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Any business needs a good customer base. Therefore, entrepreneurs are constantly trying various types of advertising and marketing ploys to attract new customers. But in the conditions of severe competition known methods may not be enough. Crowdholding offers a selection of effective, but not yet so popular, ways to connect with the crowd and grab their attention.

Method # 1: Gamification

Stimulating consumer behavior through social networks, mobile applications are good as it allows to "lure" new customers, causing positive emotions. So Alexander Golovin, the co-founder of the service for the BalaLIKEa gaming, believes: "All the existing methods of attracting customers can be called" frontal. " Different loyalty programs do not involve customers but appeal only to the monetization component. Gamification includes the emotional component. Different games increase the excitement. " Alexander Golovin gives a vivid example - an application that, say, suggests guessing three times in a row the designer of a dress, but for the fourth time it gives the user the opportunity to get a discount or a certain rank rather than a discount. In his opinion, such a game can only strengthen the customer's interest in the product.

Sometimes gamification is used to promote a product and attract attention to it, carrying not only an emotional but also a "utilitarian" component. For example, the creators of the service resort to gaming elements to make the user work more efficiently with e-mail, thereby helping him to monitor performance. The game is strictly limited time to respond to an incoming email. A person receives rewards if he can do everything on time.

Method # 2: Crowdholding

“Customer is always right”. This is probably the most common quotation taught to business students and that’s true. The customer is ultimate reality of any business. If a business remains in a customer-less state, owners might have to shift towards jobs to earn their bread and butter. Crowdholding supports entrepreneurs and does not allow them to fail by connecting them directly to potential customers to co-create the best products. 

Keeping in view this importance of customers, many organizations are practicing a relatively new concept of marketing known as “Co-creation”. According to this concept, both customer and organization work with collaboration with one another. 

Co-creation is in practice since early 90’s. But it got its fame when big organizations like StarbucksDell, and McDonald’s applied this to their marketing strategies. Furthermore, small organizations are also moving towards this marketing tactic to grab a large chunk of the market. Some startups have already joined Crowdholding co-create with their customers and raise awareness about their product without spending a marketing budget. A blank label is a big organization but earlier in its starting dates, it allowed a full customization option to its customers. Men can customize everything from color to fabric according to their desire. So this co-creation is capable enough to promise small organizations a long and successful future.

These days organizations are paying a huge amount of attention towards co-creation. Organizations like Nikon are surviving on the basis of co-creation. According to the Global marketing manager of Nikon, they use to arrange such kind of photographic competitions where they invite photographers from all over the world to demonstrate their masterpieces. This is all a tactic for the promotion of the organization and to give a positive impression to their consumers that they are highly important for them. 

Try engaging the customers in such kind of activities to gain more sales and market. Practicing the concept of co-creation at its level best. Lastly, keep in mind that co-creation is nothing without proper promotions, innovative ideas, and efficient human resource.

Method # 3: Storytelling 

Alexander Yanibash, a business coach, an expert in the field of preparing public speeches and storytelling, advises making a slide presentation, not in the form of an analytical document, but with elements of storytelling. "Illustrate the life of a character. Let it be similar to your client so that the client could see himself in it, - Janibash gives as an example - The character will face some problems, but at the culmination moment your company will come to the rescue and solve these problems with the help of a product or service! The same approach can be used in advertising communications, and in a network presentation. "

One example of a successful presentation is You Are NOT Your Idea

We are interested in your opinion and feedback regarding the crowdholding concept. Get in touch through our website or email us at Learn more about Crowdholding in 1 minute by watching our Youtube video. 


Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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