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We are delighted to announce that Connectjob has joined forces with Crowdholding and will be on our platform from today with a new task.


Connectjob have created a unique platform that allows the gathering of individual services onto one app based on blockchain technolgy. 


On this app you will be able to find a range of different services such as fitness coaches, garderners, babysitters, housekeepers, plumbers through uber like geolocation. Imagine having a burst pipe and being able to use an app to find a reliable local plumber in a few minutes? 


Connectjob are currently in their crowdsale, where they have raised over $9.2 million. We see Connectjob as the future of freelancing services. 


If you wish to find out more about Connectjob app, their token, or detials about their ICO, click here.


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3 months ago

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This program is really to good for provide the jobs to the [people and now they after know about this program I am very excited to get full information how I can get this golden opportunity. Thanks a lot for provide it

4 months ago