had; it is a global market so there is quite a lot of room for competitors. Gave you an upvote.

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M Simms | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

1. Load consolidation - Often times trucks pick up more than one load from multiple suppliers based on availability but pawn it off as one supplier. i.e. produce distribution companies may source from multiple suppliers but tell Kroger/Walmart that they are coming from one farm.

2. Processing plant - Issue around dual sourced batches. If you have multiple batches in the same processing run you will run into issues in packaging mixed batches as your final product now has two or more batches in it and unable to track back to the origin.

2. relabeling - you have no control if a wholesaler relabels a package for their own warehouse needs. Often times upon inbound receipt of a package a DC or Wholesaler will re-label to match their internal product needs. If relabeled the trace-ability is lost

Yupie icon 10.87 (5 Votes)
Yang Shuyong | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Good thinking! After reading your comment, I went to TE-FOOD website to check. I think and I hope that they might have figured out solutions to your challenges in some degree. BUT NOT FULLY

For problem No.1, TE-FOOD invented security seals which are used to identify livestock, transport trucks, and fresh food packages. Basically, at the farm stage or primary procurers stage, food is already labelled to differentiate different primary producers or farmers. Distribution company cannot lie anymore. Together with blockchain technology, mobile checking app and other online checking applications, faking the security seals is an impossible tasks.

For problem No.2, this is a very difficult part, if the food producer produces a item which is the mixture of multiple other primary food. However, TE-FOOD seems to focus on less processed food, such as eggs, chicken legs and fish, rather than highly processed food, such as chocolate, cake or beer. This makes the identification easier together with veterinary controls.

For problem No.3, if the retail store relabelling the label, then the mobile app and other online checking app can not read the relabelled labels, hence the customer knows the retailer is tricking him/her.


Yupie icon 0 (2 Votes)
Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Interesting comments; I've learned something new. Have an upvote :)

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Márton Vén | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Thank you for the intelligent suggestions. And also special thanks to Yang Shuyong who answered them. Two points to add:

Problem 2: Yang is right, we are focusing on fresh food, and not processed food. According to our experience they take in a transport from the slaughterhouse, and do the cutting in one batch.
However, you are right that it will not be possible to tell which piece of meat originates from which animal, but it's not important, as they are fed, vaccinated, and treated the same way within the farm. Knowing the farm and the transport is the important, so we know which animals were in the same transport.

Problem 3: In case of relabeling (to a new TE-FOOD label), the customer app will be able to read it, but the origin information (before the food processor) will not show anything. This can be a suspicious fact to the retailer / consumer which shows an anomaly happened.

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Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

I really like the project.

As other's have already mentioned the main difficulty will be dealing with (relatively many) competitors. However, given you are already established; I can see you having an edge over the competition. If you manage to reach out to the global market in time; you'll win. I believe this is a very time sensitive issue and market expansion will be a top priority.

To further increase adoption of the product I'd recommend some lobbying with government bodies. It's no secret the food industry (as any other mayor industry) likes to protect it's secrets and isn't to concerned with the health and safety of the people. It might be worth considering creating a coalition with your competitors to achieve this collective goal on a global scale.
Another route you could take is by creating consumer demand; and market yourself as a quality label.

On the token distribution for sale; I feel that a 40% sale might deter investors and would personally like to see this number increased. The hard cap appears reasonable.

Missing in your team (based on team presented in white paper):

1. Lawyers
2. Most important - Marketing / sales team (preferably multi-lingual)

Kind regards,


Yupie icon 8.7 (4 Votes)
Márton Vén | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Interesting thoughts.
"I believe this is a very time sensitive issue and market expansion will be a top priority. "
As I wrote to another comment, while the competition (although none of them are competing for our market - fresh food on emerging markets) has a lot of work in front of them to create and fine-tune their products, create a business model, and gain experience, we will focus on expansion. As we already started and established representation in South Africa recently.

"To further increase adoption of the product I'd recommend some lobbying with government bodies."
This is exactly what we do, as governemnts have the possibility to regulate and enforce the supply chain, and sanctionize the anomalies.

Please check our blog post on what the General reserve (50% of tokens) is used for:

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Crumple Cat | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Sorry, but what I'm saying now doesn't apply to your question, but relates in general to the issue of nutrition. I encourage people to support the development of projects such as Memphis Meats and others, which create a breakthrough technology for the cultivation of artificial meat, which is actually the same as the natural to taste and properties. This direction is supported and funded by Richard Branson and Bill Gates including. This is a question of humaneness of humanity, it will help to stop torturing, suffering and killing animals, which in turn significantly affect people in a positive way in many respects. I'm sure that in the future there is no place for murders.

Regarding your project, of course this is an actual direction, in which many already go and you need your special strong steps in order to take a good position. By the way, considering that you already have a working product, I can add you to my enough active thread on BitcoinTalk with such projects (I'll do it soon;)

Yupie icon 6.52 (3 Votes)
Crumple Cat | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Already added, Marton ;)

Yupie icon 2.17 (1 Votes)
Márton Vén | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Thank you if you add our projects to your list!

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Working project, albeit small and in Vietnam, it has good grounds to embrace blockchain as it will reduce the costs over their whole infrastructure.

Token distribution is a huge red flag. The company will have 60% of tokens in reserve which they will put on market to replace the tokens that will get burned by being used. So even in the case this manages to lift off, there will be no great token appreciation until company runs out of tokens. It has a flip side though, as once company runs of tokens and people use their tokens to pay for alleged services, eventually the system runs out of tokens. If you have a constant token burn you need some sort of a way to create new tokens or you have 2 scenarios:
- your tokens run out
- your services become unaffordable

Not to mention that the token use cases outlined in the project documentation leave a lot to be desired. 1% of used tokens will go to conscious user reward, though! So we have that.

I also understand that companies will be getting their tracking hardware directly from the te-food company, for money.

This is has all the makings of a cash grab, the rewards are skewed heavily towards company issuing the token. Or completely, to be honest.

Want to be taken seriously in 2018 cryptosphere? Make your token a true utility token, that means every token holder gets a share of company profits. Payment tokens for services few users use is so 2014

Yupie icon 4.35 (2 Votes)
Márton Vén | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Thank you for the comments. Some answers:

I would argue that the project is small. We don't know any larger farm-to-table food traceability system on the world.

Token distribution: Most ICO projects, when they receive tokens to use their services, tthey re-sell it to the market (to have revenue). We do the same, the only difference is that we burn used tokens, and sell new ones (from the reserve). There is no other difference. And when the new ones run out, we generate tokens to fill up the reserve. But it means no dilution as the total numbers are intact.

About physical tools. Those companies which don't have their own ID tools, can buy them from us. Please note that traceability HAS TO have physical representation on animals / food products.

"Make your token a true utility token, that means every token holder gets a share of company profits"
What you describe here is the definition of security tokens, not utility. issueing security tokens is illegal in most countries.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Take kucoin for instance, security/utility token. Seems to be working just fine.

Oh.. even better, you have the means to generate tokens from thin air?
That works at counteracting the token burn.

It also means the profits are exclusively limited to your company. I would buy equity in your company, would never buy a token in your ICO, because I get nothing besides the risk.

What is your rationale for an ordinary person to fund your expansion? We probably agree people don't buy ICOs out of the goodness of their hearts.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Márton Vén | Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

"It also means the profits are exclusively limited to your company. I would buy equity in your company, would never buy a token in your ICO, because I get nothing besides the risk. "

You write strong statements, but please write the arguments for them. I don't know on what base you write these.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

The arguments are clearly stated. Twice. By you and repeated by me.

