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The vision of ITF, “Robots give people superpowers”, is translated to the world of cryptocurrencies in means of providing trading insights to their users through signal bots. The goal is to empower traders with information that is relevant and unbiased and helps to make sense of the chaotic cryptocurrency market. The ITF joined Crowdholding in December 2017 and is utilising the crowd ever since.

The immediate support of the Crowdholding platform has allowed ITF to:

  • Drive innovation

  • Test for bugs

  • Map the competition

  • Receive real-time feedback

Now the company has successfully raised funding via an ICO and their trading bots are already empowering the users. ITF continue with cooperation as the progress through their roadmap.

The team is working hard on development, for the year 2018 there are two more trading bot plans to be released with additional features. This is where the feedback from the crowd is extremely useful. After the launch of the Free and Starter trading bot plans, Crowdholders joined to provide a suggestions of features they would like to see in the new plans.

“By asking for the opinion of the crowd, we involve potential consumers into the design and development while giving them a real and vested interest in the final product” said Thomas Counsell, head of engineering and development at ITF.

ITF rewarded Crowdholders with one thousand tokens for their feedback on task asking what should be added to the new plans and what signals are interesting for the traders. In a response to this and other tasks ITF has received over 300 innovative ideas and comments from the crowd. There have been 8 tasks launched on Crowdholding so far and the community is fostering the developing process with feedback and co-creation content tasks.


Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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