Peer-to-peer in the fashion industry


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Throughout the years, peer to peer service has risen practically in every field that one can imagine. The fast growth of peer to peer services is due to the benefits people have with the help of this service. We can also observe the peer to peer service in the fashion industry;Clothing startups continue the trend by co-creating directly with the crowd on Crowdholding. In this article, we are going to tell you that how it is done and how it has impacted the clothing business. 

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Peer to peer in the fashion industry or in the clothing business works in a way that you do not buy the dress for any occasion rather you can wear it by getting it on rent. Today, we can see that the dresses are very expensive and many dresses are just bought to wear for any single special occasion. In such circumstances, everyone does not wish to pay so much money to buy such an expensive dress. Now with peer to peer service in this industry, people can easily have their favorite dress on rent and after wearing it for any special occasion like wedding, party, Christmas, or any other. 

Building peer to peer network in this industry really helps the people to have a diverse range of clothing that they can wear for any event. On the other hand, money is the biggest factor and renting the dress, fashion accessories, jewelry, or any item enables them to save a large amount of money. 

We would also like to share the example with you so that you can also get to know which companies are offering peer to peer services and this will make your understanding about this service in a better way. French business visionary Fiona Disegni has started a new company Rentez-Vous that permits individuals to rent their garments, and make them shifted to other’s wardrobe, and meet similarly invested people. It is just like the Airbnb for the fashion industry. 

Design absolutely has the foundation for it. Her paper at the Institut d'études politiques in Rennes was in communitarian utilization. Form and advertising temporary jobs then took after at BurberryJWT, and Asos, before she devoted herself to Rentez-Vous full-time a year ago. 

"I began with a little occasion in a level in Paris with companions," she clarifies. "We'd have occasions each month, then I moved to London and began occasions here consistently. 

So far the idea has been occasions based – 40 to 50 people join, pay an entry fee and bring their garments to rent or have the simple purpose to meet and browse. The rental cost is set at 15% of the original retail cost for one week's contract, which midpoints at £20. Rentez-Vous takes a 20% charge from each contract. In any case, the genuine cash originates from creators. Four or five up and coming fashion designers hire a stall at each event which gives the direct access to the customers. Rentez-Vous takes a 30% expense and, if tenants choose they need to get it a short time later, a 20% charge again from the sale.

In this way, the peer to peer fashion industry works and people get benefit from it easily. Collaboration does not stop there, small fashion brands join Crowdholding and receive feedback and ideas for new collections directly from potential customers. 

Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any questions or concern regarding this topic. Here at Crowdholding we will be very please to bring you any helpful additional information on this matter.

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