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If we are to analyze and study how academic and corporate thinktankers benefit from what they acquire at their workplaces and also away from it we may need to exactly see what all this fuss is about think tanks, especially in our modern and fast-paced academic and corporate environment where nothing is constant for long but is always an ever changing scenario.

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In the academic arena, it is generally senior and junior Think Tanks working together with the junior Think tank carrying out instructions under the strict purview of the senior to achieve the set results which are generally either a study with previously achieved results or a new project to find new evidence on a known presumption.

Here the junior Think tanks stand to benefit from the vast experience and knowledge that the senior would inculcate and from it, the juniors would also pick up some positive signals and construe them into their own perspectives and have a better understanding of what is to be achieved and also what would be achieved.

In the academic field, the challenges could be limited because it is invariably rare that they would work alongside with a third party who would also bring out some positive and also negative signals to drastically change perceptions of the final results.

In a corporate environment the same is totally opposite with the senior Think Tanks placing the challenges right on the laps of the junior thinktankers and encouraging them to pursue and achieve corporate objectives and here most of the junior think tankers would have to deal directly with third parties to collect data and analyze them to bring out results which could be entirely contrary to what the objectives envisaged could have foreseen.

The junior Think Tanks get to work more independently in a corporate environment and the challenges could be very demanding and would need to keep their wits about them if they are to achieve the final results as they would be more exposed to third party influences.

Comparing the two both environments though a distinct difference is seen it still provides immense exposure to pursue very high goals that the junior Think tanks would have never experienced before.

The one factor that both groups would happily take home with them would be the immense work experience that they would have been exposed to during the whole exercise.

Working in a very competitive environment would make young thinktankers into forces to reckon with when they are unleashed into their respective professional careers as they would have gained the knowledge and experience needed to tackle any demanding situation.

They would also have the required experience to work in a networking environment where data, information and much other communication and information technology disciplines are available to help collate available information and analyze qualitative and quantitative substance to come up with the best answers to a specific problem, whether it is academic or corporate.

Young 'think tankers' are the future and they should be encouraged to give their bit to the field that they are engaged in if the world is to see progress as it should in the future for everyone’s benefit.

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