Nothing strong about it, just quoting you.

"Most ICO projects, when they receive tokens to use their services, tthey re-sell it to the market (to have revenue). We do the same, the only difference is that we burn used tokens, and sell new ones (from the reserve). There is no other difference. And when the new ones run out, we generate tokens to fill up the reserve. But it means no dilution as the total numbers are intact. "

There are several questionable statements in that paragraph, but lets focus on the one you picked:

You create tokens out of thin air and sell them to people that want to buy them. The total number remains the same, but your selling creates an unending supply of available tokens, which means no significant appreciation in token value, but 100% profit for your company.

Care to answer my other questions too?

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Márton Vén | Posted 3 weeks ago

One thing you forgot. We don't just sell useless tokens. We provide a service for it. We provide all the software, and the transaction ledger. We provide training for the companies as well.

So what we do is pre-selling the usage of the system. Companies buy it, and they can use our traceability services. Consumers buy it, and they can use our food quality analysis services.

Let's say you buy tokens. Then you decide you don't need it and you sell it to a supply chain company on the TFOOD Market. That supply chain company will use it to pay for our services. We receive the tokens, and we provide the services.

At this point we have two options:
1. Pre-sell the received tokens again, which will be later used for the services.
2. Burn the tokens and sell new ones.

The result is the same, we pre-sell tokens which will be used to pay for our services.

If we would not sell the tokens again, after a certain time there would not be tokens on the market, and we could not operate.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 weeks ago

So what's the point of your "tokens"? If you use them only to pay for your services, fiat would work just fine and much simpler, too. Nobody has to jump through hoops and buy your "tokens" for fiat and then use them on your services.

You can run a blockchain and collect fees in fiat just fine.

It's not a token, it's a coin the way you describe it.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Márton Vén | Posted 3 weeks ago

Please read our White Paper. There are more use cases for our tokens, it's just the most basic one.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Fatalninuda . | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

I've read your whitepaper and commented on the use cases. I see you have nothing constructive to add, good luck with your cashgrab

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Mel G | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

As a consumer, I love this use case. My husband is immunocompromised and his food safety is more important than for most people because of this. It would allow food retailers to track down the customers that bought a recalled product, instead of hoping that people see the recall in the current method. However, I can see where this might also be considered a bad thing for the retailers themselves, as it will lower the demand for many of their most profitable products when people find out where they really come from!

Yupie icon 2.17 (1 Votes)
Alex Krikorian | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Nice theory, not sure about practicality. Got one question actually. People in between (supermarkets, farms, etc) will they need any form of infrastructure, training or anything else , to be able to support this? I can on the front end how it could look like, but i cannot picture how it would reach that 'point'.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Márton Vén | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Thanks for the question. Supply chain needs to use mobile phones, and of course training.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Márton Vén | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Here is a video that shows how it works:

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
William Carbone | Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

I personally like the traceability applied to food logistics. We are currently working on tracking oil tins (fooz project), and I would envision a potential synergy with TE-FOOD. On top of that we are trying to embrace Blockchain technology as a long-term perspective. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
ScrapHouse of Life CCC | Posted 2 weeks ago

Again this is use case for blockchain where I see it really making a mark and creating a better experience for all parties involved. In today's world where manufacturers are inclined to cut corners and we hear horror stories of fillers being injected and or mal-treatment of livestock this project can ensure these practices are eradicated. With the prevalence of cancer and ailments and a good majority of these issues tracing back to our dietary choices in the ages of consumerism I for one would like to get back to some fundamental way of understanding what I'm consuming. This would allow for that much needed transperancy. It could also allow for a quicker and easier response to those times of outbreak or infection of sorts with an immutable ledger and traceability it seems it would be easier to facilitate removing problems from the supply change with a response time we have not been able to achieve to date aside from voluntary recalls of goods.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Jack Pocock | Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

One threat is the supply chain - meaning large farming companies will have to be on board. The product is only as transparent as the producer. However it seems like a great idea to link up with small local growers, which is a decent market.

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Are rental contract templates available outside the UK?

easy task
We are searching for international providers of  rentals contracts or agreements that would be valid  in a local court.The links below provide such tenancy templates for sale to Estate Agents and Landlords for use with their tenants:Room Search Website: Stationery Provider: Property Organisation downloadable contracts above are only valid in English or Welsh courts, I am presuming their are equivalent providers of templates across the globe. So the task, can anybody sign post DadShed to these companies or online marketplaces in other countries that sell such rental agreements?We are aware most property solicitors can draw up bespoke agreements, though  what we are only searching for are downloadable paid digital version providers.Thank you for your time, Aaron Mani
11 votes
Yupie icon 200.0
Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

In Belgium, if you want to rent or let, you need a contract in accordance to the law:

Important aspects of this law are:

1. You have to publicly publish the rental prices
2. In the rental contract you need to determine the rental price and the rental term
3. The person who rents out his or her home has to register the rental contract. This is free and can be done either at a local office ( or online through this website:
4. The renters put 2 month's worth of rent (in a locked account) or can decide to pay in parts; but then they have to put up 3 months of rent.
5. At the start of the contract it's obligated to have a detailed description of the place or you could use the services of an expert. If you choose an expert then both parties pay half the cost (this costs 300 euro or more).

The full law:

These are links to PAYED model contracts; referenced by the official Belgium website. This is the most complete website I have found with many different contract types.

Link to the main page:

These are links to FREE model contracts; but if you want to be absolutely certain; use the payed link:

1. Short term (max 3 years)

2. Long Term (9 years)

3. Unspecified Term

Hope these are of help.

Kind regards,

Yupie icon 72.73 (4 Votes)
Aaron Mani | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Hello Steven,

Great, this is really informative and we'll review the links in detail ASAP.

Thank you for your time, Aaron Mani

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago
Aaron Mani | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Hello Fatalninuda,

Thank you for these links.

Regards, Aaron Mani

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Kewagi Guiscard | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Here are some commercial contract template providers for the German-speaking countries:

Germany: SmartLaw -

Austria: No commercial providers, an official renter contract template is made available by the Austrian federal economic chamber:

Switzerland: HEV -

But there are also free contract templates from renter/consumer rights groups:

Germany: (Contract template from the German renter association, downloadable via the link "Mietvertrag (PDF)"), also available in English)

Switzerland: (Contract template from the Swiss renter association)

Please note that these contracts may have to be adapted in case the lease is time-limited (very common in Austria and Germany, usually for a time period of 3, 5 or 10 years) to become valid in their respective countries.

Yupie icon 36.36 (2 Votes)
Aaron Mani | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Hello Kewagi,

Thank you for you detailed response, much appreciated.

Regards, Aaron Mani

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Petra Kolesarova | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago
Aaron Mani | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Hello Petra,

This is great, thank you for the information for our future marketplace integrations.

Regards, Aaron Mani

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Mel G | Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago

For Canada, we have a great site that lets you input your details and it will spit out a legal rental agreement for you.

As well, I found this site which will give you legal rental agreements for several different countries - just choose the country at the top right hand menu and choose the kind of document you want to create.

