CrowdSourcing Trends 2020


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Over the past few years, crowdsourcing has become very popular especially for small businesses. It is basically a new type of a work process. You gather people in the form of a crowd to help you with a task which otherwise would have been performed by a single employee. Crowdholding connects the crowd and small businesses to co-create and share revenue. 

It is a very goоd means of marketing today. For instance to make a company logo small business do not require to hire an agency, a freelancer or an in-house fashion designer. Instead, by using crowdsourcing they can post according to their needs and then many designers will compete to create a custom logo for your company. Crowdsourcing today is not only used for the purpose of simple graphic designing. It now has four different categories such as Microtasks, Crowdfunding, Macrotasks and Crowd Contests. The Internet and public websites are a great help in ensuring effective crowdsourcing technique. These include Wikipedia and IMDB on the top list. 

Following are some of the top future trends in the crowdsourcing(Crowd Economy) to look upon as Crowdsourcing continues to gain momentum. 

Firstly, curated crowds may not always mean that they will give your better output with crowdsourcing. In the earlier stage of crowdsourcing design websites, it was evident that crowdsourcing groups with large crowds delivered average outputs. The greater there is the variety of different designs available, the more difficult it would be for you to sift out the bad designs. Crowdholding deals with this by allowing the crowd to vote on the best ideas. 

Moreover, as crowdsourcing is being greatly used for Microtasks various quality control mechanisms are added on the top of basic input and output level to ensure success. This will also lead to high levels of accuracy. 

Crowdsourcing has not yet become an industry; rather it is one form of an undefined space. Work is being now done to standardize it and define its space bounds. Popular groups such as the Crowdsortium are the real players discussing the changes required in crowdsourcing now. Suggestions are coming in the trade association and the leaders working to define the official taxonomy of crowdsourcing. All these efforts will ensure a healthy future of crowdsourcing. 

Corporate owners who have just entered the entrepreneur world are also adopting crowdsourcing. So, crowdsourcing is not at all bad for early adopters. Large corporations which use Crowdsourcing include General ElectricPepsiCoProcter and Gamble, and Amazon. Other companies will thus be able to adopt crowdsourcing. Eventually, Crowdholding makes sure that small businesses will find it easy to adopt it as well. 

Though with every passing year crowdsourcing use is increasing but still it's in an early adoption phase. Very few people across the globe know the real potential of crowdsourcing. 

The top three trends in the crowdsourcing are stress crowd-currencies, customer co-creation, sharing economy. With the growing popularity of crowdsourcing crowd, currencies are also greatly used now. It also leads to customer co-creation which is beneficial for business in many ways. Crowdsourcing is playing a great role in leading to a sharing economy. Similar to as what You Tube did to TV and blogs did to traditional media peer to peer sharing trend is becoming very popular and a major disruptive force. In a few year, it will create many winners and losers. Therefore, in all ways, Crowdsourcing is a great networking marketing tool with growing potential.


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Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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