Hollywood movie from your smartphone?


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Do you know what Hollywood movie was shot with a smartphone? And it is not just some kind of movie, but a real feature film "Olive," which director Human Khalili shot on a Nokia smartphone.


The creators of the movie "Olive" believe that this film can change the entire film industry because smartphones today give everyone the opportunity to shoot high-quality video. And this is not the only example of a video masterpiece shot by a smartphone. Proof of this is numerous festivals of short films made by a mobile phone.

How to create a real movie from your smartphone? Inspiring ideas for the phone in your pocket or purse not only as a means of communication but also as an exclusive tool for creativity.  I found my new favorite application - Reelly!  Now you can demonstrate your creativity by making a video collage with this beautiful application. Reelly is now sharing revenue with supporters on Crowdholding who give ideas and feedback on how to improve the app. With Reelly you can even mix your video collage with photos. If you are in the group of people who like to shoot a lot of videos and you do not really like filling out your newsletter, then this application is really for you.

Can I make movies on my own? Certainly! Don’t forget to use the fastest and easiest way to create video and photo movies - Reelly. Also, here I present to your attention 15 tips for shooting the best video on your smartphone.

  1. The first and most important rule of shooting on a smartphone is to keep your device HORIZONTAL. Many mistakenly keep the smartphone in its natural position (vertical) but forget that the screens of TVs, computers we have in a horizontal position. To feel the difference between video taken on a smartphone in a horizontal position and video taken in the vertical position of the smartphone, you can watch the video on your home computer or a plasma TV screen. You will see instead of a large video clip a thin strip of your video with black giant stripes on the edges. More tips here.

  2. If you have planned a dialogue, monolog in the frame, pause. I called this the "rule of five." After pressing the "Record" button, count to yourself to five and nod to the person to start talking. Do not rush off the camera and after he has finished his speech. Count to five to yourself and then turn off the "Record" button.

  3. If you are shooting a scheduled speech or an interview, choose a quiet place. It should not be a street with a noisy road or a cafe with background music. Since you are writing a sound to a smartphone (without a microphone, a buttonhole), your voice will be too quiet and it will be difficult to extend it at the editing, as extraneous sounds can cover your voice. And do not forget to speak louder! More tips about shooting a video here.

  4. Try not to shake the camera. If your hands are shaking, find support. It can be a back of a chair or a table. In addition, now for smartphones, there are many devices that will help make shooting quality.

  5. Shoot your video in parts. Do not record a video file lasting an hour. Firstly, it will be difficult for you to download it anywhere on the Internet. Secondly, it is inconvenient to view it. Thirdly, it is not convenient for him to work on editing.

  6. Do not shoot the same event the same way. Try to move the camera and look for interesting perspectives. Come closer, sit down, remove from the bottom, side, improvise. Do not be afraid to get on your knees, get on the table, lie down on the floor. Read other tips.

  7. Do not try to move the camera frequently and transfer from one object to another. Focus on each one separately. To each object, take time, when the object could be just in the frame of the static camera.

  8. If you still follow your running object, try to act smoothly and not too fast. Those. Transferring from one object to another object or from the point of movement of the object to the next point. If the object moves too fast, it is better to make a general plan (remote), as wide as possible, so that you can see the whole space wherever it falls.

  9. Do not remove the light. If the sun shines in the eye, try to change your position. If you shoot against the light, your object or object will be dark. Or generally, it will be ironed like a shadow.

  10. Choose a bright room with good lighting, if it comes to the planned shooting. Good lighting in many ways affects the quality of the picture.

  11. Do not use the zoom during shooting. If you want to shoot your object with different plans (closer, farther away) better approach the object.

  12. Always keep track of what's in your picture. It can be extra items, sockets, garbage or something else that is superfluous. It can spoil the frame, it's more accurate to make it just not so expressive, not so clean and neat.

  13. Try to build a frame so that on the sides, there is always air on top (empty space). Do not cut the head of the object and the movement of the hands.

  14. Of course, this is not a complete list of tips for shooting on a smartphone. However, these tips will be useful for those who want to start shooting a home video and on camera.

  15. I invite you to watch a video with tips on shooting on a smartphone, which I prepared specifically for my clients and moms who want to shoot their kids on video.

After shooting your perfect video with the tips presented above, check out Reelly which is a brand new app that allows you to easily create a reel, invite friends to contribute to your reel, and share the reel. Reelly is perfect for weddings, parties, concerts, or just day to day events. Reel it!

Reelly is now sharing revenue with supporters on Crowdholding who give ideas and feedback on how to improve the app. Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas in exchange for future revenue.

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Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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