Yupie icon 18.18 (1 Votes)
Yousef Nasser | Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago


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Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback: Outing Community App

easy task
We would like to ask for your feedback about Outing, which is solving a simple issue that we all had one time: "What's going on around me right now?" The Outing team is developing a community application, (iOS & Android) which is dedicated to real time events and outings, as well as integrating its own decentralized cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain, usable anywhere in the world. The application indicates and notifies for events, such as exhibitions, street musicians, street-marketing, public concerts and many more. It also informs about small events, for example events in bars or nightclubs, nearby to you via geolocation. Outing can inform you what's happening around you in real time. Professionals use it as a new tool of communication to organize events. (Website: (Whitepaper: )   Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. Consider potential threats or difficulties Outing might have to face. We are looking forward to your contributions!
13 votes
Yupie icon 50.0
Kiril Nikolov | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

As someone who raised 100k with a fantastic team on building a similar app, there are few things to know.

Business model has to be mega sharp.

Every player in the industry has a very specific niche, e.g discovery in advance, last minute discovery, ticket sales. If you try to cover few steps of the process, you are fighting an uphill battle with too many competitors.

Second is the competition. There are so many event apps, that for users its hard to distinguish the difference. Even worse, for partners its hard to distinguish the difference in business models and propositions. Hell, in Amsterdam some of the people I talked to got approached 2 times a week with a different app trying to do cool stuff. With so many, they had hard time picking up which one is which and how they can help.

Finally on your blockchain part, its great you are implementing a currency, but is this innovation enough to warrant the use of blockchain? I see many risks with your card, such as the Visa embargo, inability to grow the network of partners where you can spend the currency, inability to distinguish from other payment providers like Tenx or Monaco, low consistent demand for the token other than speculators and the list goes on and on. Why make a debit card for events and connect it to an app, when I can pay on events with Ether?

Oh and one more thing. Who is going to generate the content? If humans - good luck scaling. Events from Facebook? Good luck categorising so many thousands of events per city and categorizing them in a meaningful way (thats what we did).

If you want some deeper conversation, would love to hear from you guys , just pm me.


Yupie icon 23.08 (6 Votes)
Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Dear Outing,

I've read the whitepaper;
I like the concept.
This application could be used by tourists or locals looking for something to do on those "boring" days and it's a nice way to keep up to date with what's happening around us. For event organizers it's a nice way to bring more attention to their event. (Perhaps you can link the Facebook account such that people can save the date or share the event on social media.)
The fact that you integrated a wallet and are planning on a physical crypto to fiat card is absolutely something I'm excited about. (To be honest; the card as shown in the whitepaper could do for a makeover; it's quite dull).

My main issue:

The business model is not viable.

However much I like the concept; I can't, at the moment, see how you will generate revenue.
The main attraction for the app is that it's free. Free for users, Free for event organizers. I could see some potential in selling the card; but why would people pay for the card? Sure you could spend you tokens; but nothing else. This card would be of more value if it supported every ERC20 based token or if you could use the card as a cold wallet for all your crypto somehow. But I reckon that this would go beyond what this project is really about.
Also the idea of selling "add space" to event organizers might be interesting; but again; won't generate a lot of income.
And the fact that you are giving away 50%+ of the tokens will dilute whatever value they might have.
In the white paper I also couldn't find an exact commission % but only a promise that this % won't be to much... This is vague.

So in summary;

I see and believe in the value proposition of the app. I do not see any value in the token. I would suggest trying to find different ways of creating revenue and adding value to the token.
I'll let the ideas fester in my mind and maybe post about it in the next task.

But currently I'm thinking about this:

In my country you can buy a dull card called "UITPAS" ( This is a card which you can buy as an incentive for people to do cultural activities and allows people with low income, children, large families, etc. to get discounts. If people use this card when attending an event (there are scanners) they receive points. These points give them additional discounts or a free coffee, pancake, etc. So my thinking is that perhaps you could market your concept to governments as a way that they can promote cultural and local activities. This is just one example.

Kind regards,

Yupie icon 11.54 (3 Votes)
Martin Georges Musset | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago


I thank you for this analysis, each point of view is interesting and it must always be questioned. As you said one of the purposes of this application and improve the visibility of event organizers, but the most important for us is to satisfy the users because our basic idea is really: "what-is it going on around me right now? " I live in a big city in France and when I go out for a walk, I miss a lot of events especially street events, hence the idea of ​​outing.

As for the buisness model, we know that we aren't going to make money in the beginning, that's why our soft cap is about $ 1,200,000. To be able to launch the application without having money problem, afterwards we will put at the dispostion of the event organizers (bar, nightclub, museum and others) advertising space to talk about upcoming events because outing have a calendar limited to D + 1 to remain this idea of ​​present moment. It will be geolocated advertising so that it is useful to the users as to the professionals. Moreover, we count on the value of the application thanks to the number of users and not compared to what it brings back.For example, Snapchat at the beginning didn't bring in a dollar or so, but it was extremely valiant because it had a very large number of users even though now they have entered the ads.

To conclude, the goal of outing is really to create a sharing application, the fact that there is cryptocurrency, it's to suck a craze and reward users. As for the credit card, many people don't understand or want cryptocurrency so with this simplified system they will have access to it and maybe take a liking to it.

Have a good day,
Martin MUSSET- Outing CEO

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Pier Paolo Marchisio | Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

How this application differ from the existing Google application is not clear to me. Essentially,the application does not introduce anything new, or anything that is original. In addition how on Earth you think that giving away free tokens "OTG" has any values? This token have no actual values whatsoever, and I cannot see how someone want these tokens instead of FIAT or BTC ETC

Yupie icon 3.85 (1 Votes)
Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

The field Outing is trying to enter is oversaturated. They are up against people that have 0 or negative user acquisition cost. Unless they do something spectacularly good and fresh, they have no chance.

Yupie icon 3.85 (1 Votes)
Martin Georges Musset | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago


I'm Martin MUSSET, Outing CEO, I read your remarks on our project and I would like to to answer it. The concept of Outing doesn't exist yet (if I'm wrong don't hesitate to tell me the name of the application that is already doing this) The principle is simple, users create the content of the application, they indicate the events that they see or in which they participate and give their opinions on the quality of these events. Which means we don't need professional partners, canvassing and we don't list all the events. This for a simple reason, "know in real time what is happening around you", on the same principle as waze. In addition, almost no application allows you to locate events happening in the street such as musicians, artists or street-marketing.

And to respond to the remarks on the credit card, we already know the problems with Visa, as had Tenx but we are already in contact with providers who will find alternative solutions. Visa can earn a lot of money through cryptocurrency, they don't go private, the solutions will come.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us:

Have a good day,
Martin MUSSET, Outing CEO

Ps: Sorry for my english, I'm french

Yupie icon 3.85 (1 Votes)
Gil Nusbaum | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

I think it would be really cool if, as part of this app, you could have gps-based indicators of where users are. For example, if someone has posted a particular event, the app would show you how many users are currently attending.

