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This year, Crowdholding launched a crowdsourcing platform that also allows sharing future revenue with the crowd. Crowdsourcing has become BIG, so big that a St.Louis startup uses crowdsourced workers to write messages and pretend to be your Boyfriend or Girlfriend of choice. How does that work? Read more

The Internet was obsessed with Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend, which allows the users to “build” a significant relationship with whom they engaged in conversation via text messages. According to the founder, who said the platform was created for people who wanted “social proof” that they were into a relationship, i.e., for an individual who wanted to pretend as if they were getting some while they were not. An individual created more than 70,000 invisible girls. When they (people) started chatting with their new invisible lovers, they assumed initially it was a chat boot, but after a few conversations via text messages, they will later realize they were talking to a human being not ghost. The service is powered by thousands of crowd-sourced workers.

It was surprisingly easy to get a job in crowdsourcing with the start-up in St. Louis which provides invisible boyfriends and girlfriends. The participants only need to input their details such as names, address, and make deposits via PayPal account on the platform. 

Crowdsource has over 200,000 “micro-workers” around the world who do tiny tasks for tiny amounts of money. Most of the crowdsource jobs involve writing product descriptions and doing Google searches for a few cents. Crowdholding allows you work on more complex issues such as the marketing and business development, allowing you to give ideas and feedback for future revenue. Learn about Crowdholding in 1 minute by watching our Youtube video

In order to qualify for the “Be the Boyfriend” and “Be the Girlfriend” jobs, an individual person will have to take a 40-minute copywriting test to checked the understanding of the basic grammar. 

When you are dating an invisible person, the crowd-sourced worker on the other side who picked up your messages will only be able to see your last ten messages the two of you have exchanged via text message. So the ten messages after this conversation, “Margo” will have forgotten that Quentin ever confided in her that an important person in his life was dying. It’s like dating the lead character in Memento.

There are no awkward first dates to woo your partner when you’re an Invisible. A sound grasp of a noun-verb agreement is all you need to prove you’re a good virtual lover. (I’m a wordsmith by trade so I managed to pass it.)

When playing the role of an invisible, it will be strange and, due to the five-minute timer on every message. After just a few conversations, it will become clear that people weren’t just using this as “social cover.” A lot of communication on the Internet with friends more on Facebook than anywhere else. One can understand for having deep feelings for someone on the other end of a text conversation.”

But after a while, it will start feeling like a game, rather than a relationship. “After signed up, one will understand that it was a distributed companionship platform but one may be willing to suspend his/her disbelief as much as possible and just go with it”. After a while, Quentin could feel the people playing Margo swapping out. He’d exchange texts with someone cool and clever, but then she would disappear and be replaced with someone boring. He’d figured out the magic trick, and the mystique was gone.

One that contacted Invisible Girlfriend’s customer service chat line to ask, “How will I know I’m talking to a woman?” it will be discovered that the crowdsourcing service matched workers to messages by gender.

Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs to co-create, allowing them to give ideas and feedback for future revenue. Learn about Crowdholding in 1 minute by watching our Youtube video


Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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