Getting to Know our Users


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Here at Crowdholding we are striving to create a product for our users, and inherently also help other startups to do the same. So far we have identified 5 Archetypes of users that we have (or want to have) and that we are making the platform for. Below is each archetype of users we have identified through interviews and platform research. What do you think? Where do you fit?Contribute to our task here to earn Yupies and help us validate!


The Co-creator


Pain Points

  • The user does not have the right product, there is always something missing (There is always some pain point not addressed).
  • The user is stifled as the startup who created the product does not gather feedback from their user base.



  • Wants to be an innovator and experiment with upcoming products.
  • Wants to have a product that solves their specific problems.


Tasks and Behaviours

  • Tries new innovative products and services regularly, likes to be an early adopter.
  • Often tries emerging products and services before they are polished so are more forgiving.
  • Is aware of what needs they need addressing from a product.


The Expert


Pain points

  • Bored in their job, as they are doing the same tasks all the time.
  • Caring about a specific industry and lacks the channels to contribute.
  • Not able to help companies that they care about.



  • Wants to get more experience.
  • Wants to learn new skills.
  • Wants to offer quality work.
  • Wants to offer their expertise to companies and causes they care about.


Tasks and Behaviours

  • Helps companies with their expertise, either by offering opinions and/or using their skills to produce pieces of work for startups (eg, a logo).
  • One they get passionate about something, they dive deep.
  • Self-actualisation.


The Wantrepreneur


Pain Points

  • Does not have (m)any entrepreneurs or people who started their own ventures in their inner circle.
  • Lacks motivation and struggling to find real information on how to build a startup.
  • Does not know where to start with their business.



  • Wants to see the processes within the startup and learn from it.
  • Wants to be inspired and motivated by seeing the ups and downs of start-ups / launch of the product.
  • Wants to be exposed to the startup ecosystem.
  • Wants to learn from others.


Tasks and Behaviours

  • Needs external stimuli to take risks.
  • Wants to get information and learn from other people.


The Investor


Pain Points

  • Not able to transparently see the way business makes decisions, what their struggles are and how they are thinking. 
  • Finding interesting startups with evident dedication and customer-focus.



  • Wants to see the processes in the startup and how they deal with struggles / make decisions.
  • Wants to be exposed to customer-focused startups.
  • Find good startups to invest into.


Tasks and Behaviours

  • Usually busy and prefers to get quality information in small doses.
  • Aware of time constraints.


The Bounty Hunter


Pain Points

  • Getting cryptocurrency is an expensive investment. 
  • Does not want to invest hard-earned fiat into cryptocurrencies.



  • Earn some crypto.


Tasks and Behaviours

  • Will do an array of tasks to get hold of some cryptocurrency.


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