Yupie icon 3.85 (1 Votes)
Martin Georges Musset | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

The app has this feature, you have a map and see all the events. When you click on one of them, you can see the number of people who gave their opinion so about the number of participants in real time. Moreover, you are logged in with your facebook account so you can see if any of your friends are at this event. Contrariwise, if you don't want to be seen by your facebook friends when you give your opinion, you can use the ghost mode.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Daniel Irina | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Another of my dreams becoming reality.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
ScrapHouse of Life CCC | Posted 2 weeks ago

I don't see viability for this with so many options already out there being utilized and adopted. What will set you apart from Facebook who essentially provides this feature to its audience? Why would people choose to leave Snapchat instagram Facebook and the like to migrate to your platform when they've already established themselves in this arena and are looking into integrating blockchain. I have utilized Facebook and instagram for the better part of ten years to accomplish what your outlining and the following that was built up in both platforms to date gives me an audience already ready for what I put out as well as couples their events and outings to me i.e. A network is already established. I don't feel the fact that "on the blockchain" is touted will be enough of a driving force when again your competition has already cornered the intent and is looking at implementing blockchain because everything and one is and will.

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Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback: Narrative Content Economy

easy task
We would like to hear your thoughts about Narrative and its concept of Content Economy. Please read the introduction of Narrative below and check out their website. What is Narrative? It’s time for content creators to get rewarded for their hard work. Narrative is a Content Economy, generating rewards for content creators, moderators, and others who positively contribute to the quality of content on the network. Narrative is autonomous, transparent, and completely user-centric. Reputation scores and content ratings ensure that “bad eggs” have minimal impact and that quality users and content rise to the top (and are rewarded the most). Narrative is the world’s public journal. There are three types of content channels on Narrative: Personal Journals, Niches (subject-basedcollections), and Brands. The economic motive for Narrative is to reward all users who add value to the network. (More: Website: Task: What are your thoughts about the term, “Content Economy”? Give us feedback, also explaining “why?“. We are looking forward to your contributions!          
15 votes
Yupie icon 50.0
Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Part 1/2

I've read the whitepaper and have thought about the concept of "content economy".

If I'm understanding it correctly you are offering a blog (personal narrative), a hobby/discussion platform called Niche (I instantly thought about reddit); and a kind of review platform (Brand). While I appreciate the ambition of the project it might be trying to do to many things.

The first and obvious downside I can see is that it'll be extremely difficult to create a clean browsing and search experience for users. If I'm writing about my experience at Disney World; am I writing for a brand or am I writing a personal narrative or both? How will users looking for information on 'Disney world' find what they are looking for in a digestible manner? Say for example I'm trying to find "What's on the menu in the Disney Restaurant?"; how will I find this information without having to sift through all the blog posts or vaguely related posts. This is but one example, but I hope this illustrates a huge difficulty in search engine optimization and categorization for your platform.

My second concern is related to "Content economy" in itself. There is something called "native advertising"; which is basically a commercial wrapped in a different skin (e.g. news article, blog post, etc.). Besides the ethics on this subject (intentional misleading); I'm having a hard time figuring out how you will promote objectivity on the platform. I know there will be a "tribunal" of some sorts; but won't those people be biased to begin with? Not to mention the companies behind the brand. Now; why is this a problem? Well, if your platform doesn't produce objective reviews, why would people use the platform as a reference for future purchases or information? Same problem holds for sensitive/polarizing subjects. In general I don't see how the platform will promote a balanced discussion/review.

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Steven De Baets | Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Part 2/2

What I am missing, and was hoping to find on this platform was a way for creative people to express themselves and engage with their like minded peers whilst creating something. I know many people who are looking for ways to find critics who want to read their poems, movie scripts, short stories, novels, etc. I would have loved to see this in the project. It would make sense to use blockchain in this regard, as it allows writers to automatically patent their words (cant argue with time stamps on a blockchain); also, the voting system would help create a fair distribution of funding; streamline editing (people will upvote parts they like, downvote what they don't like); grammar correction, translation, etc. And; the platform could lure in publishers looking for new material.
This concept might be a bit to far of from what narrative is about; but I think focusing on a more niche market would be something to consider. As of now; I'm not seeing what problem narrative is solving; nor what need narrative is addressing. (I intentionally worded it this strongly; as I'm sure answering this will help the project).

I'm sorry for being negative (please regard this as "devil's advocate"), I really enjoyed thinking about this project; I hope I wrote something that could be of use and will help narrative progress.

Kind regards,

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Fabio Vogel | Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Awesome, excessive, and innovative feedback!

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Daniel Irina | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Hi Steven, tks 4 Ur input,
"As of now; I'm not seeing what problem narrative is solving; nor what need narrative is addressing."
My short answer: It offers opportunities.
My subjective justification: I am the kind of teacher who doesn't plan the lessons or the content but offers the context for the students to follow theirs curiosities. The Narrative White Paper seems to point in the same direction. Of course they don't have all the answers, who does? But we will learn and grow and dream and change dreams and so on.

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Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Problem with introduction of new terms is clarity. I have no idea what content economy means, so as a term it may not be the most appropriate. Iit implies an interaction between various actors, but in such a model users don't interact with each other as in trading, so there is no economy, there are incentives, though.

An already running "world's public journal" on the blockchain defined itself as "An incentivized, blockchain-based, public content platform". This is as reduced a description as possible already. Because if you leave out "block-chain based", there is a lot of other "world's public journals" that are incentivized already running for a while.

I'm looking forward to see how you will handle the reward system, hope Steemit's failures will help you improve it.

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Enrique Hernandez | Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago

As long its transparent and don't let users spam with intel

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Shahmeer Chaudhry | Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago

I agree with the other comments, there can be a lot of confusion with the word of content economy, my first impression was that it had something to do with UPWORK or a free lancing platform but upon a further inspection it's about writing, hence the name Narrative.

About the word Content Economy, it does have a ring to it. The word economy does have a connotation with a larger end project. So it does expand the scope of this project. I think with proper branding and marketing this could have a nice ring to it and attract the writing and reading user bases and could even be a buzzword in the niche.

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Lam Ha | Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

very or high performance

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Gil Nusbaum | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

There is a huge need for this, and I love the "Content Economy" title. Content is king, there is an need for a centralized place for reliable content to be generated, stored and disseminated.

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Daniel Irina | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

I printed the white paper and already after the fourth page I can say I’m in. I know what the meaning of words like Cobol and Fortran is and I enjoyed the Internet since before Netscape. I always craved for a Quality Internet and The Content Economy project seems to reach in this direction.
More than this, I have a professional project to create a Classroom of 16 or so high schoolers from 16 countries or so. It seems that the content channels on Narrative are suitable for my pedagogical side of my project. And as I look for kids from countryside remote areas, initiative like Narrative and StormX might help to make my project financial autonomous.
Of course, I don’t take Narrative as responsible for the avancements. As we say at school: 50% of passing an exam is to show up. So, here I am!

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Daniel Irina | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Is there no way to avoid advantage some just because they have money? I can understand why you put it in this way but, they come with a financial advantage and we pay back for this giving them participatory advantage where from they will derive their financial pay.
I would rather propose to the investors a direct financial return as a percentage of some indicator for a limited period of time.

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Blockchain for oil tin traceability

easy task
Dears,As you know, we are about to start shipping oil tins across Europe, and we would like to soon integrate a Blockchain technology for tracking End-to-End shipment from producer to customer.Are you aware of any existing providers who have already done smart-tags integrated with Blockchain?We are thinking about embedding the tag on the oil tin.Don't forget to like our page!
14 votes
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Steven De Baets | Posted 4 weeks ago

I know several blockchain companies that deal with logistics, I hope one of these might be useful for your purposes:

1. (They have a working product RFID)
2. (ICO just finished; main focus is on bar codes and transportation)
3. (No ICO yet)

Could you perhaps give some more information on what you are looking for? A partnership? Or a blockchain platform to build your own project?

