Crowdholding April Update


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Hello Crowdholders,
Here’s the official update from us in regards to what happened in April, so without further ado let’s get started!
What you will find in this update is:
    •    Crowdholding's growth stats from April
    •    Development updates

Crowdholding Growth

So in the month of April we had:
  • 860 new users signed up to Crowdholding platform, which is an average of 28 new users a day.
  • 31 Tasks were published on the platform in April, which is  an increase of 33% compared to March.
  • 7 New projects joined the platform.


Overall April was a similar month to March in regards to growth. There was a slight decrease in the overall number of signups, but there was more tasks, more upvotes and more active users than the previous month, so overall it is still positive. Also we hit a landmark of having over 100 projects on our platform, which is fantastic.


Also if you remember from our previous update, we introduced you to our new widget system that we will be implementing with projects on our platform. Since last month we have added another two projects that have started using our widget on their website. So far the results look promising as all three websites are bringing Crowdholding new users and traffic through the widget. We will continue to expand the amount of startups who will use the widget, increasing the network effect to our platform.
Outside of the online world, we attended Anon - Blockchain Summit in Vienna. At the event we met our buddies at CryptoMood and Cryptoshib as well as numerous new contacts in the blockchain industry. We had a great time making some great connections as well as spreading the concept of Crowdholding.

Now onto what we have been doing on the development side!

Development Updates

The development team have been very busy last month at Crowdholding, so lets show you what they have been up to in the month of April. What was accomplished was:
Improvements and optimisation of Frontend, SEO and analytics / tracking on both mobile and desktop, so the website runs faster, smoother and we are consistently tracking our SEO to improve our the ranking of the website.
Improvements were made to the userface, these were:
  • Admin replied banner - We implemented an admin responded banner so that commenters can clearly see their comment has had a response from the admin of the project. That way you can see exactly what impact you have towards the project!


  • Comment guidelines added into the text box - Now in the comment section box, you will see all the rules of the task before typing.
  • Automatic survey button - A simplified way to start surveys on survey tasks. 
  • User badges - Now depending on the amount of upvotes, you will be classified. Your badge will be shown next to your name in the comment section as well, we think that adding badges will create gamification and will make new users want to get that expert badge at Crowdholding!

  • Also we have added more skill badges to the profile. This means that admin users can tag users depending on your skills listed on your profile.

We have added a new search bar on the homepage, allowing you to search for a company, a tag or a category. Visit the homepage to test it out.

We've added a "Buy YUP" button to the pricing page / admin console. Now you have the ability to purchase our YUP token through this simple button. We believe that streamlining the process will encourage more people to buy the YUP instead of having to go to IDEX.

We have also been improving our widget as well and created a guide on how to add the widget to a website to allow a smoother transition between the projects on our platform and Crowdholding. You can read the guide here.
We are consistently striving to improve the platform, increase our awareness and improve the user experience on Crowdholding. We will update you with what we will have been working on in May and the results! Until next time stay classy Crowdholders!



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