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TailoredInk is a content-creation and lead-generation agency. They have a broad range of clients, including companies in the blockchain industry such as Xmat, Xres and NYcrec. TailoredInk knew that community for ICO/STO projects in the blockchain industry is a key activity that no project can go without.

This case study gives examples of the ICO community management strategies created by Crowdholding for Xmat, Xres and NYcrec. We hope our readers will find some bright ideas to take away and apply to their own brand’s ICO community management tactics.


When we started working with TailoredInk on their new projects, their overall community barely exceeded 1,000 people for all three companies: Xmat, Xres and NYcrec. Working closely with TailoreInk, we managed to create an engaging strategy for increasing their community size. We created a series of tasks for user-generated content to improve communication and crowd-engagement. The continuous monitoring of their telegram channels and constant interaction with their community members resulted in several highly-effective social media posts as well as an increase of the community to over 40,000 people.


Another professional advice for their ICO community management strategy was to join facebook groups for professionals. The commonality that such groups provide serve as an opportunity to pitch the projects. Crowdholding pre-selected the relevant groups, gave directions on branding within those groups, made sure that the personal profiles used in the process are of an adequate quality. At the same time, to support the core membership in the groups, we’ve devised a strategy for inviting friends to join these groups and engage where appropriate. These ICO community management efforts resulted in hundreds of new investor leads.


It is not uncommon that many projects in the blockchain industry struggle with customer support and responding to the community’s queries adequately. Crowdholding supported TailoredInk’s project by building a community strategy for dealing with legitimate criticism as well as the structure for their FAQ. Few brands are able to handle negativity within their community, but with our help, Xmat, Xres and NYcrec had a strategy in place for handling complaints and negative comments.


We recommend to any ICO/STO project to build the right processes for publicly handling legitimate complaints in order to keep their community in good health. Speak to our team to figure out what ICO community management strategy to use in order to build a loyal crowd of supporters.


You can keep up to date with what is happening at Crowdholding by following us at Facebook, or chatting with us on telegram.


Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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