10 reasons to join Crowdholding if you are a student


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1. Make connections with inspirational entrepreneurs

Elon Musk has over 7 million Twitter followers and while you may or may not have a hero in your life, people like Elon are definitely perceived as such. There are many more inspiring entrepreneurs you probably haven’t heard of. Connecting with inspirational entrepreneurs is something you can benefit from as you’ll get addicted to the entrepreneur’s attitude and learn from their exceptional experience. The obvious way to relate to entrepreneurs is to identify what they do and talk about it. And what an easier way to understand what entrepreneurs are involved in if not working with them on their startup? We, at Crowdholding, have made it simple for you to connect with entrepreneurs who are working on exceptional startups.

2. Be part of something new

Is it worth being a trendsetter for new technologies and suppliers? Ben Huh, the founder of The Cheezburger Network, explains in this video why he always purchases every new product from Apple, Google, and Amazon. Becoming part of something new can get you the prestige of being an early adopter. You can often be the first to test the technology, and through your feedback and investments on Crowdholding, you get a product more closely tailored to your specific needs. If the technology is innovative, you may be able to recognize and take advantage of further investment opportunities and make more money.

3. Turn knowledge into action

"It is necessary to combine knowledge born from study with sincere practice in our daily lives. These two must go together.” - Dalai Lama

As the quote above states, you require both the knowledge and the action. You have to learn and have to do. We know from experience that this isn’t easy.  It is easy to read about almost everything, however, it’s much more difficult to actually put that information into practice. We, at Crowdholding often find ourselves wondering about the balance between the immense amount of information that we consume and actually doing the things we’re learning about. After seeing the Dalai Lama’s quote on Twitter, we started thinking about this topic more thoroughly and came up with ideas for incorporating knowledge into action…

  • Share with someone what you’ve learned.

The more you share with others, the more likely you’ll be to remember what you’ve learned. Every time you introduce other to a new topic, you’re also remembering what you’ve learned. The more you remind yourself, the bigger the chance that you’ll put the ideas into action.

  • Combine your ideas with your routine

If you want to expand your boundaries and practice some new knowledge in an action-oriented way, discover ways to incorporate it into your daily routine. If you need a little motivation, you can join others on Crowdholding to take action with you. If you continuously put knowledge into action and turn it into your routine, it’ll be easier to stick with it.

  • Continue learning about the topic

The more involved you in in a topic or projects, the more you will learn about a subject as we’ve seen from our experience. Therefore, it’s best to continue learning about what you want to be aware of. The more you learn, the more you’ll remember and then put into action.

4. Be useful

You probably want to be useful to others in some way. You all desire to feel needed, capable - like you’re making a difference, in some small way. There is this lifehack article that we really like about how to make oneself useful. What makes someone extremely useful is their attitude and not their communication skills, network or competence. Here are a few things that you can do on Crowdholding to make yourself extremely useful:

  • Share your knowledge: Tell the world about the things you know how to do. Not sharing your knowledge is the same as not knowing it at all. Whatever it is that you can do, if nobody else knows about your skills, they won’t ask you when things need to get done.

  • Solve the current issues: Help entrepreneurs with their immediate problems by lending your efforts to resolving the crisis.

  • Satisfy your own curiosity:  Take each chance to help out as those are opportunities to learn something new, to increase your knowledge and abilities.

5. Work smart, not hard

You have perhaps heard this a million times, “to succeed you need to work smart, not hard”. This post debates about this in more detail. How do you describe working smart? Would work less mean being smart? Do smart individuals work less hard? Confusing, right! You have to know that being smart is about making informed choices. It’s about making the appropriate decision, the fair choice or the right step. We cannot separate working smart from working hard so be thoughtful in making choices in life and work hard on fulfilling your dreams. We, at Crowdholding want to motivate you to join entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success. You can work hard all your life, but getting involved in a project gives you a chance to work smart and develop as an individual.

6. Explore your potential

Very often you do not suspect what potential you have. This ignorance is costing you - you restrict yourself, your achievements and results by dozens of times. Do you want to open up your potential, become successful and easily reach the craziest goals? You are right, not everyone can do it. Doing this correctly means that you need to define goals for yourself and do your best to achieve them. After you have identified the goals, we can help you in exploring your potential and becoming the best version of yourself.  

7. Learn something new

No matter how busy you are, you can always find the time to learn or learn something new, says the creator and CEO of the Curious training portal Justin Kitsch. Information is power and we don’t have to remind you about one small nuance - we live in an information society and the main resource of the information society, oddly enough, is (drum roll) ... information. This resource determines destinies of entire companies. The main thing that you find on Crowdholding is information, fresh and innovative ideas are actively submitted by the crowd onto the platform. The main thing is to use it correctly, or at least to learn something new is in the spirit of the times.

8. Unleash creativity and find inspiration



You maybe literally suffering from ignorance, without an idea of how to live further. The monotonous everyday life squeezes you into boredom, literally leading to deep despair. How to release your ideas? We know that the easiest way is to get your nose out and start taking an active interest in something. Especially, in the age of knowledge, it’s as easy as finding bananas in the jungle (Find where bananas grow). We’d like to help you let loose your inspiration and creativity. Discharge all your ideas and learn something new by collaborating with entrepreneurs on Crowdholding. Find projects for the soul that will destroy your oppressive monotony.

9. Gain Experience

Richard Young can safely say that he made himself: in less than a year he went from trainee to ergonomics consultant in an agricultural company to a designer with a full rate at Sony. Surely, many you may have already experienced the problem of finding a job. To get a job, you need experience and to get this experience, you need to find a job. It turns out a vicious circle. But, it turns out, it is quite possible to break it. You acquire new skills or improve your current abilities by closely collaborating with entrepreneurs on raising issues. The learning curve in a startup is exponential and you’ll go through a variety of experiences every day. That is why joining a startup is an easy way to gain experience and be able to show REAL examples of your wisdom.

10. Make an extra income

Benjamin Franklin argued that “Time is Money”  and we also think the time you spend collaborating with startups creates value in the long-run. Dedicating time giving feedback and ideas to entrepreneurs on our platform earns you Crowdshares. Crowdshares represent % of future sales and they are distributed to you for 1 to 5 years or indefinitely if the contribution was crucial to the success of the startup.

We are interested in your opinion and feedback regarding the crowdholding concept.

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Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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