Mass Collaboration leads to unprecedented innovation


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Teamwork is probably the most common practice which we see at different phases of our life at different occasions. No matter if you are working in an office on a deal, working on your university project, managing any event and likewise, everywhere you need a perfect team to carry out that work. Gather or join a team on Crowdholding and collaborate with people just like you. 

Even at your home, you need a collaborated effort with your family to run your home in an efficient manner. So when a group of people works together to carry out any project while collaborating with one another is known as Team Collaboration. Life is full of ups and downs and at any stage of the project, a team member might face any personal trouble, then it will affect the efficiency of the project. Thus considering such kind of difficulties, business experts devised out a new concept known as Mass Collaboration. According to it, a project is divided into its modules and bits of each module are assigned to different team members who work independently.

Information Technology has opened barriers of communication which were faced people a few decades ago. Furthermore, internet technology is a big advancement in this industry. Nowadays, there are several websites and software are available which can be used as a medium of communication. Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp are all examples of mediums of communication. Nowadays, in corporate sectors, usage of such software has increased to a great extent. These mediums are used for virtual communication by team members to collaborate with one another. Inter-organizational, inter-departmental and inter-team communication used another name in their jargons list to name these tools which are Collaboration Tools. 

Mass collaboration is different from the old organizational concept of Mass cooperation where it was essential of all teammates to gather at one single place to carry out any project. On the other hand, modern day organizations have started to inject the concept of Mass collaboration. Its purpose is to empower their marketing personals. For example, joining crowdholding with an idea for the new product line and collaborating with the crowd to co-create it. Furthermore, by following Mass collaboration marketing company of the consumer goods is allowing their employees to keenly analyze and to eradicate all those processes which are reducing the efficiency of the organization. So this will allow the organization to be more innovative and ultimately will increase the sales of the organization. The business potential of mass collaboration is increasing day by day because of the efficiency it provides to the employees. The employees manage their time for online communication but after that, they use to do work according to their spare time. The concept of Freelancing has also arrived from the concept of Mass collaboration. Nowadays, a freelancing industry is growing at an enormous pace. Students & professionals are earning a lot of money through freelancing. And on Crowdholding, they can now also get a gig or work part-time on revolutionary startups. Rather a majority of the people have started their part-time business through Freelancing platforms. 

The concept of Mass collaboration is a great development in the business world. Collaboration tools usage has also increased. This collaboration has opened the doors of many other business ideas. Mass collaboration is the need of the hour for the modern day organizations who needs to collaborate among their branches at different locations. 

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