I'll add to the list if I find more. Please give feedback so I can narrow my search.

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Steven De Baets | Posted 4 weeks ago

This might also be interesting:

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William Carbone | Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Hi Steven, thanks so much for this valuable information. Both questions are true, in the way that Blockchain is an additional feature (critical one) that we would like to include in our project, so a platform would be ideal. And yes, if a potential partnership is what it takes to make it happen, then we are ok with that.
At this point in time, we are rather not interested in building our own platform - as you and the other participants have shown, there are many available solutions already, we only need to tackle the best and leverage on it for the best synergy of smart-tagging. Imagine all in a countryside environment (not necessarily uncivilized, but with its limitations), where producers will apply a smart-tag on the oil tin (or different product in the future).
Happy to explore it further with you, given this scenario. Thank you! :)

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Nico H | Posted 4 weeks ago

You might want to specifiy the reason you are trying to implement Blockchain technology. From what you wrote, however, it looks as WaBi might be the application you are looking for. Wacoin/WaBi mainly want to help customers identify counterfeits. Additionally, they show origin and route of the product. Their technology will likely be able to show additional information, too.

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William Carbone | Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Thanks Nico - yes worth specifying the reason more deeply. Let's say the counterfeit is not the first priority, but rather a consequence of using a blockchain-powered technology. We are mostly looking at, yes, E-2-E platform for tracking the orders, but most important, at smart tagging, which involves the physical "printing" of the order on the oil tin. The reason is simple: BC setting up the game, smart-tags having a tangible reference with the product (oil in this case) received.
Happy to hearing your thoughts. Thank you!

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Crumple Cat | Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Hey, maybe you should pay attention to Ambrosus.
Probably they have already implemented something of this on their platform for food and medicine.

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William Carbone | Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Thank you for the info. Since you introduced Ambrosus, how would you see its implementation in a real producer scenario (mostly in countryside) given the great size of the company? Most important, they provide a "protocol" which can be useful until a certain extent - we are mostly looking for an e-2-e solution involving also the printing of smart-tags. Happy to hearing your thoughts. Thanks!

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Fatalninuda . | Posted 4 weeks ago

You can do them yourself :) all you need is a 3d printer

Or talk to or check

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William Carbone | Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Thank you Fatalninuda :) well yes - but how would you apply to a countryside scenario for farmers? Looking forward to hearing your point of view to explore it further! Thanks!

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Fatalninuda . | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Farmers bring products to a facility for packaging, you tag the package ?? profit

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Petra Kolesarova | Posted 3 weeks ago

There are several ones focused on various (or more general) supply chain use-cases:

1) Chronicled: Blockchain technology for the secure exchange of physical assets
2) Viant: blockchain-based platform for modeling business processes, tracking assets and building the supply chains.
3) Ambrosus: Focused on food and medicine
4) Bext360: Coffee supply chain solution
5) Combines IoT sensors with blockchain technology, providing data integrity for transactions involving physical products
6) OriginTrail: Interoperability and automatic data connection between multiple supply chain organizations, with consensus mechanisms ensuring integrity of data
7) ShipChain: Track and trace on blockchain.
8) Provenance: Their software enables retailers and producers to open product data, track the journey of goods, and empower customers with access to knowledge.
9) Skuchain: Specifically optimized for enterprise.
10) T-mining: Enabling blockchain technology in container logistics.
11) WaBi: Anti-counterfeit labels on consumer products in China and internationally.
12) Walton: Integrates IoT with blockchain.
13) Wave: Manages ownership of documents on the blockchain eliminating disputes, forgeries and unnecessary risks.
14) Blockfreight: Blockchain for global freight.

Hope it helps to form a more complex context of existing competitive landscape.



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sergio tunno | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Hi Petra,
Indeed this is a very comprehensive competitive landscape, thanks a lot! Best.

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Lam Ha | Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago

very nice

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Yousef Nasser | Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago
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Jonathan Bowlas | Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago are building a software development kit specifically for business. "The Eximchain SDK enables companies to quickly build customized, end-to- end, supply chain applications with data privacy"

I'd also throw WaBi into the mix too.

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How do we prevent hyperdeflation?

easy task
In a deflationary environment, when speculators hold majority of the total token supply, velocity of Yupie transactions could get low, that it could be better to hold the token, thus tasks and our ecosystem gets stuck.To prevent this, we want to introduce what we call the Yupie Stimpack system. We need to set parameters for this to happen and these are the first suggestions, which would utilize a two trigger system. Velocity of the Yupie will be our first trigger warning which will be announced publicly. As you see from the equation below, is a simple way to monitor when the velocity (is number of transactions compared to tokens within system). As the number of transaction decreases, velocity slows down. We need to set precise thresholds together with you, on what is considered as too slow.Velocity = Number of transactions/CS*CS - Circulation SupplyThis is a precursor warning before hyperdeflation occurs. Why did the DAO fail? It’s because of exactly this. Users wanted to hold so no token movement occurred. Learning from their mistakes we must present a solution. Thus, why we have trigger two in place. Trigger two will go into effect when Yupie becomes hyperdeflationary. Below shows a hyperdeflation line drawing. The graph to the right shows ideal Yupie deflationary growth we want.How the Yupie Stimpack works? After trigger 2 occurs, from our own Company Yupie pool, we present a lower price than the exchange for a specific period of time as agreed upon with the community. The ETH that goes into purchasing from the Yupie Stimpack becomes a pool of ETH that goes to our businesses for funding which will be chosen by the crowd. This in turn will stop the hyperdeflation and restart the economy, thus thriving Yupie movement. The only way in the future to create a truly decentralized community we must invent and test policies for a true economy in a deflationary market. Give us your feedback on our two trigger system. Do you have ideas that could shape this? Research is needed on exactly when to act on trigger two. Do you have suggestions? When would be the right time for the trigger? We look forward to your feedback.
15 votes
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Steven De Baets | Posted 1 month ago

I don't think I fully understand the concern, nor the solution crowdholding is proposing.

I believe that when the prices of Yupies increase, the amount of yupies per reward will be adjusted given that the value of Yup is tied to and can be expressed in USD. Thus, in case of a huge price surge, the rewards in YUP will lower. If the USD value increases, the rewards in YUP will increase.

If I'm not mistaken the main issues to consider are liquidity and trading volume. This can be done by creating real demand and incentivise spending.

Here are some suggestions:

Given that the current crypto market is driven by speculators, many projects will be economically non-sustainable in the future. We can find examples of this in our recent history of the dot com bubble. Only companies which are intertwined with real economic activity survive in the long term. Therefor it is imperative that crowdholding focuses on tying real economic value to its tokens. There are several ways this can be done; I humbly suggest considering these options:
- Companies use the tokens on the platform for tasks (as it is done now)
- Allow users to spend the tokens for coupons (e.g. amazon coupon, store coupon, etc.) Companies will gladly participate in this; as this will give them free marketing. It’s a win win situation. There are many services which provide this couponing. Creating a market place within the crowdholding website will radically increase economic viability.
- Allow users to create bounties. As you know the crypto market is flooded with regular joe’s and janes. They will be the biggest buyers of the Yupie tokens in the short term future. Allowing users to create bounties could increase demand further. However some caution is necessary and this concept needs more consideration before being implemented.
- Create a research and development team. Allow users to develop an idea from concept to reality. A lot of examples can be found (from graphic designing to actual electronics or other products). Allow a way to harvest the power of the crowd.
- Create a platform for micro tasks (Think mechanical turk (amazon), etc.)

