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Collaboration has already become a common model in the classrooms, but teachers still occupy most of their activities in isolation. For example, is it worth planning another lesson on the Civil War, when many such lessons were already prepared? It is not very clear why those teachers have to prepare curricula and lessons that have already been prepared before them. This article outlines the possible prospects for crowdsourcing in solving problems in education.

The tradition of using textbooks is still preserved, and this becomes a problem. The United States spends almost $9 billion annually on textbooks that have become obsolete at the time of their acquisition.

On the other hand, there are many free and available online courses. But the problem, in this case, is the impossibility of testing the quality and complexity of their implementation in classes.

Crowdsourcing has spread in many areas, but in education not used widely enough. Here are some principles of how to use crowdsourcing for education projects.

11 principles of crowdsourcing in education

  1. The success of crowdsourcing in other areas. Crowdsourcing is developed in many areas, but in education, it still has to occupy its niche;
  2. General educational materials. There is no need for teachers to create the same lessons and courses over and over again;
  3. National standards of education. With the transition to the Common Core, the exchange of best practices and teaching methods between teachers has become institutionalized;
  4. Avoiding textbooks. Textbooks are fragmentary, outdated and do not satisfy the needs of many;
  5. Changing courses. Teachers select quality, proven material;
  6. The district infrastructure. Qualitative teaching materials are selected in local centers;
  7. Transparency and responsibility. Crowdsourcing provides transparency and responsibility in the creation of training materials;
  8. Collaboration. Moreover, the creation of materials is a common work;
  9. Potential for innovation. Schoolchildren can receive better education;
  10. Support of teachers. When schoolchildren have trained teachers, they are more likely to succeed;
  11. Continuous improvement of the curriculum. The results of schoolchildren are higher, teachers can highlight methods that are successful, and these methods can be reproduced anywhere.

Since knowledge and experience are important in any profession, it's time to start using crowdsourcing in education - with it you can solve many existing problems, thereby improving schooling.

The newest platform of Crowdholding enables most of the educational establishments to improve their quality of service through feedbacks. In particular, Crowdholding helps individuals to state their opinions and giving feedbacks, therefore co-creating final product or service for educative projects.

Almost all countries offer various types of English language courses to its citizens. Nowadays English learning became very important due to the reasons like; building an international career, for communication with foreigners, traveling abroad, international relations, service needs or just for the social communications. But many think that learning a foreign language is very time-consuming, difficult process and costly, therefore due to those reasons, many people cannot afford proper English learning for them.

English learning is provided by a various way and methods; however, Angloville offers to English language learners rare and new method of learning which includes various types of programs.

Angloville is the largest provider of English immersion programs which operates in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic. Apart of that Angloville offers to its customer's multiple types of English learning programs such as:

  • Angloville
  • Angloville Junior
  • Angloville kids
  • Tandem House
  • Angloville weekend
  • Angloville International

All of those English learning programs have one thing in common: spending a week, or weekends in 4 different countries (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania), in countryside hotels with English learning enthusiasts, Native English speakers and English Language specialist.

Angloville is not following the traditional ways of teaching English, learning in Angloville is more about conversation based and it's more on a cultural exchange program where both native English speakers and locals benefit from it. The philosophy and the idea are more about conversations, all participants will have the possibility to get closer and exchange linguistic, cultural values to each other by the different type of games, group activates, entertainment performances, sporting, negotiations and during a stroll.

This method of learning is highly effective not only in terms of language, but it also gives participants opportunity to meet new friends from foreign countries with different cultural background and profession.

So, don’t miss a chance and become a part of Angloville’s community, give feedback and make angloville life with  

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Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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