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Imagine the year 2020...Martians a.k.a humans covered in cooling gel and wearing Kevlar suits on the surface of Mars. This would not have been possible without the cooling gel invented by three young entrepreneurial minds back in 2017. An innovative gel solution that can protect the human body from drastic temperature changes and increased cosmic radiation. Reaching a mind-blowing success in such a short time span, however was not achieved all by themselves. They received help from the crowd who solved their problems and generated ideas while in return receiving a cut of their profits from selling the cooling gel. 

The previous would have been one of the many success stories that resulted from Crowdholding, a startup created by young people with a vision for an economy where companies and the crowd co-create products and services, allowing the public to give ideas and feedback for future revenue.  

You can shape how the future wealth is distributed and what products or services are created. Dedicating as much time as you want to post surveys and start discussions ranging from basic tasks to solving complex problems. Then vote on community comments to promote interesting solutions or ideas thus allowing the project creator to go forward with the crowd’s best (most upvoted) proposition.

In 10,080 minutes from now or on March 16th 2017Crowdholding will make the first step in the thousand mile journey towards bringing consumers closer to brands. 

Join Crowdholding and disrupt the economy and how the corporate world currently conducts business.


Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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Just imagine the year 2020 when humans protected in chilling gel and trying Kevlar suits on the surface of Mars. This would not be possible without the freezing gel that was developed by three young innovative minds back in the year 2017. Provide them best uk assignments now. This innovative gel solution was able to secure the human body from radical environmental changes and amplified celestial energy.

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