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Ethan Clime | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Steven... brilliant. I see the concept of tokenizing coupons, as the first step for business accepting crypto. Nice.

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Fatalninuda . | Posted 1 month ago

Wow, you guys are really good at shooting your feet off before even starting. You have time to focus on hypothetical solutions for hypothethical problems? Which aren't even problems at all? Or possible?

There is exactly 0 chance of an event you call "hyperdeflation". Because if nobody sells, the price can't be defined. There will ALWAYS be people selling, there will NEVER be a time when people will just hold and not sell for any price. Ever heard of markets? If holding yuc makes you x amount of money a year, it is trivial to calculate the appropriate yuc trade price y. And yes, people will trade it for a price they think it is appropriate, or what is your idea? That people will just hold forever? With unicorns shitting rainbows and depositing dollars to yuc holders, more each day?

The community will never agree to see their holdings diluted, it's a silly thing to ask for. In a comment you wrote "By increase money supply through selling more yupies with lower price will boost the YUPIE price again. SO it is actually good for you :-)". Your logic is not even logic, even in your own logic. Because the price with your intervention will always be lower than in what you term "hyperdeflation", which is the wrong term to use, btw.

Even it the case an approximation of this "hyperdeflation" happens, economy stops, people don't trade yuccies, there are no tasks anymore. What exactly will prop up yuc price then? Magic?

Also no idea which DAO you're reffering to, the DAO failed because it was useless. That it got hijacked was just the icing.

Can you please stop posting requests for feedback that make us question your intelligence?

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Ethan Clime | Posted 1 month ago

DAO was useless because people weren't willing to spend in their voting system because users of the DAO thought the token would increase in time (deflationary currency). Thus, we are looking to prevent this in the future, for our application. More work to analyze this, and focus is developing the product right now. But we wanted to plant the seed of this topic, so we can prevent issues a year from now. Our end goal after (although you are likely right we should not use the word hyperdeflation) is to create a fully decentralized market place. But if no one buys products and invests in projects in our eco-system our result is the DAO. We made the mistake of analyzing this topic too early. More to learn while we develop. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers.

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Fatalninuda . | Posted 1 month ago

DAO was useless because there was nothing to vote on.

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Matt Greenspan | Posted 1 month ago

Can you write that article again in layman's terms? I have no idea what I just read.

Why over-complicate things?

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Yang Shuyong | Posted 1 month ago

Hi, i think u misunderstood. What i mean is not as u thought. It is when no one is trading yupies, and this will trigger hyperinflation that YUPIE value will drop to zero very quick. By increase money supply through selling more yupies with lower price will boost the YUPIE price again. SO it is actually good for you :-)

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Yang Shuyong | Posted 1 month ago

Okay i will try to help you! Basically, there is fixed amount of YUPIE on the market, for example 100. If more people begin to use, it is getting more expensive. When it is more expensive, people will not trade it, coz they want to hold it. This is same as the US great depression. If everybody holding it without trading, then yupie will be close to zero value. Crowdholding solution is to sell yupies at lower price when YUP actual price is too high, so people begin to buy it. There is trade of yupie on the market, so yupie price wont drop crazy :-) a protection to all yupie holders.

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Matt Greenspan | Posted 1 month ago


Thanks for the explanation. Wow, I totally don't agree with this plan then.

I would not have contributed my ETH if I had known this was part of the plan. Of course people will still trade it. That's how the open market works, supply and demand.

We want the price of YUPs to increase. Why else would I have bought it? I could've put my ETH into Tether instead.

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Gil Nusbaum | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

There are easy examples you can look at in the stock market - secondary offerings and issuances of new shares. When a company issues new shares at below market prices, that has the effect of causing the market prices to drop. Happens every time. So to say that the price won't drop like crazy because Yupies will also be traded on the market is not accurate.

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Viktor Horyachev | Posted 1 month ago

What's DAO that your are referring to here? I don't think artificial price support or suppression is a good idea. You should focus instead on the token's use in the system and trying to make it more useful to encourage the users to transact in it as required to support the velocity.

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Tsotne Arsenidze | Posted 1 month ago

I agree. The proposed solution could just end up backfiring, because poeple might just start buying cheap Yupies to hold even more of it. Best case scenario, people will start artbitrage plays.

It looks more like a temporary bandaid than solution.

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Ethan Clime | Posted 1 month ago

That's exactly what we will be focusing on. As our eco-system grows with the use of the system, investors will make huge gains, and we will encourage spending of the Yupie token. However, hyperdeflation can cause a token crash. This can happen to any token on the market. For me it's common sense to protect investors to prevent a crash using a stimpack, just like governments and banks try to have policies to prevent hyperinflation. We are thinking ahead, on behalf of all of you.

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Viktor Horyachev | Posted 1 month ago

Sure, protecting investors is a good idea. Ever growing number of coins have to deal with depreciating price due to lack of transactional support and limited real-life demand for the token outside of pure speculation. Many projects are trying to address this already by burning or term-locking the coins. The bottom line is that you should strive for a balance of healthy price speculation and real-life token demand.

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chaosfourever k | Posted 1 month ago

The trigger should take place at least after the project has been out for a year. Also we definitely need holding rules because I would be afraid of people dumping right before the price buy decrease. I just wouldn't want to see the trigger hurt the price more than help the growth.

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Nico H | Posted 4 weeks ago

Instead of trying to play the market, create incentives for people to use yupies (I think this should be your major goal anyways). Furthermore, this is no closed market, if the value of one yupie rises in comparison to other assets, you get more of these assets in return for one yupie and, therefore, you will be rewarded less yupies for your participation on the plattorm (this will happen naturally).

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Daniel Irina | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Happy to see this post.
In terms of a metaphor or as I call it a story telling, money should be a medium for interactions: the vector that holds the spark of life. Like the water. In the village of my friend Don Chapeau no one ever own money. The mean of the money was stated as for appreciating the contribution to the village wellbeing. So, in my case, as a high school teacher in this village I might be payed the equivalent of some $327,468 per week. But I'm so busy with my schooling that I can't spend more than $385. And, as I agreed by joining the community, after let's say two weeks when I'm allowed to enjoy the numbers in my bank account, 90% of my account is reallocated to the community and goes into the appreciation of other contributions who need money. Like a farmland irrigation system.

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Enrique Hernandez | Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Creating interest will build value but also limiting how much people have access to

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Lam Ha | Posted 3 weeks, 5 days ago


Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Gideon Blaauw | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Stimpack sounds like Quantative Easing in monetary terms. Not good for investors.

By pegging the Yupie to the ETH investors start HODL'ing.

The Coupon suggestion by Steven De Baets below is not a bad one. You can call it coupon/reward token/goodies or whatever.
Contributors get rewarded > they convert the Reward token to Yupie on internal marketplace > and now contributor can start investing/spending
Reward tokens & Yupies are pegged in price. Ratio tbd.
You keep recycling the Reward tokens towards new tasks in the ecosystem.
As the Yupie token increases in value, so does the Reward token. And viceversa of course.
Reward token holders can decide to issue own tasks, they set reward.
Instead of investing these reward token holders become influencers in the project. They can take the project to a whole new level or take it into the direction you don't want.
Well it's decentralised, so you have to let go.
Not your baby anymore ;)

These are my thoughts and thanks to Steven.

