How did 67,000 people create the first crowdsourced melody?


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The author of the project Brandon Ferris wanted to find out whether it is possible to create a music piece by crowdsourcing, that is, by combining the efforts of many people with the help of information technology. Brandon himself, a programmer from the Dominican Republic, was inspired by the success of Wikipedia and Reddit. With the same idea, but better design Crowdholding connects the crowd with musicians to co-create music.

In the experiment, 67,167 people from 147 countries took part. Anyone could influence the future music by voting. The first two notes were suggested by the author of the project to start the melody. Each of the followings was chosen by voting. For the verse, it was enough that the note scored 50 votes. In the choruses and the final part, the threshold was raised to 100 votes.

As a result, a melody of 350 notes appeared, you can hear it on the project's website. As explained on the site, this is a kind of skeleton for further artistic interpretations. It is assumed that the performer himself can choose a rhythm, arrange accents and pauses, and also add background chords.

Crowdsourcing is successfully used in the music world, however, as a rule, the final product is always evaluated by an expert. In 2013, the Swedish DJ Avicii invited Internet users to create musical excerpts, which were later included in the song X You. American composer Eric Whitacre (Eric Whitacre) directed the creation of videos with performances by various singers, which were later merged into a virtual chorus.

In Detroit, Michigan, the city orchestra teamed up with composer Tod Machover to create a symphony. To participate in this project, local residents were invited, offering them to send in the project various noises, including the whistles of cars and the hiss of cans opened.

Now users of the Internet are invited on Crowdholding to compose together with Marley Wildthing. The first demo track is already published here and can be voted on.

About Marley

I started my musical career quite late at the age of 24 with regular gigs at bars and hotels, before I was just playing for myself and afraid to walk up on stage. After amazing experiences on my travels in Central America and the Southern USA where I met musicians of all kinds, got offered multiple gigs, started recording songs and played with professionals on the streets, I decided to make my passion also my main job. And despite all the difficulties, I couldn't imagine doing anything else in my life.

Marley’s Music

My music can be described as a fusion between Indie, Pop, and Folk with intimate lyrics that feel like taking a look into my diary. Still, I always write my songs to be uplifting for the listener, with an exchange of catchy melodies with unexpected changes. Especially for my solo performances, I like to switch between various instruments like Bass, Bouzouki, and Ukulele, always accompanied by my suitcase kickdrum.

Why is Marley on Crowdholding?

I love sharing my music with others if it wasn't for the wonderful people who were encouraging and helping me on my way I wouldn't be able to sustain what I am doing. In the end, music means nothing when no one is listening to it. As I like to get feedback - praise as critics - to get better myself, it's important to have reactions on what I'm doing, and I like the idea of people not just listening, but really getting involved in my music and my work. Check out Marley on Web, Facebook, and Instagram.

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