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Lack of money and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. There are many entrepreneurs and small companies who have great ideas that they want to implement but the issue they face is the lack of investment. You can raise capital and preserve equity on Crowdholding.

Entrepreneurs do not have enough money to invest in their company but on the other hand they also do not want to hand over the control of the company to the one who considers the investment in their company So, in this article we are going to share you some ways through which you can raise capital and also preserve the control of the company. Check out the alternative finance options below:

Better to bootstrap 

New businesses raise funds at various stages and more than once in its lifetime. At an early stage or for smaller sums, it may be savvier to go the bootstrapping way. Bootstrappers, or business visionaries who subsidize their drive with their investment funds, can concentrate totally on their market strategy as opposed to redirecting endeavors on gathering pledges. 

The source of funds that best suits your necessities will be controlled by the stage your startup is in, the related industry it operates in and the amount required for it to make the following stride. Try not to raise too little or too much of assets. Whatever be the situation, guarantee that you gain ground before you raise capital.

Research, research, and research 

Small businesses must continue to keep on searching for the best investors for their companies. Entrepreneurs might have to face some sleepless night because of the investors as they have to struggle hard to raise profit as to give the return to the investors for the money they have invested. Entrepreneurs must keep on finding investors that share your vision for the company. Another thing to keep in mind is even if the investor says yes, it never means he will invest. Do not stop looking to arrange meetings with more and more investors. You need to have many options on hand before you commit. 

Double class possessions 

A dual class possession structure can likewise be helpful to hold proprietorship. Consider having and owning an alternate class of shares that have numerous votes to each vote of the regular shares. This super voting offer ought to never be given to the speculators. When negotiating about voting rights, push for the privilege of first refusal of value to hold voting power. 

Crowdholding is a great platform as it helps entrepreneurs raise funds without loss of control. Non-equity crowdfunding is also the techniques through which companies can acquire an investment for their small businesses. 

SBA (Small business administration) offers many programs through which they tend to help entrepreneurs and small companies to make their ideas happen. SBA loans are provided on easy terms and conditions. 

Invoice Financing and Crowdfunding are also the techniques through which the companies can find an investment. Reward-based Crowdfunding is one of the most popular ways to raise capital through many popular websites. 

We hope that this article that helped you to know about how to raise capital while not handling the control of your business. Alternative finance options and non-equity crowdfunding are important topics to comprehend before looking for early-stage investors. 

We are interested in your opinion and feedback regarding the crowdholding concept. Get in touch through our website or email us at hello@crowdholding.com Learn more about Crowdholding in 1 minute by watching our Youtube video. 


Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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