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Still here? Then you are an explorer wanting to learn more. Say hi to Ben.

Ben is a unique brand, one that thinks he is the hero of his time. He is 24 years old, kind of bored and a bit unhappy. Ben's parents raised Ben with a sense of optimism and unlimited possibility. That is what made him wildly ambitious and very interested in economic prosperity. Unlike his parents, Ben is not interested in having a career without feeling satisfaction from the job. And this trend is also supported by Google Ngram Viewer which is an instrument that presents how often a particular phrase appears in English print over time. The graph shows, the trend for "fulfilling career" is growing while the one for "secure career" is declining. And if you are 35 and younger most probably you are similar to Ben. 

Young and enthusiastic, motivated to change the world Ben is looking for a challenge that would present him with the recognition and fulfillment he so eagerly desires. During the day he is busy with university getting that BA diploma, but Ben also has Graphic Design skills that he wants to level up. He turned to Crowdholding where startups co-create with the crowd, allowing him to submit design sketches, get feedback on his work and earn future revenue from the project. 

Even if your career path is still unclear, it will work out itself  - just dive in Crowdholding to find opportunities for satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Crowdholding launches on March 16 2017 and there are things that Ben can do there:

1. Build a personal brand and gain recognition

The notion of "personal brand" in many respects echoes the notion of "reputation". It means how other people perceive you as a businessman, representative of an organization or social movement, the bearer of certain ideas. You are a genius? Expert? Can you be trusted? Whom do you represent? What ideas do you support? What thoughts and associations do people have when they hear your name? If you own a personal brand, people will recognize your name, they know what you are working on, what you offer, what your plans are. 

2. Develop a network of motivated citizens

Joining startup projects and coworking with people that also crave success and economic prosperity. What better way to connect with professionals around the world then directly working with them on a common project. While contributing to a startup project of your choice, you connect with citizens from different backgrounds and enlarge your network with people with whom you have common interests. 

3. Get hired and become part of a project that you've supported. 

Having troubles connecting with HR representatives or getting your CV through to the right people? Spare yourself this issues by connecting and directly collaborating with startup C-level executives. What easier way to introduce yourself than to show be able to show off your skills in a real environment. If you continuously present good ideas to the table, you will get noticed and contacted by the startups proactively without you having to deal with applications! 

We are interested in your opinion and feedback regarding the crowdholding concept. Get in touch through our website or email us at Learn more about Crowdholding in 1 minute by watching our Youtube video.


Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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