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Gil Nusbaum | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Could you introduce token splits whenever trigger 2 occurs? That way instead of introducing new dilutive tokens to the market, you are introducing additional tokens by issuing, for example, 1 additional token to every holder of 1 token. Because the holder now holds more tokens (though each will be worth half of what it was), he or she might be inclined to use some of those tokens in the platform.

Yupie icon 0 (0 Votes)
Gil Nusbaum | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Speaking of which, CH previously announced that it was going to triple the number of tokens issued to participants in the ICO. What ever happened with that? I know I still haven't received the additional tokens...

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Mandar Karhade | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

This is the unnecessary and mental exercise we are talking for no good benefit.

Let's get the project started first. Thinking about astronomical token prices somehow leading to less liquidity and hyperdeflation is completely unnecessary at this point. I strongly disagree that any amount of mental or technical power should be wasted on such a thing.

Sorry for strong language but are you out of your mind? You guys dont even have anything to show for. Any market to trade. You have missed on every promise that you have made so far. Get the main functionality of the plaform running first.

Once there is a potential of the hyperdeflation, create a new smart contract for the token and exchange all the tokens for the new ones. Stop wasting time

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Randal Ken Tice | Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago

As you can see, many people are quite critical to the idea you are asking feedback about. I think the strong reaction has to do with you playing with hypothetical situations when the company should be focusing on creating real life use cases for the Yuppie.

Time is valuable money in any new company, and wasting time with tasks that do not benefit anyone prompts people to lose faith in the company.

Some areas that I suggest you focus on: tying real life rewards to the yuppie, using the yuppie to buy in shares or stocks in new startups, using yuppies to crowdsource an idea from the community that will be seen all the way to a minimum viable product, and so on.

These are the kinds of things that the community can offer a lot of good feedback on and will help crowdholding, yuppies, startups, investors, and community members all be happy about.

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Katherine Lisa whitcroft | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

The community will never agree to see their holdings diluted, which is the wrong term to use, btw.

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ImpromptMe App

Are you a watcher or a player?

easy task
Hello Crowdholders, thank you for all the feedback you have given us up to now! So, the new task is here :) FIrst, take a look at the video if you haven't done so already and on our website to understand how our app works. Here is the challenge: We are currently targeting young people between the ages of 18-35 who move around and feel the need to meet new people. From the behaviour of our users, we have noticed one key thing: There are many people sitting back and waiting for somebody to invite them, and there are only a few actively sending out invitations. Help us crack this puzzle by answering both questions! :)a) What factors on the user profile would motivate you to go and invite somebody? There are several pieces of information users provide about themselves such as:      - Age, Photo, Occupation, industry, description and whether they are interested more in social or professional meetups. (I'm adding 2 store screenshots to look at, can't put here screenshots of real users in order to protect their privacy :) b) If you were to receive in-app credits for each attended meetup to spend on a free drink, how would that increase your motivation?
11 votes
Yupie icon 120.0
InSomnius Joe | Posted 1 month ago

As I already used the app I can speak from "practical experience" though it's not hard to imagine anyway. But it'd be cool if you show people few profile screens here and then let them decide if they'd want to invite person with "those information" to a meetup and why,what they are missing, etc.
>> Then you can use that in creating the UX of the profile creation.

Now to my answer.

a) Did something intriguing catch my attention?
Eg. Hobbies that they wrote down, their position, their mindset and interests, and things like these.
- Though unfortunately if there's not much information to go by I'd have to admit that age would be a factor, too.

b) Drink would not motivate me at all. Food would. Or even sizeable discount (after few meetups let's say) on some food.
This can even be food that they'd have to throw away at the end of the day :D. Food goes a long way for me. :D

Yupie icon 24.0 (2 Votes)
Andrea Knopová | Posted 1 month ago

I've uploaded two screenshots we use for the store preview. Good point :)

a) Got ya! So basically encourage people to say a few interesting things about themselves - from occupation to mindset & some interesting fact, so you've got something to spark your interest.

b) Hahaha, fair enough! That's gonna come a bit later on :)

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Evert Stefanie Lejeune | Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago

I think today it's very common that people just sit back and simply wait for things to happen. You see it even on facebook, you simply get suggestions of things you searched for so you could eventually buy them or visit them, so it's not really a surprise that there are only a few people that actively send an invitation.

However the people that actively send an invitation are the people that really want to use the app where it is meant for, the others are the 'windowshoppers', quickly take a look without really having the intention of active usage.

Factors that would motivate someone to use the app actively could be:

- Photo (i would say indispensable, people want to have a first impression of the person they are going to meet)
- Age
- Occupation/education ( search for common interests)
- Relationship status or things like searching for relationship, searching for friendship,...

I also think a system of rewards would improve the usage. Maybe you could search for 'partners' so when people make an appointment with eachotther and they visit a shop of one of your 'partners' they get a free drink, or a reduction on a movie ticket, or something free to eat, ....

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chaosfourever k | Posted 1 month ago

I am liking the idea. It can be very hard to meet people these days. It does feel a lot like tinder, but for making friends.
a) For me a few factors matter. Age would be one of them. Another factor would be work schedule so that I could plan better. Maybe simple factors like family or married. Really anything to help know that this new person is someone I would actually want to hang with and has proper commonalities. Hard to tell who you would be meeting these days. Also a photo should be required.
b) I like the idea of credits for some free items such as drinks. This is helpful motivation for not only me to invite, but for them to also want to come. A little bit goes a long ways these days so that would be a good idea in my opinion.

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Andrea Knopová | Posted 1 month ago

Hahahah, I don't exactly enjoy the association with tinder but yes, it's an app for making friends - in person :)

a) Age and photo is there, availability schedule as well (just not visible to you until you decide to invite that specific person) All of these other things are up to user to fill in into their profile, but I'm thinking we may need to give people more idea of what info they should provide to make their profiles appear more trustworthy.

b) Follow-up question: Would you be sold on a beer? That's what we'll be offering in London when once we launch there soon

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chaosfourever k | Posted 1 month ago

Ya a beer works. Another option could be like a free appetizer to split.

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Fatalninuda . | Posted 1 month ago

If you set the research broader or browsed some of previous research you would notice that the ratio between active and passive people is similar across various fields. Can't really do much about it, as prey animals we are cowards by default.

There are two dimensions where you can improve the active/passive ratio.

1.) Make the goal more attractive

- well made profiles help, yours seems OK. Could use an UX makeover, but another topic.
- incentivise desired activity: free stuff always works, positive feedback loops always work, loops like you give your users a reason to feel good about themselves, usual way is by using achievments, you can connect rewards and achievments, of course. Achievment: FIRST BLOOD (working title, not final choice obviously) Ask a person out, you get a FB badge displayed on profile and a free drink or disconts at a partner eating house/shopping mall (don't be mean)

DOUBLE KILL, Ask 2 persons out and on

2.) Make the goal less frightening

- Incentivise getting asked out and accepting, too. Display how many times the person went out using your app and comments and ratings from the user he/she went out with. If the bounce rate is low, you can display it too. Even us humans aren't afraid to try something with 98% chance of free stuff and more, maybe.
- some sort of rudimentary vetting for first timers, like giving a trusted person some reconpense to go out with a newguy, or variations of it.

