What is Crowdholding?


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Our vision at Crowdholding is to unite global businesses and the public on a mutual co-creation platform to ensure prosperity for both.

Current landscape in co-creation, marketing and investments in Startups

Currently in 2017, more than 90% of startups will fail due to entirely solvable issues (Forbes). Sadly this is not a new trend, there are countless essays from founders who feel the need to write about how their company slipped away into nothing. Over 29% of founders who participated in failed startups attribute it to lack of capital (Fortune).

Although there is an ever increasing amount of ways to finance your business (see our recent article on alternative ways of financing for more information), there are many pitfalls.

In regards to marketing, there is still a large distance between companies and their customer base. A recent study from HBR found that even large companies they are detached from their customers. 85% of c-level executives from 91 companies spreading across 17 countries agree that their companies were bad at problem diagnosis, due to a lack of an outside perspective. There is a enormous untapped co-creation potential, which with the right tools can benefit both the general public as well as startups.

The Solution

This is where Crowdholding comes in. We are aiming to facilitate the world’s potential through co-creation. With 80% of the developed world going online, online communities are providing an astonishing way for people to interact with each other, learn new skills, solve issues and discuss and debate. In regards to capital raising according to the World Bank, by 2025 crowdfunding will reach $93 billion.

Since July 2016 we have been working hard to build the perfect co-creation platform, we have attracted hundreds of co-creators and dozens of interesting startups who aim to become leaders in their fields. Crowdholding enables the crowd to validate the product, become customers and share awareness about the product or service. 74% of consumers make a purchasing decision from a recommendation from a friend, family member or reviews and is still the most effective way to communicate your product to potential buyers (Google). The public, or the ‘crowd’ is not only able to contribute to businesses in a cognitive or financial sense, but there’s an opportunity for a mutually beneficial scenario, where both the public and the business can work together. Crowdholding is the go-to place for anyone to co-create with a business, and the edge we have is that businesses will be able to give back to the crowd via our YUPIE token. As Eric Schmidt says, “the next $100 billion companies will be those who can learn from the crowd”.

This is a better system, as word of mouth marketing is far more effective than spending large sums of capital on paid ads.

Crowdholding is also aiming to change how businesses generate finances. With the exceptional growth of crowdsales it makes it harder for the community to support the right projects. It’s unthinkable to make an informed decision based on a single landing page, but many do participate in this kind of a gamble. With so many upcoming ICOs, Crowdholding.com wants companies to increase transparency, validate products and build a community on the DOI (Decentralised Open Innovation) platform before launching an ICO on the DOF (Distributed Online Funding) platform.

The DOI & DOF Platforms Development Process

Step 1: Bounty System

From the total amount of tokens issued, 5% will be awarded to the first 10 startups. This will ignite the usage of YUPIES soon after ICO (February 2018) to create engagement with our ICO investors and supporters. In order to remove the threat of bot scammers all users must sign up via our crypto wallet (embedded). Amount of tokens issued will last 6 months according to our calculations. Below is a chart showing how the bounty model works.

The basic bounty system, where businesses acquire YUPIES (either from Crowdholding or directly from the market). Then the supporters are paid in YUPIES for commenting in tasks issued by businesses. Later YUPIES can be exchanged to the preferred currency.

Step 2: Crowdholding Market System

The Crowdholding Market System allows businesses to award YUPIES for support and supporters to invest YUPIES in businesses to help them succeed. Awarding and investing features will be implemented by July 2018. Thus, Step 1: Bounty System will last 6 months and Step 2: Crowdholding Market System shown below will be completed by July 2016. Raising funds with the ICO token crowdsale model is notably superior to the traditional funding methods, especially for the Pre-Seed and Seed stages.


In our independent system, businesses share part of their revenue with the supporters who in return receives YUPIES. Supporters can then use earned YUPIES to invest back to the businesses or exchange it to other currency.

Step 3: Selling of Products

By July 2018 both selling and awarding YUPIES are launched. As mentioned in the target group section, we will attract e-commerce businesses that already accept cryptocurrency as a payment. We partner with e-commerce businesses to sell products receiving YUPIES as a method of payment, thus completing the Crowdholding ecosystem.


In fully established Crowdholding market system, businesses have part of their revenue in YUPIES, since people can directly buy products and services. Businesses offer solutions to other businesses and to Crowdholding. All the payments are done in YUPIES. User can buy products, services, invest and earn YUPIES, that do not depend on any traditional institution and are as strong as the community.

For more information, visit our website or if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us on our Slack or Telegram channels.



Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

What’s next?


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