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Stealing time

There is an inherent fear that the jobs of the future would not have the same flavor that we experience today or have been doing for so many years in the past.

What flavor are we seeking from our future jobs? 

That is the biggest question that we would need to answer to ourselves because we have been waking up and going to our respective jobs with the idea as to how we could steal a few minutes from work today.

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Stealing man hours is the biggest drain on every country’s economy and on a worldwide basis if this amount is calculable it would be Trillions of dollars, gone down the drain of un-productivity.

Anyway, there should not be much panic and alarm that should be prophesied because there would be many chores that robots would take a long time to replace and the need for human hands would still be needed.


Then there is the perennial problem of conflict of interests between the management and the workforce where the politically powerful unions launch strikes at the drop of a hat, just to make a flimsy point.

There are instances that these strikes have gone out of control and where there has been a colossal loss of life and property that have occurred and in some cases creating unprecedented situations that have brought economic ruin to the companies.


Job automation brought a new dimension to how products were manufactured in assembly lines and elsewhere where human hands were discontinued and with robots taking jobs depriving humans of attending to the process of manufacture.

In this case, there were no adverse issues that the management faced with regard to the whole process and also robots were willing to work 24x7 all 365 days of the year without a day off as a break but only when they packed and had to be repaired to get back on track.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that job automation would only bring productivity back to the envisaged optimum levels that has dropped in the recent past without anything being done about it.  

Some percentage of the workforce especially the unskilled and semiskilled would be affected quite badly if everything that is done around us would be done by robots hence this could be one very good reason for the younger generation to concentrate on acquiring new skills and to stay ahead of this very alarming situation. A new way in which younger generations can gain working experience and broaden their skill set is participating in co-creation projects directly collaborating with entrepreneurs on Crowdholding.

 It is very unlikely that the change to a robot driven the world would come very soon, though we are researching with every conceivable possibility it is still a few decades away even may be a hundred years or more.

It is the drastic drop in productivity that has made the world to get up and take stock of the situation and bring about a better economic environment.

Job automation is the answer to the future and what it would hold a century from now is anybody’s guess because without such a course of action the world would not progress as fast as it wants to.  

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