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Andrea Knopová | Posted 1 month ago

Hola, thanks for the comment. Let me summarise and follow-up on a few points.
- Active x Passive users - yeah, and that's part of the reason why we are trying to take this issue away by creating a slightly different flow in the app - won't say more for now :)

1) - UX makeover has been done already, will be visible in the new version that's coming out next week :)
- Right, gamification, got it - more tasks will follow-up on this matter

2) Validation of profiles... Work in progress will put there some more specific tasks towards this topic in the future

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Maria G | Posted 1 month ago

a) Common friends & interests.Nowdays young people are very skeptical to get in touch with unknown persons. Α photo for example is not always what it shows, almost every person I know has been fooled by a fake photo.
First of all you need a secure environment. "Person you may know.." or "friends of friends" or close neighboors is the better point to start. Then you can focus to the interests and activities . E.g motivate to meet fellow students from the same university. You could also could focus on thematic meetings e.g. to play boardgames, to exchage ideas on a pc game, to visit theatre etc..

b) Yes! And it would be even greater to extend it for tickets for expamle for a music concert, or discounts etc.

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Alex C | Posted 1 month ago

a) What factors on the user profile would motivate you to go and invite somebody?

1) Age: This quickly helps me decide whether the tone / level of maturity of the meetup is suitable for me today.
2) Verified Photo: A picture speaks a thousand words. Best if impromtMe rewards users to use their most attractive photo. If I like what I see, that will greatly increase the chance of me attending.
3) Relationship status: Well, this is to help you manage your expectation. So that you don't try to hit on other people's wife. (just kidding)
4) Ethnicity: This matters to some people, i realised.
5) Occupation/Education: So that you know if you have common topics
6) About Me: Free text
7) Verified Reviews: This is personality reviews given by other people who have met this person. It can be in a form of likes/dislikes, or free text. This may be important factor because if the person i am meeting is going to be a pervert, I wish to be warned beforehand.
8) Other trivial stuffs like Height, Weight, Smoker, Drinker, hobbies, etc

b) If you were to receive in-app credits for each attended meetup to spend on a free drink, how would that increase your motivation?

Yes, definitely increases my motivation. Free beer, why not?
But may I suggest that you give more freebies to female users. If you attract the ladies, you get hordes of men in.
I consider myself a rather high income earner.
No doubt getting a free beer gives a bit of motivation, that is nothing compared to the having more chances of meeting attractive ladies (gotta be honest!)

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Gil Nusbaum | Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago

I think it would be great if you could add a category to the profile that reveals specific topics the user would like to discuss or learn about as well as specific topics of expertise, and then possibly even match users according those interests -- so that the app will make suggestions as to whom you should invite, talk to, etc.

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Andrea Knopová | Posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Yeah, cool! We're already considering adding some section like "Topic I like to talk about" and "one interesting fact about myself"

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Petra Kolesarova | Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

I have already moved to 4 countries, therefore, I would like to add my feedback as well.

1) Age: Naturally, people are looking for age appropriate people, that is not much of an issue when basic filters are included.
2) Photo: There are multiple studies, some of them shared by Tinder and other related companies stating the importance of including a photo for a successful meet-up. Especially, with such competitive landscape and in the swipe culture, people do not have a reason to waste time on users without a picture. Users with pictures should be always topped and preferred in any search - again see Tinder and their machine learning, which nowadays can even recommend pictures, which will be displayed based on your swipe left/right ratio.
3) Similarities: This is much wider group, which would include everything else, which connects people. Similarities can be build on bottom-up approach such as:
level of education - major - extracurricular activities and groups - institution (alumni groups) - occupation - professional seniority - likes/dislikes - activities and hobbies - preferences
Such data could help you to establish what are the motivations of such user in terms of socialising.

In-app credits for a free drink are great, nevertheless, if you would be targeting people from similar industries, chances are that many of those events are sponsored.

I would definitely suggest targeting a specific niche at first, ideally a group which is short on cash - such as digital nomads. Their motivations are more predictable, age range is in line with your envisioned age range and probably they would not go for more sophisticated goals as building professional network etc. - which can be much harder to successfully manage compared to competitors, appropriate age/genders often do not play a big role there, similarly, those are usually the events, which are already being sponsored.

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Enrique Hernandez | Posted 1 month ago

I think a video intro will help with the ice breaker and to buy drinks is a great way

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Steven De Baets | Posted 1 month ago

I'd love to see an option where people can suggest something they want to do and how many people can join.

Examples: "This evening I'm going to go to a concert, who wants to join? (1 person)" "I'm going for a run today (beginners), who would like to join me? (max 5)" "I'll be visiting a museum - who's interested in joining me? Drinks after (1p)" "I'm new in town, who wants to go for a walk and show me around?" "I want to play a football game with my classmates, who wants to join" etc.

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Andrea Knopová | Posted 1 month ago

Hi Steven, this doesn't exactly answer the question but it's an interesting point regardless :) We are planning to implement this kind of functionality in the future - at least the one which targets people who want to go & eat/drink for sure. Other activities will be considered and eventually carefully implemented :)

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James Roylance | Posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Interests and photo would be key. Also location and ‘personality types / interests of others’ they know they dont like

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Industry Feedback

Industry Feedback: KickCity Event Management

easy task
Let’s give feedback to KickCity. How does it grab your interest? And what’s your opinion about the startup? "A decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for event marketing which rewards its participants would allow for more effective & economic event marketing without going through a centralized advertising platform/ institution."  ( For now KickCity is an event platform where users and event organizers can buy tickets and register events. Check out KickCity’s website, as well as their app and tell us how the project can contribute to a decentralized world. How can they help to overcome today’s event industry marketing problems?  Discuss and debate. We are looking forward to your contributions. Website: Web version:
25 votes
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Steven De Baets | Posted 1 month ago

Hi KickCity,

I've read the whitepaper and would like to share some thoughts I had whilst reading. Hope these might be of help.
In general I like the idea, especially the improvement over Facebook's system, in that companies and organizers will save costs by using KickCIty given you only charge the sales and not the marketing (If I'm reading this correctly).
1. You state in the whitepaper that there will be several payment options (Fiat, BTC, ETH) besides the KCY token. My first question would be: What incentive do people have to use KCY over any of the other options?
2. It's stated in the whitepaper many people don't know how to use the Facebook marketing tools. My question is; Why is this the case? And how will KickCity improve this? It's unclear to me if those people just lack the technical abilities or if Facebook lacks a proper user interface? Also; won't 'blockchain', Crypto' reduce the potential market? Not many people actually know how to use crypto given the many steps it takes to get involved (set up an account on an exchange, create a wallet, etc)
3. Multi-level 1 marketing. I think I do not fully understand this section. The way I read it is that users (in this case people that are interested in a particular concert/event) will have to pay to share a link? This sounds like a huge deterrent for people to actually share a link. I don't see why I would have to pay to share a link from another company. If I read this wrong, please reconsider making it easier to read.
4. How will you prevent abuse? It appears that event organizers won't have to pay an initial fee, except on tickets sold. Wouldn't this lead to people creating bogus events merely for the free add space?
5. It's stated that event vendors will be able to purchase KCY on the website above market prices. How much higher? It would be nice to see a %.
6. Could you specify a use case. I've found it difficult to visualize how the proces would work. Does KickCity promote only via shared links? Or on a platform on their website? Or does KickCity also offer services that helps people create a campaing? Will Kickcity also use the services of Facebook/google? Will people use their phone apps to register and pay for an event? It would be nice to see an example.

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